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Rewinding The Clock For The Fate Of All

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Summary: The cluster of realities Earth is a part of is destroyed by pure Evil and the race is on to restore them and prevent them from ever being destroyed the first time.( Open to all authors, so jump in if you feel like it )

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Setting the stage

Rewinding The Clock For The Fate Of All.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this multi crossover fiction or any of the worlds in which they come from. I wish I did, and then I would have money. They belong to the owners and writers that thought them up. I’m just playing with them.

This is an AU Crossover FanFiction ,its my first attempt at writing a FanFiction and its already giving my carpal tunnel inflicted wrist a workout. This, if I have posted it right is open to all to add what ever chapters you want as long as it stays at the Rating age of 18 I’m setting for it. It’s going to be set mainly in the Stargate universe as the base of operations and spread out from there. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: Setting the stage.

Earth was gone, along with its entire solar system, wiped out by the greatly enhanced nova that had engulfed it. The fact that the nova was not an ordinary one was not lost on the three observers watching it all unfold, two who were saddened at what lay in front of their eyes and one who was laughing gleefully of this fact in the darkness at what he had achieved .He had finally gotten one over on Her and would use this as the beginning of his final assault.

The fact that this particular sun was not due to go nova for almost 5 billion years made this fact an incontrovertible fact .The Human race on Earth was wiped out along with every planet and sun within a 25,000 light year radius. The energy pulse released wiped out the very ones that had planned the event. It was not something that they had expected, they just wanted to get rid of the annoying Tauri and if it meant wiping out their planet and solar system then so be it.

All they had to do then once the Tauri were gone was to march out among the stars and conquer it all. The Galaxy would be theirs along with their allies unfortunately but that would change eventually once they wrested control from them and put them in their place as their servants, where they belonged.
Of course this is what each one of them thought with some prodding from their backer, who had also told them to keep it a secret that He existed from their allies .It had worked as well, each ignorant of the fact that they were being played by a master of lies.

As for the energy pulse that was released, it was doing what He had wanted it to do in the first place, something that He had hidden from the fools He used. The weapon of course was of his own design, made to look like a weapon of mass destruction created by the Ancient Alterans, one they had decided was just too dangerous to use and not in line with their new thinking concerning life and ascension .The pulse had already reached the very core of the galaxy and was creating havoc with the blackhole that sat there, the engine that kept the galaxy going and it was destabilizing rapidly.

None of the Ascended races that existed could stop it ,nothing that they tried worked, even working together pooling their energies did nothing, they could not stop what was about to happen and knew that no matter where they fled to in this universe it would not be far enough away to survive what was going to happen.

The Ascended all knew (all of them across the universe),after they had acquired the knowledge from ascension that every blackhole in existence , old and new , was connected to the very energy state of the universe, keeping it in balance, keeping it running and that it was a very finely tuned balance at that.
There was a safety margin for problems that it could handle and that the energies required to push it beyond that safety margin was so far beyond the capabilities of any race in existence or that had existed, until now.

This should not be possible, it should not be happening; there is no way such energies should/could exist in any weapon .This weapon that had existed , that bore all the hallmarks of the Alteran race should not exist, they had not built it . They were at a loss to explain how it came to be and the rest of the Ascended races within the universe were starting to blame them for what was about to befall them all .

Ascended races from across the universe were flooding into the Ascended plain where they resided to deal out revenge for what was about to occur. Even the Ascended plains were not safe from what was about to happen.

The Alteran race braced themselves for the onslaught that was about to befall them ,all the while claiming innocence , that it was not their doing , that it was not their fault, but no one was listening to them because all the evidence pointed to them. The others wanted to have their full retribution for the extinction of all life in the universe and they aimed to get it. They unleashed their full fury and energies at the Alterans.

He watched this as it happened and laughed a deep and evil laugh, a laugh that would have frozen the blood of any mortal solid. Even the Ascended would have been frozen in fear if they had heard it.
Even the First was watching this and shuddered at the laugh of its master. He was bent double from laughing so hard at what was happening that he did not bother to stay and watch the results of what was going to happen to the Alterans.

It would be the first of his mistakes to come.

If He had stayed he would have seen it all stop and freeze as time itself came to a stand still and not waver in the slightest. He would have known that someone had decided to interfere. He would have cursed because he would have realized there and then that his plan was compromised in the worst way possible.

He went to watch as his greatest achievement came to its conclusion , He watched as the blackhole in the center of the Milkyway galaxy finally destabilized and detonated in an explosion far exceeding by several orders of magnitude what it was capable of achieving and causing a massive chain reaction in the energy structure of the universe setting off blackhole after blackhole ,destroying galaxy after galaxy , increasing in ferocity and intensity as well as speed as it went about destroying the universe in what only could be called hell reborn in the mortal realms and then it began to spread through the energy linkages to the neighboring realities in the cluster it existed in , extinguishing all life in those as it went .

He had done it, He had the beachhead in the mortal realms he wanted. He went into what he now claimed to be his old home and would soon be moving out of the lowest level of all the hell dimensions.

”Soon” he thought to himself, ”soon I will be in a position of power where I can finally dethrone Her and rule over all creation”


In every reality in this particular cluster , individuals and races that were considered to be of the utmost importance in the battle against evil were being pulled from their homes and worlds, they were phasing out of the reality that they had existed in and began appearing in a vast whiteness called the Vastness. All of them had one thing in common, they were all champions of good or very capable of being a champion of good.

Lifeforms of all types stood around wondering why and how they had got here, human and alien and a mix of all in between including all of the Ascended from this cluster stood scratching their proverbial heads trying to fathom this out. Some of the Ascended and a few other races , including quite a few individuals were catching on to what might be happening and where they were but were still puzzled at how and why it was happening.

This was not real as far as most of the Ascended were concerned but what there was of their abilities and senses were telling them different and it was beginning to affect them. The Ascended races were starting to quake in their proverbial boots from sensing the power in this vast expanse and they were beginning to realize that they were not the top of the power ladder like they originally thought or that the younger races were correct in that there was a higher power above all .

They all stopped doing whatever it was they were doing in an instant and snapped their heads up to a podium that appeared in a flash of ethereal energy and then stood amazed as several entities appeared in blinding flashes of ethereal power, the likes of which had never seen or heard of before.

Every human that existed in this expanse instantly recognized those who were on the podium and every one of them either knelt or prostrated themselves. Everyone else not of human descent wondered why these people were doing this and decided that if they were doing this then there was a very good reason for doing it and therefore followed suit and like a rippling wave it spread out with only the Ascended wondering what was going on. Their own arrogance would not allow them to prostrate or kneel until a voice of unbelievable power forced them to their knees or prostrating themselves.

“KNEEL AND SHOW RESPECT BEFORE THE CREATOR OF ALL, HUMBLE YOURSELVES IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ALMIGHTY“ it had said. The Voice had spoken, the humans knew who he was and who he spoke for, for it was only one for who he spoke for and that was GOD.


(Flashback Begins)

She looked out at the expanse before her watching the devastation unfold , shook her head and sighed, turned to her loyal and trusted servant and said just one short sentence to him “Rewind with plan Omega Blue Infinity for this cluster ” .This was her backup plan for what she figured might happen when it involved this set of reality’s .She had contingency plans laid out for every possible screw up ,contingency plans that numbered in the countless of trillions ,variations upon variations stretching into infinity .

She sighed once more when She thought about the fact that free will was the cause of this particular problem that She had to rectify but She had made an edict about it and She would not break that herself no matter how much it hurt watching the devastation unfold before her .No , She had a better idea and that was plan “Rewind” .Lucky enough as it was ,it was only setup for what was happening in this cluster and that was all that was needed to set things to rights .She was not going to let Lucie try to get the better of her and destroy all of her creation using that cluster as a base of operations. That cluster was of vital importance for the rest of her creation and She would not allow it to be used against her.

This was it, this was the beginning of the final battle that would decide the fate of her creation.

Her servant looked at her and asked “It comes down to this now, it’s that bad?“.

She answered with both a nod and a verbal “yes, yes it is, but its not so bad as to rewind all of creation, it is after all just this cluster that is rewinding. There are only some five million realities in this cluster. I knew as you knew, that Lucie would try something like this “.

“I know your greatness” replied Metatron,” I just did not think he would commit such an act at this point in time. This means it has finally begun, I don’t think he even knows what is going to befall him.”

“It is what it is” God replied. She sighed once again and told Metatron to prepare the Vastness for her arrival and transport those who would be the defenders of the light against the darkness. Metatron bowed and with a flash of ethereal light vanished to begin the contingency plan that God was implementing.

(Flashback ends)

All those that were to be part of the plan were in the Vastness wondering what was going on when The Voice aka Metatron created the podium and the Host itself appeared singing. Metatron smiled when he saw the humans and what they were doing as soon as they saw who and what was happening, they had caught on real quick and he was as proud as he could be for his creators creation, they most certainly had the most potential.

Then when he saw the rest of the mortal races copying the humans his smile increased ten fold but a frown appeared when he saw the Ascended. Their attitude annoyed him greatly and he would not stand for their blatant disrespect and using the God given power he had , used the Voice to curb their arrogance as he sensed God was about to appear.


The Ascended all dropped to their knees or prostrated. Any thoughts of giving out ended as a being of unbelievable and unimagined power appeared in a flash of ethereal light. The humans all knew who this was as they could all feel the Holy light and power fill them. It was God.


Metatron moved to stand beside and a little behind his creator and she turned to look at him, gave him a nod to begin the explanation as to the reason they were all here, for as you all know, no mortal can hear the voice of God and survive and so began the explanation. Metatron laid it all out on the table so to speak. He took 3 steps forward and began to speak.

“You are all here for one very good reason” he said, “You are all in your own ways champions of good and the light, even if some of you are somewhat grey in that respect” looking at quite a few of them while saying it. “Many of you “ he continued “ know of the catastrophe that has befallen your respective realities and universes, of the countless lives lost in the event.

What you do not know is that a great evil that was once an Angel of the highest order in service to God engineered this event to happen just so he could have a foothold in the mortal realms. He wanted and needed to create Hell in the mortal realms. His name is Lucifer and he is the root of all evil in the entire multi-verse. He seeks to control and usurp the throne of God. To control all of Gods creation and let evil run rampant”.

He paused, looked out among those in the Vastness and continued.

“This cannot be allowed to happen, this is the beginning of a war for the very existence of all life. He has fired the first shot and you are here to help fire back and win this war of wars, for if the Host’s of Heaven and you fail God will have only one choice and that is to restart the entire multi-verse from the very beginning and that is something God does not want. God wish’s to see her creation flourish and grow and all of her children along with it but God can only restart the multi-verse if it dies.

This ruling God set forth in such a way that even She will not break it until the worst happens, Fortunately Lucifer in his attempt to gain a foothold in the mortal realms obliterated a cluster of realities that if not returned to their previous states of existence will begin to destabilize the rest of the reality clusters nearby and start a slower chain reaction effecting the rest of the multi-verse”.

He paused once more, looked at God , She nodded at him to continue and he did so.


A lot of murmuring began at hearing this, some even jumping in joy, not at the fact of evil trying to destroy the whole of the multi-verse but at the fact that they were about to get into some really serious fights. They of course were members of a race who loved to fight, once thought extinct but living on a version of Earth. They were Saiyans and two in particular who were the biggest grown up kids in all of existence were getting very eager to start fighting and went by the names of Vegeta and Kakarot.

Metatron turned his head to God, gave a questioning look and got back a smirk, a smile and a look that said “What can you do, its in their nature, its how I made them”. Metatron just quirked an eyebrow, shrugged, laughed internally and continued his speech while watching the two eager Saiyans fidgeting wanting to get into the fights to come.

Life-forms from all over listened to the being in front of them as the plans that were laid out before them became more and more interesting and complex. Jedi marveled at was happening, Wizards, Mages and magic users galore listened. Beasts thought to be just that, Beasts, listened, Even Dragons of all types listened , the non corrupted of course and all the Ascended learned from what was being said that they were not the pinnacle of evolution like they thought they were. There were even Vorlon learning that the control they sought over the younger races was incorrect.

Many beings did double takes, even triple and quadruple takes at seeing multiple versions of them selves standing around. A young Harry Potter was one such being, seeing multiple versions of his self with what appeared to be wives, girlfriends and parents around them all.

Jack O’Neill was in the same predicament as was his many friends and poor poor Samantha Carter was stumped at why no Entropic Cascade Failure was happening but then eventually relented when she put it down to Divine intervention.

Buffy Summers was having a problem as well with several versions of herself hanging off of several versions of Xander. She was trying to figure out why the alternate versions of herself were doing this with Xander of all people.

Jim Kirk along with all his friends was standing there listening to all this thinking it was all so surreal, of course the last thing he remembered was dealing with a crazed alien trying to enter a rolling ribbon of energy and dying after succeeding in stopping him. There was also the fact that Jean Luc Picard was standing not to far away from him with his crew and friends, not to mention the countless other Starship Captains from Starfleet , living and dead. Jim smiled, looked at Picard who nodded his head at him knowing that they would not back down from this fight.

Worf was having a very spirited discussion with a lot of Klingons not too far away, in fact it looked like almost the entire Klingon race was there and they like the Saiyans were chomping at the bit to get into a good battle.

Of course there has to be someone who is a grump and it fell to one being that Picard new quite well. It was Q of course and he was being told off by his wife while she was giving out to her son. Not only that but she had brought her sons Godmother into it , one Catherine Janeway and poor Q like the rest of the Ascended had no access to their other abilities and he had to stand there and be berated by her, she finally had him where he could not escape from her. He didn’t know it but God was watching this unfold and was smirking at the discomfort he was under.

Jeffery Sinclair was watching and listening at the speech being given by the Voice of God and around him and his friends stood those who he had thought lost in the Shadow Wars along with what looked like the bulk of the Minbari people getting themselves worked up , ready to fight the Ultimate Shadow in The most righteous war against evil ever. He had seen and acknowledged several faces from Babylon 5 and all had the same look, the look that they were going to win or else.

The New Jedi Council were in a quandary as well because standing around them were multiple versions of Jedi long thought to be dead and thus Force ghosts , yet they stood as solid as any other living being. There was also the fact that they had felt the entire universe dying a terrible death all around them, the very essence of the living Force screaming out in pure terror, horror and pain at what was being thrown at it as it was ripped apart and burned at the exact same time.

A very emotional Anakin Skywalker was holding his 2 children, Luke and Leia and several grandchildren while his wife Padme stood into the hugs been given to her by the rest of the extended family. Several very confused Han Solo’s were trying to figure out how to deal with their now many alive in-laws, not to mention the several versions of his wife that now existed. He did not know where to look or who to look at.

The Justice League and all its members were there, both living and those who were once dead along with all of their alternates as well and were in the same predicament as the others concerning the alternate versions of them that now existed.

The Avengers and the Fantastic 4 were in the same boat , mind you multiple Reed Richards debating the in’s and out’s of what was happening was grating on the multiple Susan’s, no matter if her last name was Storm or Richard’s. Those Reed’s were going to be sleeping on the couch soon enough. Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers were awe struck at what was around them with the exception of Thor and the rest of the Asgard Pantheon.

They knew where they were and enjoyed it as they knew the truth about all of the Pantheons across the multi-verse being care –takers of the multi-verse for the Creator.

All the Pantheons were represented , The Norse, the Greek, The Egyptian, The Chinese, The Mayan, The Kryptonian, including Pantheons from every religion and world that had them, from every reality that had existed. The list went on.


All of those who were part of the 5 million plus realities were in this place, The Vastness, to listen to the reason why they were here and they continued to listen to what the Voice had to say.

“Now, with any great engine at work, there needs to be maintenance done on it to keep it in perfect working order” he stated “and there are many an access point required to perform this maintenance. Lucifer in his haste to create his foothold badly damaged to the point of almost no repair being possible beyond a complete rewind of the multi-verse, one of THE most important maintenance points in this sector of the multi-verse”.

Everyone was puzzled at what he was stating and continued to listen to what he had to say.
“ The cluster of realities that you all come from is that point and because of the damage that he created destroying that cluster and the unintended side effect that he knows nothing about allows a loophole to be exploited in God’s and your cluster’s favour”.

If they were puzzled before they were dumbfounded now. Metatron smirked at the looks on their faces, it was time to drop the other shoe, so to speak, oh, how he loved those human metaphors.

“This loophole for maintenance allows for the rewinding of time in the cluster, completely if required but for this it will be a partial rewind to a point before he interfered. It will mean the return to life of all in those realities BUT if the problem that required the maintenance rewind is not solved by the time time catches up with itself, the devastation seen and felt before will happen again and all will need to be redone again but it can only be done twice within a sector within a set period of time as the energies need to stabilize afterwards.

If anything were to upset the energies while they are stabilizing, it would result in disaster causing the very chain reaction that God does not wish to happen and if it does then God will then have to allow the multi-verse to self destruct and die. Then and only then can She can restart it once more.”

He paused once more letting what he said sink in before continuing.

“You will have a set number of years before synchronization with the present occurs, so you have a window of opportunity to not only clean up, sort out and fix the reality that was the starting point for the disaster but for the whole cluster. You will be given the ability either through powers if you are an Ascended or technology if you are Mortal to enter other realities and fix any problems He is causing there in relation to this disaster. Of course there is a lot of leeway involved where maintenance of the cluster is involved.

You will have the equivalent of 5,000 years linear time to sort this out. Know this though, He will be trapped within the cluster with you and you with him while this rewind happens. The Host will help when required but the bulk of the battle against his mortal forces will be down to you.

Those of you who are Ascended will have safe haven within a protected Ascended plain to work from and those of you who are mortal will be within a massive sphere protected like the Ascended plain. Humans will know it as a Dyson Sphere but of larger dimensions.

In these areas you are protected from Him, all your technologies and sciences will be waiting for you to use and grow. Ascended and mortal alike must work together for if you do not you will surely fail”

Metatron bowed to God and then to those in the Vastness and again in flashes of ethereal light and energy, God, Metatron and the rest of the Host began to disappear from the Vastness and once they had gone so too did all of those were mortal and Ascended only to reappear in their new home for the duration of the battle to come. Metatron of course did not bother to let those of mortal descent know that they had been given a limited form of immortality.

As long as their bodies survived so to would they. He did not want them to get too big for their boots and screw up.

“Let them find out by themselves” God had said, ”Let them grow into it and learn from it, I have high hopes for this plan working, let it begin”


End of chapter.
(did a little re-editing adjusting the paragraphs, I spotted some grammar and spelling mistakes(auto correct is a pain). I hopefully fixed it , don't forget to review please)
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