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The Things We Do For Love.

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Summary: It’s been ten years since Faith woke up and left Sunnydale. Now she lives in Miami where she fights to protect those she loves against anything, monster or human, that would threaten to destroy her new life.

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Television > Burn Notice(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15924,9795738,05221 Aug 136 Sep 13Yes

Chapter One

The Things We Do For Love.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Burn Notice which is the property of someone who isn’t me. If you find any scripted words in this fic no way do I claim to have written them. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: The Buffy-verse and Burn Notice.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Set in January 2010. Season Three for Burn Notice, Post Chosen for BtVS, no comics. Based loosely on the Burn Notice episode, ‘Friendly Fire’.

Words: Nine chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: Klingon disrupters only have two settings; 'Die' and 'Die Horribly'.

Summary: It’s been ten years since Faith woke up and left Sunnydale. Now she lives in Miami where she fights to protect those she loves against anything, monster or human, that would threaten to destroy her new life.


Author's Note: I know some people don't like 'first person' stories. This is just a short note to say that the 'first person' introduction only lasts for about a third of a chapter before we go back to my usual 'third person' writing style.


“My name is Faith Lehane, I used to be a slayer until…

Until, that bitch, little Miss High and Mighty, Buffy Summers stabbed me in the gut so she could use my blood to cure her mass murderin’, vamp boyfriend. But I totally screwed with her little plan by jumping offa the roof of my apartment. I should have died, I expected to die, but instead I hit the back of a truck an’ ended up in Sunnydale General. I was in a coma for eight, freakin’ months.

When I woke up everything had changed, instead of being in a cool room with flowers an' stuff, I was downstairs in the basement with the rest of the losers that the hospital couldn’t just switch the life support off on. I left as soon as I could walk (about five minutes after I woke up, hey being a slayer has to be good for something, right?). Okay, so I hit that girl and stole her clothes, but hey, she was in a hospital so someone’s bound to have found her by now.

Out on the streets again I started to plan my revenge on ‘Bitch B’ ‘til I realised just how long I’d been outta circulation. It was about then that one on my old Boss’ minions found me and gave me a message form him…along with a pile of cash, a driver’s licence and a new social security number. Ol’ Dickie left me the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given. He told me to leave town and run as far and as fast as I could…maybe he’d really loved me after all.

At the time, I’d still wanted to screw with The Bitch’s life as much as she’d screwed with mine. But, I didn’t know something then that I only found out once I’d got to Miami and saw a Doc, so I’m glad I followed The Boss’ advice.

I thought all the throwing up was coz I’d spent so long in a coma and in a sorta twisted way it was. Whatever, eventually I got fed up of puking up my guts every morning so I went to get checked out by a Doc, I mean that little bitch might have done some real damage when she stabbed me, right? As it turned out the slayer package had done a real great job of healing me up…ya might say too good.

After he’d done all his checks and tests the doc sat down an’ asked be if I was married or in a stable relationship. I told him no-way and asked him what the hell had my love life to do with him? That’s when he told me, I was nearly three months pregnant. Some sicko, bastard, musta raped me while I was my coma. Man, I knew that town an’ the people in it were twisted but I never knew they and it were that twisted.

Suddenly I had a whole new set of problems and yeah I did think of getting rid of it, but…hey, it wasn’t the kid’s fault so why take it out on him or her? After I got over that first shock I promised myself I’d be a better mom to my kid than my mom had ever been to me…hey, come on guys, ya gotta admit that wasn’t such a hard promise to keep, right? So I gave up smoking, I gave up booze and tried to live healthy, y’know the whole fruit an’ vegetables gig…man, it was so boring!

But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do like when she’s gonna be a Mama, I’d only have a few months to make enough money to see me through ‘til I was back to my normal hot self again. Hey, you try beating the crap outta vamps when ya eight months gone. I had to make my little piece of the world safe for my kid. I also had to make enough money to see me through an' that meant rent for a decent apartment (my kid wasn’t gonna grow up inna crappy motel room) and there was baby stuff to buy and so…

So I put business and pleasure together an’ started to roll the vamps before I staked ‘em. Vamps down here are suckers for bling an’ they always carry loads of cash…y’know, its expensive getting into clubs an' bars. By working hard and being careful I’d made just about enough cash to see me through before I had to stop.

I was about seven months pregnant when I noticed the ‘gifts’ starting to turn up on my doorstep. At first it was little stuff like baby clothes and toys, or maybe some cookies. But then one day I opened my door to find a new stroller sitting on the doorstep with a wad of cash in an envelope pinned to it. I didn’t know what was going on so I asked my neighbour. At first she tried to give me the brush off but when I like, ‘persisted’ she came clean.

People knew, people knew I was The Slayer, The Chosen One, they’d realised after the number of vamp and demon attacks eased off. It didn’t take a genius to work out that since the new Anglo-girl had come to town a lot fewer people got bit on the neck by vamps, or killed by demons.

Look, okay, I admit it, I cried like a little girl, but hey it was all that hormone crap and I’d never known people could be so nice, y’know what I mean? In my life no one had ever cared about me, or what I wanted or how I felt. All they’d been interested in was what they could use me for…even the Mayor; I realise that now, but at least he was nicer about it than most. Yeah it took me a while ‘til I realised that the folks in the Barrio weren’t trying to screw me over in some way.

In September 2000, little Rose Lehane came into the world an’ she was the cutest baby-girl ever. I know all Moms say that about their kids, but this time it was true…ya wanna argue with me? Then when I brought her home there was a block party to welcome us both home and little Rosy into the world. There was also a line of women ready, willing an’ able to look out for her when I was out on business so, as soon as I was able I got back out on the streets an’ started thinin’ out the vamps and things that go bump in the night.

That was then, this is now…”


Little Dominica, Miami, 2010.

“Hi Mom, I’m home!” Rose Lehane burst into the kitchen where her mother stood cutting up vegetables for salad.

“Hi Honey,” Faith put down her knife and turned to watch her daughter as she dumped her school bag on the floor before going over to the sink and washing her hands.

“When’s dinner, Mom,” Rose dried her hands on a handy towel, “I’m totally starving.”

“We’re waiting for Cat,” Faith explained, “have an apple if you’re that hungry.”

“Nah,” Rose’s face fell a little at the prospect of fruit, “y’know some mom’s let their kids have chips an’ stuff…”

“An’ some kids are really fat an’ have bad skin,” Faith pointed out with a smile.

“Aww mom,” Rose slumped down onto one of the chairs around the dinning table.

“Don’t ‘Aw Mom’ me,” Faith turned to get on with her chopping and slicing, “so, ya had a good day at school?”

“‘Spose,” Rose admitted reluctantly, “we had art today…”

Faith’s hands froze at her daughter’s words, normally Rose liked art, she had a real talent for it.

“So why so down?” Faith turned to look at her little girl again.

Getting up from the table and walking over to her bag, Rose pulled out a rolled up piece of paper, handing it to her mother she went and sat down again. Taking the rolled up paper Faith opened it out and studied the drawing.

“But this is good,” Faith said encouragingly, “ya got the fangs a little long but otherwise it’s really good…maybe there’s too much blood…?”

“It’s for my stories,” Rose drew cartoon stories for her friends based on stuff her mom told her.

“So, why so down?” Faith repeated as she rolled the drawing back up and put it somewhere safe.

“Mrs Simpson wants ya to come in tomorrow,” Rose explained, “she thinks I should be doing really bad drawings of houses an’ stick people an’ flowers an’ stuff…an’ she says monsters don’t exist.” Rose looked at her mother pleadingly, “Why do grown-ups tell little kids stuff like that? Monsters do exist!”

“I know honey,” Faith went over and sat down beside her child and put her arm around Rose's shoulder, “but some grown-ups can’t handle it, like they can’t handle the stuff me an' Cat do.”

“I know Mom, but…” Rose returned her mother’s hug and rested her head on Faith’s shoulder, “…but how’s a kid supposed to keep safe if people tell them the monsters aren’t real?”

“That’s why I’m here, Honey,” Faith hugged her girl a little tighter, “I make sure everyone’s safe from the monsters.”

Just then the door opened to admit Cat, or Catalina Pena as she was more commonly known, Cat was Faith’s girlfriend and Rosy’s step-mom.

“Something up?” Cat asked her eyes full of concern when she saw the sad look on Rose’s face.

“Nah nothing I can’t handle,” Faith explained as she let go of Rose and went to greet Cat; what started out as a quick greeting kiss soon turned into something a little more passionate.

“Ewww, gross,” Rose sniggered, her earlier upset forgotten now she’d told her mom about it, “get a room would ya?”

“You wait ‘til ya start bringing home boys,” Faith warned her daughter as she separated herself from Cat and went back to preparing the dinner.

“Boys are gross,” Rose informed her moms.

“Okay,” Cat smiled as she sat down next to Rose, “when you start bringing home girls then.”

“Aww Cat!” Rose blushed red.

“So what’s so bad today?” Cat wanted to know, “someone steal your lunch money…anyone you want me to turn into a duck or something?”

During the day Catalina Pena, was a nurse practitioner at the local medical centre. When she wasn’t at work not only was she Faith’s partner she was also a Bruja; a witch and a pretty powerful one who came from a long line of Brujas.

“It’s the pictures again,” Faith explained from over by the sink, “Mrs Simpson wants me to come in an’ talk

“Someone needs to put that woman straight about the facts of life,” there was just a hint of anger in Cat’s voice; this wasn’t the first time there’d been trouble over Rose’s drawings.

“I’ll deal,” Faith turned to look at the two most important people in her life, “in a totally none violent, not turn into duck or corpse way, okay?”

“Okay,” Cat agreed reluctantly.

“Right,” Faith smiled, “dinner’s nearly ready you wanna go wash up Cat?”

“Yeah,” Cat got up slowly, “kid spat-up all over me earlier.”

“Yeah I could tell,” Faith sniffed, “now hurry up, Rosy’s starving!”


When Rose had been about four she’d contracted a fever, worried near distraction, Faith had taken her sick child to the local free clinic. This was where she’d met Cat, later Faith had to admit that she’d been acting like the worst sort of worried mother, but Cat seemed to be able to calm her down so the doctor could do his work. Later Faith guessed that Cat had used a minor spell on her to make her stop panicking. As it happened Rose had just picked up a minor chest infection which was quickly cleared up with some antibiotics.

Over the next few months Faith found herself using Rose as an excuse to go and see the beautiful, dark eyed, nurse at the medical centre. It took her another month to find the courage to ask Cat out for a coffee and then another month to find out if she was open to a girl-on-girl relationship. Ever since Faith’d had Rose she’d not let any men other than doctors or guys like that touch her, she’d certainly not had any romantic involvements with men. Since she’d realised that she’d been raped while she was helpless and probably by someone who was supposed to be caring for her, Faith’s already low opinion of men had hit rock bottom.

Yes, she had male friends and business associates, but that was all they ever would be to her, friends and associates. If any of these guys ever tried to push their luck after she’d made it perfectly clear that she wasn’t interested they quickly weren’t friends or associates anymore; in one case the guy wasn’t even alive anymore. News soon got round the Barrios that you didn’t mess with he beautiful, dark haired, Irish-American girl, particularly if you didn’t want your balls ripped off and handed to you on a plate.

By the time Cat and Faith were making out together, Faith was ready for a long term relationship. Also Rose needed someone else in her life and Cat fit the bill perfectly. Rose had taken an instant liking to the young Dominican woman, they were almost like sisters. About a year after they’d first met Cat moved in with Faith and Rose. It was only then that Faith discovered the truth about Cat and her spells, not that it bothered her that much, not only did she love Cat who loved her right back, but it was really ‘cool’ to become part of Cat’s huge extended family, especially when that family knew exactly who and what Faith was.


“Gotta go out an’ see Omar tonight,” Faith referred to the local gangleader who kept the streets safer than the cops ever could, “then I’ve gotta go do some business.”

“That nest of vamps on twenty-eighth street, right?” Cat asked.

“That’s them,” Faith agreed as she ate.

“Be careful mom,” Rose said around a mouthful of spaghetti.

“Don’t worry, I’m taking Luisa with me to watch my back,” Luisa was a young slayer who Faith had taken under her wing.

Faith wasn’t sure what had happened, but a few years ago there were suddenly more slayers in the world, at least six in Florida that she knew of. After a little initial suspicion (there was always the possibility that they were all working for Buffy Summers) Faith had joined forces with the new girls, as she was the oldest and most experienced she was the leader. The girl Luisa was the youngest at fifteen so Faith kept her close and took her on little missions like this.

“So, you guys’ll be okay tonight?” Faith asked.

“Sure,” Cat reassured Faith as she turned to look at Rose, “I’ll teach Rosita some magic tricks…”

“As long as I don’t find the house full of rabbits like last time you tried to teach her a ‘trick’.” Faith pointed out grumpily.

The previous time Cat had tried to teach Rose some magic, Faith had come home to find the house full of rabbits. Both Cat and Rose seemed to find this hysterical, but Faith hadn’t, it had taken her days to give away all the rabbits and clean up the house. Rose sniggered quietly at the memory of the look on her mom’s face when she’d seen all the bunnies.

“Hey look,” Cat explained in a slightly hurt tone of voice, “You never know when the ability to bring fifty or sixty rabbits into existence might come in handy.”

“Yeah right,” Faith wasn’t convinced, she sighed as she reached over to wipe tomato sauce from around Rosy’s mouth.

“MOM!” Rose complained, “I’m not five!”

“Yeah okay,” Faith admitted, “I’ll be home by midnight so no waiting up, it’s a school night and we’ve both gotta see Mrs Simpson tomorrow.”

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