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Unexpected Paths 2.0 Second Chances

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Unexpected". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Robert Makepeace learns the truth about the world he has lived on.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Robert MakepeacePaBurkeFR1344,81501219,41528 Jan 0412 Jun 04Yes

Second-Hand Clothes

Unexpected Paths 2.7

Second-hand Clothes

By PaBurke

*** Warning *** This one's a little crass, but if you've spent some time in a public high school recently, you won't even notice.

*** Author's Note *** I cannot write in chronological order, I just can't. This one was written long before 2.6 and even before 1.6 had been completed to my satisfaction. I hope that any plot gaps don't confuse anyone. And Nibbled, I promise that I am still working on 4.0. It'll happen someday. Unexpected Paths 5.0 is done and waiting for me to finish 4.0.


"Vi, Vi! Rebecca, wait up!"

The two young Slayers turned to see Jessica weaving among the throngs of high school students. The slightly pudgy blond was one of the few friends that knew nothing about the Hellmouth and demons. Vi and Rebecca wanted Jessica to keep her innocence.

"Hey, Jessica." Rebecca greeted her friend. "Everything okay?"

The short blond smiled. Dimples deepened in her cheeks. "Everything's hunky-dory." She tucked her shoulder length hair behind her ear. "I just wanted to say that I like your new shirts. Where'd you find them? A thrift store?"

Vi grinned. The T-shirts in question had on the front a name-tag that said, "Hero." The back declared, "Be nice to me. I saved a life today." Xander and Oz had surprised all the Mini-Slayers with one. Every Slayer that had had a Slayer dream got to keep it.

"Guess," Rebecca challenged. She didn't waste her time lying. She preferred others to make and believe their own suppositions. Jessica helped in that regard. She was a shameless gossip.

Jessica eyed the shirts. "I think that they're Red Cross blood donor T-shirts, diverted from elsewhere. They look like a hybrid between two different ones I've seen around."

Vi laughed and murmured a smart-aleck comment that Jessica could not overhear. "I like to think of them as our anti-blood donor T-shirt." Rebecca smirked in response.

Jessica was still talking. "Didn't you say that your friend Faith traveled around a lot helping with some sort of Red Cross stuff? Fixing hurt people, stopping epidemics and such?" Jessica's eyes strayed from the Slayers. "Oh, there's Sue. I need to ask her about history homework." And Jessica darted down the hall.

Rebecca turned to Vi. "Faith works with Red Cross? Curing exotic diseases?"

Vi grinned. "I think that the only medical condition she can cure is Erectile Dysfunction."

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Paths 2.0 Second Chances". This story is complete.

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