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Buffy meets Sherlock Holmes

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This story is No. 13 in the series "August 2013 Fic-A-Thon". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It’s Halloween, Giles goes as Sherlock. Buffy was able to duck out of wearing a costume

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Miscellaneous > Surprise CrossoverjakedamanFR1811,207051,02818 Aug 1318 Aug 13Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Sherlock Holmes, wish I did. Be doin', like, all kindsa crossovers!

Buffy was very sad. And guilty.

“I can’t believe that actually worked,” she thought to herself while sipping hot cocoa in her kitchen. She had been able to convince her mother that she was sick so she could skip school that day. After her date, that was sooo NOT, with Angel last night Buffy just didn’t want to be around other people that day. She had lazed the day away and now her Mother was out of town for the night.

Buffy had decided. Since it was Halloween and the Supernatural took this night off she was going to soak in a hot bubble bath. Heading up the stairs to satisfy her urge the doorbell took that moment to ring. Sighing Buffy contemplated not answering, but she relented, “What the heck. Of course, with my luck it’ll be an assassin pretending to be a door-to-door cosmetics salesman.”

“Nope,” she realized opening the door, “It’s Xander and Willow. With costumes?”

“Buffy, wassup?” Xander quipped as he and Willow walked in.

“Hey guys,” she responded, “My date with Angel was a bust last night. Convinced Mom I didn’t feel well and, well, here I am.”

Willow snorted, “I actually wish I had done the same.”

“Oh?” Buffy’s eyebrows climbed into her hair in shock, “You? The perfect student? Living for the smell chalk and ink?”

“Yeah,” Xander picked up the tale, “Snyder, Troll that he is, decided to volunteer us to escort kids for Trick-or-Treat.”

“Aww, that’s cute!” Buffy said. Happily she exclaimed, “Thank God I took the day off!”

“Yeah, yeah, yuck it up blondie,” Willow snarked.

“That was a mighty fine ‘snark’ there Willow,” Xander quipped. Wiping a faux-tear he cried, “I’m so proud!”

Willow smacked his shoulder as she and Buffy giggled at the teens antics.

“So, what are you guys going as tonight?” Buffy inquired, noticing their parcels.

“I already have army fatigues from a surplus store,” Xander explained. Holding up a plastic toy gun he said, “Got this from Ethans to complete the ensemble. Just call me the Two-Dollar Costume King baby!”

“Xaandder,” Willow giggled pulling out her package, “I got a ghost costume at Ethan’s too.”

“Ohh Willow,” Buffy sighed, “A ghost? That’s so… Middle School,” eyes lighting up she stated, “I know! Halloween is supposed to be ‘go-as-you’re-not’ right? I got an idea!”

Willow gave a ‘help-me’ look to Xander as Buffy dragged her up the stairs. Xander, manly man that he is, figured it would be safer waiting in the living room.

Shortly Buffy came back down announcing, “Xander! Wait until you see what I did with Willow.”

He thought, “Oh, poor Willow. She probably got subjected to a *shudder* make-over.”

Keeping that thought to himself he stood up watching Willow appear and walk shyly down the steps. Xander’s mouth hung open in shock. Drool started to spill so Buffy pushed his chin up, closing his gaping maw.

Buffy had just gotten dressed in her fighting gear complete with leather jacket when Willow walked through the front door.

“Willow?” Buffy asked.

“Everyonesbeenturnedintotheircostumes! Xander’sasoldierandI’maghost!” Willow babbled out in a rush.

At that moment Xander stalked in weapon at the ready, Cordelia right behind him. Angel chose that moment to enter through the living room, seeing Buffy he said, “Oh good! You guys are all right. It’s total chaos out there.”

Xander aimed the M-16, the very real looking M-16, at Angel’s chest demanding, “Who are you?”

Willow jumped in front of Xander, his weapon sticking into her as she told him, “He’s Angel, and he’s with us!”

“Okay, okay,” Xander exclaimed pulling his rifle up, “Jeez! Don’t do that!”

“Okay, somebody wanna fill me in?” Angel inquired confusion evident in his voice.

“Yeah Willow, what’s the what?’ Buffy demanded.

“They don’t know who they are,” Cordelia explained, “everyone’s turned into a monster, it’s a whole big thing.”

“Great,” Buffy groused, “the one night I’m supposed to get off…” looking heavenward she asked, “am I really that bad a person?”

Cordelia started, “Well, if you ask me…”

Buffy cut her off with an icy glare stating, “I didn’t.”

Sighing she gave the situation a second’s thought and said, “Giles is on a date with Ms. Calender at the school. We’ll need to go see him.”

Moving to the front door she looked back imploring, “Well? We haven’t got all night pe-“ looking directly at Cordelia she slowly asked, “Cordelia? Why haven’t you become your costume?”

“Pssh! As if!” Cordelia huffed, “I got mine from Partytown…” looking down at the torn sleeve she groaned, “Now I’ll never get my deposit back!”

Buffy stared at her for a second, then faced Willow and asked, “Where did you and Xan get your props and costumes?”

“Ethan’s” Willow answered eyes wide in realization.

It took a while. They had to knock transformed people out, dust a few opportunistic Vamps, and generally survive the, even for Sunnydale, unusual amount of chaos. Ethan’s finally hove into view at last. The small group noticed a certain librarians ‘classic’ vehicle pull up in front of said establishment. It back-fired once then ceased its operation.

“A most amazing mechanical contrivance,” the trench coat wearing man exclaimed deerstalker hat firmly entrenched upon his brow.

“That’s what Henry Ford put them into Mass Production.” The woman they recognized as their computer teacher told her companion. She noticed the group and called out, “Buffy? Is that Xander and Willow with you? And Cordelia? What did you go as, a street walker?”

Looking over at her traveling partner she explained, “Woman of ill repute.”

“Ah.” He said.

“Giles?” Buffy asked incredulous.

“Ah,” he said turning to Ms. Calender, “you’re hypothesis is indeed correct Ms. Calender. I bow to your superior knowledge of the situation.”

“Oh, you are too kind sir,” she commiserated stepping around the car to him, “too kind.”

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he declared, “I am Sherlock Holmes, Worlds greatest detective. And I am about to put an end to the chaos of this evening!”

Hooking an arm out, he inquired of Ms. Calender, “Shall we lovely lady?”

“Oh, you are a charmer!” She tittered taking his arm while fluttering her hand.

Smiling they strolled into the store leaving a stunned group of transformed teens, and one en-souled Vampire, behind. Breaking out of their stupor the young people, and one en-souled Vampire, rushed inside through the empty front of the store to the back room. Skidding to a stop they watched as ‘Sherlock’ threw a two-faced bust onto the floor causing it to shatter into pieces. A wave of green energy blew out from its epicenter washing over those gathered and beyond across the city. Xander started pulling up his plastic gun looking around and asking, “Where’d Willow go?”

Rupert Giles faced his young charges, and one en-souled brooding Vampire, stating, “She is now back in her body, wherever it may be, I’m sure we’ll see her soon.”

“Okay,” Buffy said, and then asked, “So, how did Sherlock know this was where the spell came from and that he had to crash the bust?”

Giles quirked an eyebrow and smugly stated, “Why, my dear, it was Elementary!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets Sherlock Holmes". This story is complete.

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