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The One

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Summary: In an AU world, Xander steps up to the forefront of his powerful friends.

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Chapter 3

Author’s Notes: I own nothing, so please don’t sue. Thanks for the reviews. Keep giving them and advice, and I’ll keep writing. Enjoy!

The Present
Sunnydale, August 15, 2002, about 10pm

Xander was walking down the street particularly happy with himself. He had perfected the art of doughnut buying. He knew exactly what kind of doughnuts to get, and exactly how many to get to satisfy everyone in the Scooby gang. If he never did anything else in life, at least his headstone could read, ‘Alexander Lavelle Harris, The Perfect Doughnut Man, May He Rest In Paste.’ As Xander started on his first doughnut of the night, he heard what sounded like a fight in an alley up ahead.

Holding the doughnuts in one hand and a wooden stake in the other, Xander cautiously walked toward the fight. He saw two extremely large vamps taking on a red headed guy who looked to be about Xander’s own age. It seemed as if the man was holding his own, but Xander knew from what he saw that the guy had no idea what he was dealing with. Xander decided he could step in just this once; Buffy didn’t need all the recognition for vamp dusting. He sat the doughnuts on the ground and advanced towards the group trying not to be noticed until the last possible moment, but, of course, that didn’t happen.

The two vamps had thought when they first saw this guy getting off the motorcycle that he would be an easy target. They had been trying to find a few more guys to turn, so they could form their own gang. Living on the Hellmouth with the Slayer, one needed to travel in groups. The more in your group, the better your chances are of surviving.

When they initially attacked the man, they had the element of surprise. They soon learned however, that this man wasn't as easy of a target as they had picked him for. He put up fight using forms of karate that they had no hopes of knowing. Although, the man did not have their strength and he was slowly tiring he was making a strong stand. If they could turn him, he would be a valuable asset to them. He could probably hold his own against the Slayer even. It was then that the heard the loud clang of a garbage can lid falling. They whipped around to see a young man standing there with a stake in one hand.

Xander could not believe his luck. He had knocked over a lid on a garbage can. ‘So much for the surprise attack’, Xander thought to himself.

“Nice night out, stars are shining, moon is full, and vampires are attacking some guy in dark alley. You guys should really consider losing the dark alley thing, it gets old after a while.” Xander then advanced on the vamps.

The distraction had given the guy enough time to get loose of the hold the two goons had on him. Not wanting to believe what he heard the new guy with the stake said, he was unsure how to act next. But instinct soon took over and he worked at knocking the goons down to the ground and that’s when he saw the new guy do something he almost didn’t believe. He saw him place the wooden stake directly into the heart of one of the goons, and the goon just poofed into a pile of dust.

Only stunned for a few seconds, the guy knew he needed to act fast. He found a piece off an old crate lying on the ground, picked it up, and prepared an attack on the remaining goon. The new guy was now pinned by the goon to the ground and it looked as if he wasn’t going to win this time. The guy moved with practiced ease to where the goon was and without a thought, rammed the crate splinter into the goon's back so hard that he knew it had to hit the heart. Just as he did, the goon disappeared into a pile of dust like the first one had. The new guy looked up at him with a thankful grin on his face.

Xander could not believe that he had managed to kill the first vamp, but when the second one came at him, he knew he was done for. He just hoped the guy would have the sense to get out of there to avoid the fate that Xander was now facing. As the vamp pinned him to the ground, Xander thought about his life. His friends had become his family for the last five years. They protected each other, joked with each other, and comforted each other. He just hoped that they could go on without him. Xander tried not to think about the idea that he could become a vampire. He did not want his friends to go through the anguish that he had when his friend Jesse had been turned their sophomore year in high school. Just as all these thoughts were rushing through his head, the vamp suddenly disappeared into dust and Xander was looking at the guy holding a splinter of wood with an amazed look on his face.

“Well, I guess I owe you a big thanks and a welcome to the world of vampires, demons, and other things that go bump in the night. I’m Xander Harris by the way.” Xander reached up to accept the hand the guy was offering him.

“My name's Richie Ryan. So, those punks were really vampires. I thought that was just a myth, you know, the whole ‘I vant to suck your blood’ thing.” Of course Richie had seen enough supernatural things in his life, that one more would not be to hard to accept.

“Yeah, vamps are for real. So are demons, werewolves and so many other things that you never want to know about.” They walked around the corner and Xander picked up the box of doughnuts from their safe resting place. “Hey, want to come with me. I was taking the food supply back to my friends. We’re kind of the night patrol that keeps the evil things from killing all the people in the city. Although, there are a few I wouldn’t mind getting rid of.”

Richie looked at the young man in front of him. He had been on the road for two months now. Maybe settling down for just a bit wouldn’t be that bad. Especially if he could get to know some people and even help them out a little. He would have to make sure and ask Duncan and Adam if they had any clue about vampires existing. They had been around for long enough, surely they knew something.

“Well, since I have no else to be at the moment, that doesn’t sound too bad. Hop on the back of my bike and tell me where we’re going. Oh, got enough doughnuts there for another hungry person?”

Xander looked over at the bike, he had always wanted to ride on one. “Well, how about we head back to pick up a few more doughnuts and then we’ll go see my friends.”

Willow was beginning worry, it never took Xander this long to buy some doughnuts and get back. “Hey guys, what if something happened to him. Maybe he ran into some vamps. Should we go check?”

“Willow, I’m quite sure that Xander is okay. He’s very capable of taking care of himself. But if he’s not back shortly then we will go look for him.” Giles hoped that he had given Willow some comfort. She had been really over protective of everyone since Buffy’s death. Just then he heard the bell above the door ring as someone walked through. At least Xander came back.

Willow pounced on Xander as soon as he walked through the doorway. “What took you so long getting doughnuts? We were getting worried!” Willow looked at Xander, the guy she had once been hopelessly in love with. He seemed so different, yet he was still the same in some ways. It was as if all the pain they had been through showed in his eyes but nowhere else. That’s when she saw the new guy walk through the

He had reddish brown hair and looked to be about their age, but his eyes seemed much older. He seemed as if he had been through as much pain and torture as they had been through. She looked to Xander for the explanation.

“Hey Will, I’m sorry I worried you, but I ran into a little bit of trouble. A couple vamps had jumped this guy and he needed a little help. This is Richie Ryan by the way.” Xander led Richie to the back of the Magic Box to introduce him to the rest of the gang.

Richie walked into the Magic Box a little unsure of what was going to happen. He had no idea what these people would be like. ‘Hell,’ he thought, ‘they might not even be people.’ Richie braced himself for whatever he was about to encounter.

First he met the young red head, who looked like she had a little magic in her. Then came the rest in the back room that was filled with so many books, weapons, and other artifacts that Richie wondered how people could even fit in there. Richie listened closely as Xander introduced everyone.

“Guys, this is Richie Ryan. Richie, the red head is Willow, the book guy is Giles, the blonde is his fiancé Joyce Summers and the guy with the dyed hair is Oz, Willow’s boyfriend. Meet the Scooby gang.”

The group listened as Xander retold what had happened in the alley. They all seemed impressed when Xander mentioned that Richie had used some pretty good moves when he was fighting the vamps. Richie just said that he trained with a friend in various types of martial arts and fencing. The entire group was silently hoping that Richie might decide to stay in Sunnydale and help out for a while. A trained fighter might come in handy every so often. After the doughnuts were gone and the fight was discussed Giles spoke up.

“Well, if some vampires were out tonight, we may want to do some short patrols to make sure no more are running around. But I still want to talk with everyone about this book I’ve discovered. It may be very important in the long run.” Giles looked around the room and rested his eyes on Richie. He looked as if he was around twenty years old, but his actions and eyes made him seem so much older. He wondered what this young man had already seen in his life.

“Well, me and Oz can head down toward the Bronze, you needed to talk with your band members anyway,” announced Willow.

“Sounds good to me,” replied Oz, the man of few words. “Xander could get the cemetery I guess. Is that okay?”

“I guess so. Hey Richie, would you like to come with me, maybe see what it is we do for fun on the town in Sunnydale.” Xander looked at his new potential friend hoping he might come with him.

“Well, since I have nothing better to do, I guess I could go learn about this new world I just discovered.” Richie was beginning to feel the need to stay here. It seemed that these people needed some help and he felt that he was it. Of course who better to fight non-humans, than someone who was not quite human himself. The 28 year old looked at the young people around him, wishing that they could live their young lives without the worries that they seemed to have. Then he wished that he could have done the same, but the fates did not allow it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The One" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jan 04.

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