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Rewinding The Clock For The Fate Of All

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Summary: The cluster of realities Earth is a part of is destroyed by pure Evil and the race is on to restore them and prevent them from ever being destroyed the first time.( Open to all authors, so jump in if you feel like it )

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Chapter 15 Gotcha


Jack and the rest of the Council heads were going over the latest data from the CIS; the other two co-heads of the CIS were with them along with the other co-head from the Intelligence Directorate. They had all showed up fifteen minutes ago after asking Tikva to convene an emergency assembly at the request of the ID (Intelligence Directorate). There were a lot of angry faces around from reading the data packets, a lot of hushed talking between members and some very red faced and angry magic users from worlds that were predominantly magical, this was a betrayal of the highest kind from someone who was to all intents and purposes one of them even if he looked down on them as inferior’s.

Then came the shocking fact about Harry Potter, that he was thought to be a traitor, there was a lot of shouting about it until another member pointed out that it had to be mind control of the most serious kind to make Potter act like he was acting.

Luck, being neither good nor bad decided to interrupt the meeting just in time as it was about to turn into a shouting match between delegates on weather to trust magical's or not.

Tikva appeared before those assembled and got their attention.

“If I can direct your attention to the large viewscreen, there has been a new development, the CIS and the ID heads are watching this live feed from a stealth drone. Albus Dumbledore has just arrived at Harry Potter's location plus new information has just been discovered by the CIS just minutes ago and has been added to the data files in front of you.” Tikva stated before her hologram disappeared.

They sat there in their seats as they heard Dumbledore speaking.

“Good job Mr Potter, I assume everything went as expected, no complications to sort out, the island and the structure on it was destroyed?” they heard Albus say to Harry.

“Yes master, everything went as you decreed it would, I await your further orders master.” They heard Harry replying a submissive voice.

“Good, good, very good indeed, your slave collar is working perfectly; the Dumbledore family library never fails me, the runic magic inscribed on that collar has been thought lost for hundreds of years by the rest of the magical world but it hasn’t, we just made sure that we had the only copies of the books left in existence, if only I could get my hands on the Flamel library I would have books and knowledge considered priceless. It would be used for the greater good of course, we can't have the magical world exposed like it is now Harry, it’s not right, we should be hidden and remain so and guide the muggles without them knowing, we are after all their superiors.” They heard Dumbledore further state with what they considered a crazed look in his eyes.

Everyone was in shock listening to Dumbledore as he ranted and raved about controlling everyone, about how he was controlling Harry Potter with illegal and banned magic's. The magical's on the council were sickened at what they heard and were further shocked when they heard Dumbledore about to make Potter kill himself and his wife on Dumbledore's stupid and idiotic orders, orders he should know were basically telling Harry to commit suicide with his statement.

“We need more members Harry, more members from the magical worlds especially that magical called Harry Dresden, he is a very interesting individual Harry, he has skill that we, I will need and I want you to use the usual potions and charms on him to turn him to our cause, also Harry, I want your wife to join us as well, she is then to be divorced from you Harry as she is not proper for you, I will have her marry someone more appropriate for her... skills and we will have you marry a good light sided witch, the Blacks are not to be trusted Harry, not in the slightest, they are a dark family Harry and always will be.”

Eyes almost popped out of skulls at hearing that statement and for almost the rest of the hour all they could hear was Dumbledore going on about ‘mudbloods’ ( which shocked a lot of people from the Council) and how they should be put in their place.

One magical member from the Council could be heard speaking when Dumbledore said that word.

“That cannot be Albus Dumbledore, I know him from when I was in school and from when my niece went there, he may be somewhat pompous at times and set in his ways but he has never been a pureblood sycophant and only they use that word, that can't be him, it just can't be.” Amelia Bones said.

Those around her were starting to get a little apprehensive at her statement but Tikva appearing and confirming that it was Dumbledore made Amelia drop down into her seat in shock and surprise.

Listening to Dumbledore asking Harry if he was right and Harry saying he was in a submissive manner caused Amelia to break down and start crying. The young man who had had a crap life as a child and had risen above it to become a hero to so many of her people and was now nothing more than an abused House Elf in human form was just too much for her. The Jedi representative to the Council got up from his seat and walked over to her to console her.

Ben Kenobi sat down beside her and said “I would not let your despair get the better of you my Lady, the Force is telling me that there is more to this than we can see, even though he is who he is, he is also not who he is suppose to be. If I were you I would ask your friends to check him out using all methods known to medicine weather they appear to be strange or not. His acting like this is causing the Force to tell me that all is not what it seems and that he is a danger to all of us but not of his own free will. It is almost like he is in control but not, all at the same time, the Force is confused about it and so am I but the Force is telling me that all secrets will be revealed.”

Tikva appeared beside them after Ben had said what he said to Amelia and asked “You’re positive about that? Because any and all of my scans that I have run say he is healthy with no sigh of any form of sickness or disease present and I can't fathom out a reason except that he may have cracked under the pressure of everyone knowing about magic.”

“I’m positive.” Ben replied “The force never lies, its telling me that there is more to this than we can see, that he is who he is but he isn’t as well, its confusing as I have never had a feeling exactly like this from the Force before. There have been similar feelings alright, like what I felt during the Republics Clone war when we dealt with spies among us.”

“So this Force is telling you that there is a hidden agenda somewhere in this or something like it?” Amelia asked.

“Quite possible” Ben said in reply “It’s a vague feeling but its there.”


Everyone’s attention was shifted to the monitor screen when they were told that Dumbledore had teleported out and that Potter had been transported to a stasis unit and that teams of operatives were now moving out to capture those that were mentioned in the lists.

Almost thirty minutes later the operatives had finished their assigned tasks and had all of the know members and potential members in stasis until it was time for their interrogation. Then word was received that Dumbledore had been located and was under close observation.

The screen changed to his position and showed a stranger teleporting into place a short distance away from him and Dumbledore's apparent surprise as it appeared that he knew who ever it was judging from the look on his face and then the sound kicked in and they heard the beginning of the short conversation between them.

“Nicolas? I thought you were dead, if fact I burned your body and that of you wife's as well after the incident with the loss of the stone at Hogwarts. I could never find your true home and claim your library, now I see why; you faked your death and your wife's as well. No matter, once I have disposed of you and your wife all you know will be mine.” They heard Dumbledore say and rant at the stranger.

“You won't be doing anything of the sort Albus; even your little plan for the greater good has been dealt with as your core group has been arrested, every single one of them and all those under your control by potion and charm will be eventually freed, even Harry Potter. Now prepare yourself my MINOR apprentice for a true lesson on how to use magic.” The stranger now named Nicolas replied.

Amelia was shocked, this stranger in an Unspeakable uniform who was called Nicolas and referred to Dumbledore as his formed apprentice could only be one person but he had died years ago, didn’t he? How in the name of Merlin was Nicolas Flamel alive and duelling Dumbledore?

Her questions were put on hold as she heard the roar and saw the rage in Dumbledore's face as a lance of magic lashed out from Dumbledore's wand heading straight for Nicolas.


Nicolas dodged the curse sent his way as easily as one would side step an approaching snail and taunted Albus with “Rather pathetic for an opener Albus, very poor indeed, this is how you do it” and then returned fire with a blue green curse at speed that caused Albus to dodge quickly as it impacted where he just stood.

At this the battle took on a life of its own with only very high level magic's been spoken at whisper or the unforgivable’s being heard at audible levels.

Chains of spells were flying everywhere with Albus Dumbledore casting the most dark spells known as part of the chains.

“Rumpo, Crucio, Avada Kedavra, Belisio, Sectumsempra, Etravecterio, Defidio Multia Noxisius Acidia, Avada Kedavra, Crucio.” Was one of the chains that Dumbledore spewed from his hate filled mouth. He had surprised Nicolas with one of the spells that he heard in the chain.

The fact that such a dark curse as ‘Defidio Multia Noxisius Acidia’ was one that had been sent towards him shocked him greatly.

The ‘Defidio Multia Noxisius Acidia’ curse was a very dark curse that caused multiple cuts and slashes that were immediately infected with a poisonous and lethal agent that turned acidic when it came into contact with the iron in the blood of its target and quite literally dissolved the target from the inside out in a matter of seconds, even a fleeting scratch, a near miss where it caused a small or slight tear in the skin was enough to allow it to act. All a small Nick from it would do was slow down the progression of the curse by a minute and there was no cure or counter for it. The Unspeakable’s had it in their top ten list of curses to be added to the unforgivable’s it was that bad.

Nicolas defended himself fiercely in the battle with his own chains of spells, one of which caught Dumbledore off guard.

“Expecto Patronum, Expulso, Fiendfyre Demonicus, Anguis Pyro Pyre, Reemutus, Flagrate Neoanimius Nox, Contego Argentum ,Contego Aurum, Protego Aegesis Contego Metallum” was the reply from Nicolas to that particular spell chain from Albus.

He had hoped that this chain would allow him to capture Albus quickly but it was not to be as Albus dodged and parried the spells heading towards him leaving Nicolas annoyed that this was going to escalate into a full battle.

Spell fire of all colours were criss-crossing the space in between the two combatants with shouts of more high level magic's being cast between them.

Those who were magical or knew about the spells being cast were watching in shock at some or all of the spells being traded and Amelia being who she was recognised the seriousness of the dark magic that Albus was casting.

The fact that Nicolas responded with a darker form of ‘Hell Fire’ to Albus’s toxic acid curse showed how serious Nicolas was at taking Albus down, he wasn’t going to be taking any chances with anything going wrong.

Willow was watching the battle from the Ascended plain along with the rest of the God's and Ascended and had raised her eyebrows at some of the spells cast. Many of the Ascended races were shocked at the high level of magic being traded in the battle and were muttering about how could mortals wield such powers without them knowing which caused Q to snort at them calling them idiots because they never paid attention to the lower plains like he did.

“Such dark magic Nicolas?” Albus said to Nicolas to which he replied “No more dark as your casting Albus.”

There were craters and deformed plants and dead transfigured animals all over the battle ground surrounding them.

Spells like ‘Aberemurdum Abecula Argentum’ which stabbed you in back with a cursed silver dagger or like ‘Absconcius Mentalis Prehensio’ which imprisoned the mind or like ‘Acroisia Duo’ which blinded its target were some of the spells passing back and forward.

Time was already approaching an hour of battle and both had landed hits on one another but Dumbledore was coming off the worst as Nicolas kept taunting him causing him to loose control from time to time.

“I am somewhat disappointed in you Albus, such dark and powerful magic but so limited in scope and scale, I would have thought that you could do better but I was so mistaken in that thinking, you were a poor apprentice in your early years and it still shows now in your advanced age, you always did go for the easy way of doing things and never put that much effort into anything, did you? Just like that screw-up in Hogwarts with my stone, you never had my permission to destroy it and you never did, did you? You kept it for yourself so you could use it, didn’t you, you little thief? Just like you took the easy way out in killing your lover Gellert the way you did, not in a dual like we are in now but with a mundane weapon like a handgun and using it to shoot him in the back while he slept in your bed, isn’t that right Albus?” Nicolas had said as one of his taunts.

Albus had flipped at that, what Nicolas had said was something that he hadn’t wanted anyone to know or even hear about, it was a good job that there was no-one around to hear Nicolas speaking the truth about that history.

Albus opened his mouth and performed an almost perfect bad guy monologue at Nicolas, filled with malice and hate aimed at his one time mentor.

“There is no-one around here to hear you say that Nicolas and no-one will ever hear you say it again, it happened the way I said it happened and there will be no-one to contradict me by the time I am finished with you, no-one will ever know the truth. I said it was a magical battle that wrecked an entire village and I had to wreck one to show proof that what I said was true, even when I had to slaughter three quarters of the village and alter the minds of the survivors to show my battle taking place. YOU will not tell anyone anything different nor will you get the chance to do so, my power is absolute and no-one is going to believe you to the contrary of my facts as you will be dead and no-one will find me while I rebuild my forces once I go into seclusion to mourn my mentors death. I will rule supreme over all when I am finished and I will be master of all including the Deathly Hallows. The wand is mine and soon the stone and cloak will be in my hands as well, as soon as I find Potter I will have him hand both to me willingly.”

Those listening and viewing the battle on the monitors were stunned at malice coming from Albus and revelations about his great battle with Gellert further stunned everyone, Dumbledore was delusional they were saying, he was nuts with a capital N, what were they going to do if Nicolas failed, who would help save them?

They were brought out of their thoughts and back to the waking world listening to Nicolas laugh at Dumbledore and seeing Dumbledore go a deep red from the anger at being laughed at by his ex-mentor.

“That was so funny Albus, I think I cracked a rib from laughing so hard, honestly , do you think that no-one else knows, that you can even get to Potter or the hallows he has possession of? As it stands right now they have been moved to another place and placed in a safe zone that you can never get too, not even if you lived to be a million years old. As for not telling anyone else the truth, you just did because this battle is being watched and recorded right at this second, you are done Albus, finished, kaput and the fat lady has just sung her last note for you.” Nicolas said back to Albus with a smile.

Nicolas then pointed up into the sky to a point about five hundred meters away to where the stealth probe was hovering and Albus quite literally quaked with anger as he saw a stealth probe uncloak and a holographic viewscreen appear in front of it showing the Council of Races watching him.


Everyone in the Council chambers that was watching was surprised at Nicolas pointing out that everyone knew and then pointing up at the probe. Jack was quick on the uptake at what Nicolas was doing.

“Tikva, I think I know what he is up to, decloak the probe with its shields on full while staying a minimum of five hundred meters away and project a holo screen of the chambers showing us watching him.” Jack had said.

Tikva complied and watched like everyone else as Dumbledore went apocalyptic when he realised that the jig was up, he had been exposed along with his plans and it made him loose his cool composure, his legendary aloofness and congeniality, his grandfather persona, all of it went bye bye as it flew out the proverbial window along with any restraint that he had left as well.

His mind snapped completely and a tidal wave of power exploded out from him pushing Nicolas back a few feet and resulting in Dumbledore cackling darkly at the fact that his plans were revealed.

Jack turned to Tikva and asked her “Tikva, can you contact miss Rosenberg and ask her to be ready as I think we are going to need her expertise shortly?”

“Done Jack” Tikva replied seconds later “She is ready and waiting and will jump in when the timing is right or she is needed, her words not mine.” She stated further to which Jack just shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch the screen and the battle as it began again.

Jack turned back to Tikva and asked”What did she mean by that?”

To which Tikva replied “All she said was that a truth has to come out and that she cannot and will not interfere until it has and not to worry as the battle will be over soon.”

Jack just looked at her puzzled as were many of the Councillors at the statement that Tikva had conveyed. Tikva just shrugged her holographic shoulders indicating that they knew as much as she did from what was said.

They all watched as Albus completely flipped his lid and started to hurl curses of all sorts at Nicolas and the now exposed stealth probe and saw his anger at the probe increase as it easily dodged the slow incoming attacks.

Nicolas was doing a lot of dodging as well, as curses like ‘Aduncare Opticius’, ‘Alficuis Alicies’, ‘Manus Animus’, ‘Laedo Ledo Ignis’, Humus Laedo Ledo Tera’ and ‘Laedo Ledo Fulgur maximus’, ‘Claude Humus Tera’, Argentum Flamae Nox’ along with ‘Resolvo Mensmentis Crucio ‘ and ‘Laceratio Laniatus Animus Kedavra’ were flung at him like they were pieces of candy.

Albus seemed to favour the spells ‘Patronum Acerbus Dementum’ and ‘Putesco Animus Caro’, Laceratione Profundus Animus Kedavra’ and ‘Organum Liquefiet Expellare’.

Every one of those spells and curses were considered to be the darkest of dark magic's requiring a heart of pure blackness to cast and the shock that Albus knew them surprised all except Nicolas who was trading magic for magic and countering every curse and spell that was cast with its counter as it flew towards him. If the counter existed then Nicolas knew it as many of the spells and curses were thought to have no counters but Nicolas knew them and used them well, he had grown up when they had been created after all.

Many of the spells and curses that were cast at him would tear at the heart, soul and body of its target causing damage that was all but impossible to repair unless countered within minutes or seconds.

A further half an hour had gone by at this point and something seemed to click in Nicolas’s mind, Nicolas’s eyes narrowed looking at Albus and came to a conclusion which he wanted to test.

“Your not Albus are you, you inhabit his body and suppress his soul and mind but you are not him are you, so who are you or do I have to guess?” Nicolas asked with venom in his voice.

Dumbledore was surprised at this line of questioning and then smirked at Nicolas, which caused Nicolas to realise that his suspicion was correct, that Albus was not at home, the lights were on but it wasn’t Albus in the house.

“Who are you” Nicolas asked again.

“So have you figured it out yet, have you? Can you not guess who I am Nicolas Flamel? After all I did try to have you and your wife killed back in nineteen thirty six when you turned down my generous request to join my elite” Sneered the person who looked out of Dumbledore's eyes.

“Grindelwald” Nicolas said with venom and hate as he remembered that day and the damage it had caused.

“Yes, its me in the almost my flesh, I have been sitting in the back of Albus’s mind and soul ever since he killed me, Tom Riddle wasn’t the only one to utilise Horcrux’s Nicolas, I knew of them from the library at Durmstrang and made sure I had one, at least I didn’t create a load of them like that upstart Riddle did, the fool created seven of them when it states quite clearly what will happen when and if you go over the limit of one. One is all that is needed though a person could create two but it would be the absolute limit. I used Dumbledore to hold mine, actually it was more like he stole it from me when he killed me and as soon as he picked it up he became my new vessel where I waited for the right time to put my plans into operation” Dumbledore or Grindelwald said with unbridled glee and malice oozing from him.

There were a lot of people shocked at what they heard, with a lot of people saying “It can't be true, he’s dead” and “Its Riddle’s teacher, he taught Riddle the dark arts.” Amelia was looking at him on the screen shocked as well as she had encountered Grindelwald in the flesh as a child when his forces attacked the homes of pureblood’s who would not join his cause, her grandparents had been targeted and killed one Christmas at a family Christmas dinner.

She had only been five at the time but she remembered it like it had just happened yesterday and she could still remember the look on his face as he personally slaughtered her grandparents, it was the driving force behind her wanting to become a HitWitch. The murder of her husband and only child drove her into becoming an Auror first and become its eventual head which allowed her to pump more money and resources into training the Auror force which in turn allowed the likes of Alastor Moody to come into being. Thanks to Alastor Moody’s help training her further she attained her HitWitch certification and that in turn made her a more formidable force to contend with in battle, much to the detriment of many deatheaters who had faced her.

They actually heard Nicolas growl as his animagus form tried to force its way to the forefront of his mind to kill what it considered its enemy. His wife knew her husband’s form and feared what would happen if it got loose, she didn’t want a rampaging Nundu tearing the place up while she tried to calm it down, the first time that happened France was in the grip of the Black Death which was lucky as those who died from the Nundu’s breath in the rampage were considered to be victims of the plague.

The second and last time it happened was in Italy where Nicolas saw Grindelwald after the failed attack on their extended family before world war two happened, he had seen him walk into a hidden base in a mountain along the northern border, a place where Grindelwald was reported to be researching biological weapons to kill anyone non-magical, he had lost his composure and had gone almost completely feral with only one thing on his mind and that was killing Grindelwald. Unfortunately for Nicolas, Grindelwald escaped with only minor injuries while the entire complex was destroyed down to the last researcher and lab, Grindelwald had thought afterwards that someone had set a Nundu loose beside the complex and it was just bad luck on his part to be there when it was there.

She decided to prevent another disaster here by asking Tikva to allow her voice to be heard and Tikva complied with her request.

“Nicolas, can you hear me my husband” she called out, “Keep calm my love, we don’t need your animagus form to get loose again, I know it almost got him the last time you saw him in Italy but a Nundu going wild here is not good, relax and calm yourself, use your link to it to enhance yourself but don’t let it loose” she had continued.

She received a lot of surprised looks at her statement from those around her and one of great fear coming from the possessed form of Dumbledore at hearing that statement.

“That was you in Italy?” Grindelwald asked in shock and he was further shocked when he received a response as a deep guttural growl coming from Nicolas’s throat.

“YES, IT WAS ME, YOU ESCAPED ME THEN MY PREY BUT YOU WON'T ESCAPE ME NOW” was the response he heard from Nicolas.

No-one knew it back then but Grindelwald developed an extreme fear of cats after his experience in Italy and it showed here when he lost control of Dumbledore's bladder and a pool of urine formed on the ground at his feet and Nicolas knew it as soon as it happened as he could smell it. He grinned at Grindelwald and showed a mouth of teeth that were in no way human, they were the teeth of a ferocious predator, a meat eater that was classed as the land equivalent of the Great White shark.

“I SMELL FEAR FROM YOU PREY” were the next words from Nicolas’s mouth along with “I WILL TEAR YOU APART FOR TRYING TO HARM MY MATE.”

Nicolas’s partially melded animagus form continued to shift a little at a time becoming more Nundu in appearance but keeping his humanoid form, Nicolas was becoming a hybrid with the best from both forms showing.

Grindelwald knew that if he didn’t get out of this predicament now he never would and unleashed the whole of his arsenal of dark magic, curses and spells sped towards Nicolas but he dodged and sidestepped each and everyone of the oncoming rush of dark magic spells with ease, not a single one managed to harm even a single hair on his body and then he returned the favour to Grindelwald realising his own torrent of magic at him. Grindelwald got hit by half of the incoming magical onslaught of spells and curses, either directly or indirectly from nearby impacts and explosions.

This dance of magic and death continued for another fifteen minutes when it suddenly came to an abrupt halt with the possessed form of Dumbledore stepping into the path of a curse instead of away from it and resulted in him dropping to the ground with his wand flying through the air to land in a deep hole caused by the battle.

Tikva took this chance to transport the wand to a containment site and locked it down in a stasis field under enough shields to make the DeathStar think twice about firing at it. No-one was getting in at it if she had anything to do about it.

A weak voice called out to Nicolas “Nicolas, hurry my friend, he has been knock unconscious temporarily, he will awaken quickly, finish me, please, before he reawakens and gains control over me again.”

Nicolas reverted back to his human form and called out quickly “Tikva, quickly, stasis now, with full lockdown protocols” and the body of Dumbledore disappeared in a flash to appear in a stasis chamber just as Grindelwald awoke and regained control of Dumbledore's body. He tried to teleport out when he realised where he was trapped and when that did not work he let out his magic in a single burst in an effort to break out and smash the containment pod he was in, it failed.

He let out an incoherent roar of rage just before the stasis field kicked in and he was rendered unconscious.


A lot of relieved people realised the breaths that they were holding when the possessed Dumbledore was transported away to the stasis pods and magical clean up crews started to appear and repair the battlefield. Tikva had sent in several probes to take even more detailed scans of the effected area and she catalogued the residual energies from all of the magic that had been tossed around. Her scanners and sensors noted similarities between a lot of the so called ‘dark magic's’ and began a detailed analysis of all her findings.

She would later come to the conclusion that she could create shields that would prevent any such dark and hostile magic's from being used by invading forces on any ship or installation in orbit or on the ground of any planet that the Council or she had built anywhere out side of her structure. With further research she would find that the same research if altered a little would do the same for protecting their forces against the dark side of the Force. Both shield types would be built into everything as standard with no turn off switch for them as they would run by drawing the power for their operation straight from the natural energy of the universe.

Nicolas asked Tikva to transport him back to his wife but was told her orders were for him to be sent to the CIS infirmary instead, he was about to complain when the still projecting viewscreen from the probe sounded out with “Nicolas! You are going to the infirmary now or else you are in trouble, now do as you are told.”

His wife had spoken and all he said was “Yes dear, right away dear” and then vanished in a flash of transporter light. All of the clean up crew within earshot burst out laughing with a few women being heard saying “When will the men realise that that we only allow them to be in charge because it suits us for it to be that way?” causing every women who heard it to agree and nod their heads saying “True, very true”.

The ramifications of Dumbledore being possessed without them knowing would be felt in the years to come as they would begin searching for ways to detect such possessions and try to figure out which were harmful and which were not. It would be an unacceptable security breach if left unattended to but it would be years down the road before any breakthrough would be made in that regard.

Nicolas was being treated by the healers and doctors in the infirmary when the members of the CIS that he had been in conference with earlier arrived along with his wife.

Discussions would begin in earnest now about how to deal with the Dumbledore/Grindelwald situation and the preparation would be beginning within the next couple of days to free those ensnared by the potions and spells.

Nicolas would make sure that the Goblin's would have everything prepared for Harry Potter, which reminded him.

“Tikva, have you by any chance notified Mrs Potter as to the problems we have and where he is at the moment?” Nicolas asked.

“I certainly have Nicolas, she is sitting at his side while he is in stasis as we speak and I have already received a sample of blood from her and her unborn child as well as a sample from Dumbledore before he was placed into stasis. I already have a sample from Harry Potter that I got when he was transported into the stasis pod, all that’s needed now is the other samples from everyone else and the go signal from the Goblin race to transport him and his wife to the ritual chamber once built.” Tikva replied.

“Thank God and Merlin for that, glad you’re on the ball” Nicolas said with relief.

“The healers have given you the all clear Nicolas, you are free to go, Madam Pomfrey, the head healer, told me to tell you to get her favourite patient back to his normal self or she won't make you're next visit so...pleasant, I believe she said” Tikva said.

“Madam Pomfrey regards Mr Potter as a grandson so her statement is understandable, she did bring him into the world after all” Nicolas’s wife Perenelle said chuckling “So you better make sure that you fulfil her orders husband or she will make you feel her wrath” she had continued with a playful smirk on her face.

Nicolas just rolled his eyes at the byplay and told everyone that they needed to return to the conference room at CIS to work out everything else that needed doing. They had a lot of work to do and it wasn’t going to be easy.


(Sorry about the delay in getting this chapter out but problems connecting to the net will stop anyone, enjoy)

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