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Unexpected Paths 3.0 Sudden Chaos

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Unexpected". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Robert's past meets his present. And he gets Jack good. Humor

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Stargate > General > Characters: Robert MakepeacePaBurkeFR1356,97524925,59728 Jan 0414 Apr 04Yes

Second Glance

Unexpected Paths 3.8

Second Glance

by PaBurke

*** Sorry People. I just realized that parts had been deleted when I uploaded this chapter. All fixed now:) *** Thanks for all the great feedback!

Luke Morris picked up the mail. There was a package; the postmark said that it was from Iowa. Huh, Luke had been house-sitting for Lou Ferritti off and on for four years and had never seen a package from Iowa before.

He shrugged, as nineteen year-olds tend to do, and collected the newspaper before entering the house. He placed the mail on the coffee table. It was in chronological order, more out of hap-chance than any intentional organization.

Luke wandered around the house. He found the cat. The dumb thing was still alive. Luke cleaned the litterbox and fed the cat. He had never understood why an Airforce officer would keep the animal. Not that it was any of his business. The pay was good, the job was easy, and it gave him an excuse not to sleep at home.

Luke got a can of Coke from the fridge and picked up the remote control from the countertop. He plopped himself on the couch and started flipping through the channels. There was nothing really on so Luke reached for his bookbag. He had brought over some DVD's to watch.

Luke debated between 'The Matrix' and 'S.W.A.T.'. Then he noticed that the package with the mail was the same size as the DVD case. For a moment, he wondered what was inside but decided that it couldn't be anywhere as interesting as Neo and Trinity.

The package collected dust on the coffee table for the next two weeks.


Major Lou Ferritti sat on the couch with a beer in one hand and the remote control in the other. He eyes the stack of mail with distaste. He hated this part of being away. All his bills were paid automatically on-line so what was left in his mailbox was mostly junk. With a sigh, he set down the remote control.

He piled the newspapers on the other end of the couch. He would read parts of those later. He dragged the garbage can over from it's hiding place and starting filling it up.

There was a birthday card from his sister and one from his mother. That was nice. He'd have to call up both of them and tell them that he was home. The package was a surprise. He didn't know of anyone in Iowa, he thought. Maybe an old teammate had gotten transferred there. He pitied the poor bloke.

Lou opened the package. It was a DVD case. The sender had taken out whatever cover was supposed to be in it and replaced it with a note.

"Here you go Flyboy. Here's for when Jack's an ass."

It was unsigned. Lou hesitantly placed the DVD in the DVD player and pressed play. He had a bad feeling about this.

The screen was dark and Lou was about to check his DVD player when someone cursed, loudly and creatively.

"Here, let me do it." It was a girl's voice.

"Sorry Red." That was the girl who had been swearing. "I don't do tech, only the technicians."

"I've noticed." The reply was dry.

"Maybe we should have brought Andrew." A third voice suggested.

The first girl laughed. "Andrew just wanted to see the three of us in one bad, half-dressed. Not that I blame him, it would fuel enough fantasies to last a lifetime. I don't know any red-blooded male that would turn that down."

And then Lou saw a bedroom and a bed that was occupied. The lighting was not good but Lou saw a blond, a brunette and a redhead. All three wore tight leather pants. Lou set down his beer before he spilled it. He had a sneaking suspicion of what he was watching.

"Colonel? Oh, Colonel?"

"'Colonel Jack?'"

"Wha?" Lou could recognize Jack's voice half-asleep.

"We’re here to deliver a message, Jack O’Neill." The blond said.

"What are you, the ghosts of Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler?" Yep, that was Jack, sarcastic even in sleep.

Lou shook his head in disbelief. The trio had recorded Colonel O'Neill's humiliation. And sent it to him, Major Lou Ferritti. Some guys got all the luck. Rarely was it him.

Jack was going to kill him.

Then Lou's eyes lit up and he smiled evilly at his computer. He had just bought all that fancy DVD-copying equipment last month and hadn't had a chance to try it out. He would have to copy the DVD before he took it into the SGC. You know, as a keepsake.

He might as well get some enjoyment out of this before Jack killed him.

And oh, was Jack gonna be out for revenge.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Paths 3.0 Sudden Chaos". This story is complete.

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