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Summary: Blaise reads a gossip rag. FFA response

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Harry Potter > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersManyNamedChibiFR1313160075922 Aug 1322 Aug 13Yes
I was browsing and saw the pairing.... this little scene popped into my head and i had to write it. I don't own anything except the scene and I make no profit from it.

"Oi, Zambini!" Blaise looked up from his transfiguration text, irritated at the interruption. All of the eighth year students had to take placement test upon their return to Hogwarts as the professors during the war had not been the highest of quality. Like many of the others, Blaise was trying to multitask and had reached his limit- interruptions needed to disappear. He raised his eyebrow in lieu of asking what his fellow student wanted him for. The student hesitated a matter of a moment before waving that weeks copy of 'L'Esaminatore', a popular gossip rag from the italian community in Blaise's direction. "The Black Widow has her next bit of prey, huh? It's what papa number seven now?"

Blaise snatched the magazine from the other student and opened it to the article. Skimming it, he found that Lady Zambini had indeed been seen in the company of a muggle man. This man was and American teacher- not her usual prey at all. Perhaps she was going back to her roots as a Poverelli? Blaise calmly closed the magazine and set it on the now empty plate in front of him. As he took out the his wand and set the rag aflame, he commented, "If this were true, he would be number eight. You shouldn't believe everything you read in filth. My father and all of my step-fathers died of natural causes." As the student stared at the pile of papers that were quickly turning to ash. Blaise gathered his things thinking that the library would be a more conducive place to study, perhaps. His test was tomorrow. After that, he could owl his mother about this Robin Wood character.

The End

You have reached the end of "Grapevine". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking