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Rewinding The Clock For The Fate Of All

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Summary: The cluster of realities Earth is a part of is destroyed by pure Evil and the race is on to restore them and prevent them from ever being destroyed the first time.( Open to all authors, so jump in if you feel like it )

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Chapter 11 Oops


The battle was not going to plan. Admirals Picard, Riker, Kirk, Worf and Spock from the Federation with Admiral's Delenn, Sheridan, Sinclair, Kalain and Neroon from the Minbari Federation along with Admiral's Kadar, Tagre, Atro and Grilka from the Klingon Empire were all getting hammered. They were all in charge of their respective fleets, fourteen in total with two thousand ships in each fleet which came to a total of twenty eight thousand ships and they were losing, badly. Actually badly was a misnomer for what was happening as they had all walked into a massive trap that had snapped shut behind them and was slowly constricting inwards wearing away at the outer ships in this multi fleet battle and they were loosing a ship a minute, they would not last long. It was the Dark Fleet, as Jack had called them and it seemed quite apt.

They had very badly under estimated the tactics that the enemy would use and Data could be heard by Picard saying that ‘This was as fucked up as you could get, a total fubar’ and he was silently agreeing with him. This had been part of a plan to destroy several sources of resources that the enemy had set up and had included several large stockpiles of weapons, weapon components, ship parts and several large shipyards with ten thousand complete but unmanned ships ready for deployment and it was all going to hell in a hand basket while sitting on a glacier floating down a river of molten lava into the mouth of hell.

The fourteen separate fleets were part of one armada and were in turn part of a plan that was using another nineteen such armadas all identical in setup, all because of the nature of the defences arrayed against them in destroying the targets that had been selected. There was also the unfortunate fact that their communications were being jammed. The jamming was not total but it was effective enough to interfere with asking for reinforcements and from the snippets they could glean from what was coming through, the other fleets and armadas were in the same spot of trouble, the same predicament. General O'Neill could be heard now and then through the jamming using language that would have caused his wife to put him in a extended timeout on the couch if things weren’t so dire as they were at the moment. Every single fleet and armada in operation ‘Boo, I see you’ (Jack's name for the operation, it was good to be the King after all) was in the same deadly trap and it didn’t look like they were going to get out of it intact anytime soon as it was certain that they would suffer heavy losses bordering on ninety per cent at least and up to ninety nine per cent at most according to the AI on Jack's Super Battleship class Battleship the ’Homer’ and to top it off, it was the Flagship.

Jack, as CIC of all the Fleets and armed forces of Tikva, named in whole as StarFleet, was sitting in the command seat of the most advanced battleship he had ever had seen, as it out classed one hundred Asgard O'Neill class ships in firepower alone. It was twenty kilometres long, five wide and two at its highest point. It was similar to a Superstar Destroyer in shape but was more along the lines of an Asgard O'Neill class ship but with added elements of Federation, Klingon, Vorlon, Alteran and CommonWealth ships. It had on board, several new versions of the weapons that Tikva had for defence but were scaled for ship use. The efficiency of the emitters for any of the energy based weapons had been improved by a factor of two hundred percent thanks to one of the Reed Richards and his experiments.

The shields were using a triple upon triple redundancy layered system combining shield technology from the Galactic Republic, Federation, Klingon, Alteran, Asgardian, Oan, Kryptonian and Undine races and it wasn’t enough. The power to run the ship came from two Arcturus generators as well as four Neutrino ion generators with three ZPM’s and several Naquadria generators as backup power systems.


Half of the fighter force in each super fleet was turned into a floating soup of disassembled matter and radiation particles as they had been at the forefront of the initial attack in the plan at weakening the defences of their targets and they had run into a wall of firepower that obliterated them totally, that had been the first clue that something was seriously wrong and they had no idea how bad it was going to get within the next hour.

They were facing a combined force of ships that was made up from various races like the Yonji Sinhindrea, Yuuzhan Vong, the Breen (which was a surprise), the Chalnoth, the revived Husnock, the Brood, the Rachni(an insectoid race) and the Mantid(another insectoid race). The number of ships they were facing from these races was staggering as each super fleet seemed to be facing battle odds of at least ten to one, this did not look good, not good at all. Jack had only one thought running through his mind and that was how in the hell was he going to get his multi-fleet armada to survive this.

Throughout every super fleet warning bells, whistles, sirens and lights were going off as the massive ships of the Yonji and Yuuzhan began to move in towards the fleets they were encircling and they began sending in their fighters while launching overpowered plasma and anti-matter torpedoes at the encircled forces. These incoming torpedoes were off the scale in terms of normal firepower and if they had been targeted at any Federation StarFleet ship pre Tikva, they would have been obliterated in one hit, the same results would have been felt in every fleet ship from every race before they had arrived at Tikva. Only for the fact that they now had new ships and new shielding technology could they survive any hit from these overpowered weapons. Two hits of any of these weapons at their lowest settings would have rendered any planet devoid of life and one hit from their highest setting would have rendered the planet to its constituent atoms, no rubble or asteroids, just atomic soup and radiation, just like what had happened to the wave of fighters at the start of the battle.

Any ship that had been seriously damaged previously was now blown apart as these weapons impacted. This caused Jack to send an order out to all fleets in the armada that any ship that was damaged was to cycle down into the cluster of ships that made up the fleets to repair their damage and the undamaged take their place and to keep this up. Maybe just maybe this plan would help stave of disaster a little longer. Jack was grateful that it seemed to work but was somewhat worried at how their intelligence network had missed this little fact of an ambush being planned for any strike they had planned, how had the Ascended screw this up and miss this plan to counter attack, how did the enemy know of the impending attack?, how?

A spy, that was it, somehow Lucifer had got a spy into Tikva and into the armed forces, high up into the armed forces, as this operation was a top secret one, one that no-one knew about until they saw the fleets leaving through the secret gates but even then they would have had to be high up in the command structure to be even allowed to see through the cloaking fields.


Anti-proton beams, super lasers and Phasers plus the full gamut of every projected energy weapon the StarFleet ships had as well as the mass driver’s weapons and torpedoes of all types that the ships possessed were being fired from the StarFleet ships into the oncoming rush of enemy ships that were themselves firing every weapon that they had in their arsenal. The Yonji and the Yuuzhan were at the forefront of the attack with the other races following behind while firing their long range weapons. Things took a turn for the worst as far as Picard and his fellow Federation Admiral's were concerned. Data had just found a way to break the interference and implement it fleet wide and had transmitted it to the other armadas when the sensors in every fleet in every armada picked up the unmistakeable signature of a race the Federation had hoped would never become involved in this war, it was the Borg and they weren’t here to help the Starfleeters in the slightest.

Holes opened up in the encroaching enemy fleets wall of ships and the Borg just sailed through. The cubes were massive, each one sixteen times larger than a normal sized cube and they were setup in appearance like a massive tactical cube and there were hundreds of them at each battle site. They added their cutting beams into the mix as well as their energy draining beams. They fired their own torpedoes as well, adding to the carnage being inflicted on the separate fleets. StarFleet comm channels were awash with battle chatter from ships as they fought back. Multiple ships targeting the Dark fleet ships one at a time seemed to work for a short while but then they would alter their tactics rendering that tactic useless.

The Borg had really tipped the balance into the Dark fleets’ hands as it was now overkill as far as StarFleet was concerned. They were out numbered by a huge margin and that extra firepower from those extra ships were devastating to the StarFleet armadas. More and more ships were falling to the overwhelming firepower being sent into the fleets. Every tactic that was tried worked once and that was it, it wouldn’t work a second time as they adapted once it was done. It had to be the Borg, it was their influence that was turning the battle in the Dark fleets favour, they adapted so quickly to everything.

Picard was at his wits end trying to come up with a tactic that would work and it was one failure after another, they adapted far too quickly and for every enemy ship that was destroyed another would take its place within moments, it was infuriating, nothing seemed to work. The Yonji ships, especially the three and four globe variants were the toughest to take out even with the increased firepower that StarFleet ships had now. As for the Yuuzhan ships, he was glad that there were no planet sized ships in the vicinity as he didn’t want to contend with them on top of what they were dealing with now. It was just as well that the God's of chaos were on their side, especially Murphy; he certainly did not want to tempt fate by making any stupid statements to invoke him appearing. It was a pity that the God's could not join in the fleet battles, their children on the other hand were allowed and he had young Percy, the son of Neptune working in engineering, seems he had a knack for energy and spatial dynamics, something about them acting like fluid dynamics, he couldn’t see that correlation anywhere himself but it seems Percy did.

Jack was on the verge of going bald from attempting to pull his own hair out because of the fact that they couldn’t gain any headway in this battle. His fleet had lost two hundred ships already and that number was steadily climbing. The data from the other fleets and armadas was just as grim as one fleet in the Epsilon armada had been wiped out already and several other fleets were at half strength already. His own armada, the Omega armada was already down by twenty five percent of its effectiveness and it was steadily dropping. It was getting hairy and he needed to come up with a Hail Mary solution as fast as possible because from where he was looking out from he sworn that if it was possible he would be able to walk on all the ordinance being fired by both sides trying to kill the other. Space was clogged with weapons fire of all types, so much so that no fighters had gone out into battle after the first lot had been wiped out so effectively.

He saw several new flashes on his side of the battle from his viewscreen and knew that he had just lost more ships, more crew dead and they had only put a small hole in the opposing Dark fleets. If only there was some way to get out of this predicament, another bright flash went off followed by a small series of flashes around it; it was within the Dark fleet that it had happened.
He turned to one of the sensor operators and asked him “What was that that had just gone up in the Dark fleet?”

The operator replied “It was one of their four globe variants sir, its shields finally collapsed from a concentrated blast from a hundred Battlecruiser's and it took a direct hit on one of the globes, it lost containment and ruptured the other globes causing a chain reaction among them, it took out everything around it and it seems to have caused a lot of collateral damage to enemy ships outside the blast zone. The AI is working on what it was that caused them to be damaged as much as they were, by rights their shields should have protected them from the residual effect of the destruction of the Yonji ship.”


‘This was interesting’ Jack thought to himself and then decided to ask the sensor operator “What kind of damage was done and which type of ship was the worse of?”

The operator looked at his board, checked his data and replied “All of them were affected sir, the worse affected were the Yuuzhan as the energy backwash according to the sensors had a rippling effect across their shields and then moved down into their shield generators causing them to blow. It must have affected their power distribution system as the ship seems to be dead in the water. The radiation on the other hand seems to have had the worst effect on the insectoid races ships as they look like they were put into a microwave and cooked at full power, they are totally dead, no life at all sir.

The Borg though, they are the interesting ones sir, the AI just finished part of the analysis on them, the mixture of the backwash, the blast itself and the radiation has caused some sort of feed back within the cube, we are seeing small explosions on the surface of the cube and what looks like small explosions within it as well as....” and before he could finish a massive white flash filled the screen.

“Report” Jack ordered “What the hell caused that explosion?”

The ships AI replied before the operator could “It was the Borg cube General O'Neill, the combination of the events from the Yonji four globe ship blowing up caused a cascading power failure and feedback in their power distribution system, it was unrecoverable for them, it even killed their communications system the moment the Yonji ship blew, so that means that the other Borg and the Dark fleet ships have no idea what caused it. Our sensor systems were totally unaffected by the explosion due to our position and sensor technology base. None of those in the Dark fleets know what and why it happened, just that it did, plus from the data I have compiled if every fleet that still survives copies that same tactic we will get the exact same result in every case, we have a weakness we can exploit to use to escape these traps that they placed us in”

Jack found this very interesting and asked the AI “All of them right now are completely blind? Is that what you are saying, that every single ship of the Dark fleet out there right now is blind? All because of that explosion from the Yonji four globe exploding close to a Borg battle cube and the Borg ship exploding has magnified the effect somehow, is that correct?”

The AI replied “Yes General O'Neill, that is correct, the combined effect of both ship exploding has effectively blinded all ships in the Dark fleet but it will not last forever, the effect is already starting to dissipate and will be clear in fifteen minutes.”

Jack thought for a few seconds and came up with a beautiful plan, well, in his mind it was,

“Ok” Jack said “I want every fleet in every armada to know this, send them the details of what happened then I want them to select every four globe with a Borg beside it and have them target them and fire at each one in turn, once the four globes and Borg ship have blown up I want every ship to blow their way through the wall of Dark fleet ships but they have to follow this part to the letter, they are to make sure that each ship that carries any Nova torpedoes is to leave just one behind in the center of our sphere and as soon as the last of our ships makes it out of the sphere trap that they created for us, that each of those torpedoes move to a position that will do the most damage when they detonate simultaneously. The rest of the nova torpedoes are to be fired at the local sun or planets in the system, whichever has the most effect and is in range of the fleet ships. That will teach those bastards and then we can get our fleets home ASAP and then try to figure out where we went and did a major screw-up in this battle.”

“Transmit those orders now and prepare to move out after we kick these guys in the nuts” Jack had said and continued with “Also, make sure to let them know to transport any interesting pieces of Dark fleet tech on board for later analysis, now let get this show on the road. Execute when we get a green for go from everyone.”

One minute later the plan was put into effect in every encircled StarFleet and several four globe ships belonging to the Yonji were targeted and destroyed causing the nearby Borg battle cubes to go through the same events that Jack had witnessed and every StarFleet ship that could complied with the orders concerning the Nova torpedoes. As the last ship in each fleeing fleet passed by the wreckage of the nearby Dark fleet, the Nova torps began to fulfil their pre-programmed instructions and moved into the positions that would create the most damage and as the other ships left the system firing all of their Nova torps at any targets within range, the Nova torps within the sphere of Dark fleet ships all detonated simultaneously destroying and/or heavily damaging every Dark fleet ship in range.

In cases where the fleeing StarFleet ships targeted the system suns, the Dark fleets stood no chance as the wave of energy released from the Supernovas destroyed the entire solar systems they resided in, along with any Dark fleet ships and fleets that could not escape the oncoming wave fronts. The traps had been turned around and back onto the enemy by pure luck and nothing else and Jack and the rest of the Admiral's knew that they just had their ass’s handed to them gift wrapped with a shiny bow included. It was a humiliating defeat no matter that the trap had been reversed, they had screwed up and had lost forty three percent of their ships in total and that was not a win in any book especially Jack's and Picard’s.

All the fleets headed for home and the safety of Tikva but a few dozen ships fell foul to physics but were evacuated quickly enough so that no-one was lost except for the ships that could not be saved as their power systems gave out from damage received in the battles that they were in. they had lost two hundred and forty thousand and eight hundred ships and crew not to mention the further loss of another forty eight ships on route home but at least those crews were safe to go home. The remaining fleets and ships al slowed to a stop at the gates into Tikva and began an orderly entrance to the ship yards and the crew once the ships had docked transported over to StarFleet headquarters to begin debriefing.


General Jack O'Neill stood on the podium in the StarFleet auditorium in front of the crews of the returned ships; it was large enough to hold the entire population of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong at the same time.

Jack started speaking “We will be having a very serious debriefing on the disastrous events that we just went through. It was a cluster fuck of immense proportions as we lost two hundred and forty thousand and eight hundred ships along with their crews. We cannot have this happen again, this is completely unacceptable to me and it should be for you, I want your full reports on everything that you experienced and what you think should/could be improved to prevent this from happening again or at least lower the chances of it happening within seven days. You are dismissed. Tikva! Please end holographic simulation and store results for analysis.”

Tikva replied “Holographic simulations terminated, beginning analysis of results, have a nice day General O'Neill.”

The chamber everyone was standing in reverted back to inactive holosuite status.


End of chapter
(Hope you enjoyed it, I did,, lol)
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