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The Ninja's Way to Finding Home

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Summary: A mission gone wrong brought him to a world that is kinda different but way too alike to his own. How and why he got there? Will he stay and fight or run and go home?

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredMajinJohnTitorFR1811,547031,74318 Aug 1318 Aug 13No
This is a non-profit, fan-based fiction. Buffy, characters, costumes, quotes, plots, songs, the disclaimer this disclaimer is originally based on and other sorts of miscellaneous stuff belong to their respective owners. Please support the official release.

This is not really a crossover, but it will draw heavy elements from other works of fiction. Most notably Naruto. Other elementa will be mentioned by series name.

Chapter 1

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

He was deliberately being loud. As soon as the cloud of smoke had dissipated he quickly ran towards his doppelgänger. There was no strategy in his attacks, there was no precision in his moves. If Giles-sensei could see him now he would reprimand him for flailing around instead of fighting like a real ninja.

He wasn't training. He wasn't honing his skills or learning a new jutsu. He was angry. Shinobi were supposed to be keep a tight grip on their emotions but it was safe to say that even the legendary First Hokage would had a moment of pause if he had gone through this same thing.

It had been two months, one week, four days and sixteen hours since the last time he had been home, his real home.

He was lost. Yes, Harris Xander of Clan Uchiha was dishonorably lost. His forefathers would be turning on their grave at the ridiculous notion of an Uchiha getting lost.

He turned to the left, quickly dodging an angry jab from his copy. He threw himself shoulder first at the water where they both were standing on and twisted on his back, appearing on his clone's unprotected backside. But the clone let himself fall too, dodging a punch that would had turned him into dust by somersaulting forward. The copy stood up and prepared itself for Xander's retaliation.

The mission had seemed simple enough for four chunnin. It was barely a B-rank. It was a get in, get on, get out kinda deal. Nothing new, nothing complicated. Things had gone smoothly enough with the only casualty being the enemy. The team had managed to capture most of the smugglers and secure the cargo before the ship had left for international waters.

He ducked another jab but a knee met him on the way down. Turning with the momentum he flipped backwards a few times. Running his thumb over his nose he cleaned a bit of blood. Without pausing a second longer he jumped right back in the fray. Using a small burst of chakra to slide on the water surface, he prepared to surprise his opponent.

The waves crashing on the ship had increased exponentially before had been able to notice. A storm had formed out of seemingly nowhere. It wouldn't had been storm season for a few more months so neither shinobi nor smugglers had been on the lookout.

Though, not expecting the storm, they had gone to work immediately, looking to steer the ship away. But the winds and the oceans are lousy losers and didn't let go of their precious catch.

He ran towards his clone, trying to ram it down. But the clone flipped safely over Xander, just as the real one had predicted. The copy ran behind the original, preparing to deliver some painful hits.

Xander let himself fall once again shoulder first, rolled into a standing position and received the clone as it was about to hit him body first. Twisting the clone over his head Xander let it go. The copy flipped in mid air before landing in a crouch. It turned around and made a 'come at me, bro' sign.

For hours the shinobi had fought against the force of the mighty winds and the crashing ocean. They had let free the smugglers since they were infinitely more experienced in handling the ship than the ninja were. But the waves had kept growing. They did so until, finally, one of them dwarved the ship and took them with it.

No genjutsu, no ninjutsu, no kenjutsu. No kunai or shuriken. Only hand to hand. Fist to fist. The exercise helped him get out feelings that were dangerous to have in real combat. His clone was a perfect match. Punches were met with empty air, grapples with twists, and gained ground with bursts of speed.

He jumped a dozen feet in the air. In the air you can't change what direction you are heading so doing this in real combat was tantamount to having a death wish but, in a pure taijutsu battle like this one, it could give you a few seconds to orient your strategy.

His clone knew what he was doing. It ran at full speed and jumped up, syncing with the original's trajectory to grab him in mid air. Xander counted on it.

Just as the clone was about to ram him again, the real Xander grabbed the Xander copy and twisted their bodies. Their momentum working alongside gravity brought them down with a lot of force. Xander held on with all his strength while the clone squirmed, trying to shake itself loose.

The ship had been twisted by the mighty ocean. The floor turned into the ceiling and the top side into the bottom floor. And they had been trapped underneath the big cargo ship. The ninjas quickly had grabbed at the smugglers and immediately had gone to grab a mouthful of air. The mission had been to capture the smugglers, not to let them die. Better to die in honor than return with their hands empty.

The ship had been too big to circle around. It had sank quickly under the onslaught of wind, ocean and storm. It would had been their burial place if not for a bright light that illuminated the dark waters. A light coming from within the ocean itself. A light so bright that it blinded them. When Xander had opened his eyes... everyone was gone.

The fall had blown the clone, leaving behind a trail of smoke. He panted, trying to gain his breath. He looked at his arms and chest. Bruises were quickly forming. He didn't have extensive medical knowledge but he knew how to patch himself up after a light training session like this one.

Healing while standing on water took a lot of concentration. A lot of control. Healing like this was part of the training Giles-sensei had put on team 7 back when they had been close to their first try on the Chunin Exams. His feet wobbled and sunk until his ankles mere submerged. He gritted his teeth and corrected the chakra output of his feet.

His bruises stopped looking purple and changed back to his tanned skin color. They hadn't faded completely but what remained would be gone in a few short hours, leaving no sign behind that would tell of their existence.

Once he was on solid ground he grabbed a towel and cleaned the clinging sweat and sea water off. He drank a sip from a bottled water, put on a shirt and grabbed his backpack. Just as he was about to leave he gazed one more time towards the horizon.

He had swam up until he could feel the oxygen fill his lungs and then he went back down. He hadn't been able to see much, it had been too early for the sun to be up and about. But something glinting underneath the waves had been enough to grab his attention. He remembered swimming and swimming until he had grabbed someone's arm.

Once again he had brought himself up, that last time doing so while holding someone in his arms. Only that when he had looked outside of the dark water did he noticed the body's bottom half had been missing.

'Tucker', Xander had thought sadly. Tuckers legs had been missing. He had been dead minutes before Xander had found him.

Xander remembered swimming the little distance left to get to land, with his fellow shinobi comrade in hand. He had grabbed the ninja's vest and headband to give to Tucker's family. He had died honorably, in the line of duty. The body would had slowed him down, but Xander had tried to give him a farewell worthy of a ninja.

The hand signs had felt heavy to him even though the technique had been rehearsed many times, practiced until he could do it without thinking. A fireball had come out of his mouth to engulfed the corpse. It did so until the heat had turned it into ashes. Crystallized sand and black dust had been the only marks of the quick funeral.

He looked away from the sea. The light jog to the other side of town wouldn't make him stop thinking of what had transpired but it would calm him enough for him to keep pretending he could just go through the motions. Nothing he had tried had worked.

He wouldn't be going home any time soon.

Ok, a plot bunny demanded that I write this. Still working on Hell-o-ween Night. If you like them, disliked them, think something can, should or must improve, or just want to catch my attention simply click on the review button on the bottom and top bars of this page. Have a nice rest of the day!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Ninja's Way to Finding Home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 13.

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