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Destiny Series 2:Destiny Reconfigured

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Summary: Joyce Summers believes that their life in Santa Carla should end, unwillingly Buffy moves to Sunnydale. But her Pack follow soon behind. How will she cope with the threat of the Master? Sequel to Changed Destiny.

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Movies > Lost Boys > Multiple PairingsLostGirlFR773,8941103,76429 Jan 0422 Apr 04No

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm branching off a bit from Buffy Series for the moment, I actually dont want to follow the series, and sorry for not updating sooner, I've had writers block.

Chapter 6

Buffy ran her fingers through her hair, her window open and the cool breeze flowing in. She'd been having nightmares lately, but they weren't the usual ones Giles said that she'd have. These ones were different, her memories of Lothos and Merricks death were coming back to her more frequent and even now Marko lay beside her, after previously trying to comfort her.

Marko was one of the only constant things in her life, and she felt as close to him as ever, but these dreams-they were scaring her and there was nothing that Marko or anyone else could do to stop them.

Images of how Merrick died echoed in her mind. Staked in the heart by Lothos, he had died in her arms. But she had avenged him, killed Lothos. And now she was here, on the Mouth of Hell. And a half vampire no less.

She had no regrets really. David, Dwayne and Paul were all like brothers to her, and Marko was her lover. She snuggled into his arms as they lay atop the bedsheets, Buffy's long black nightdress shaped around her as she moved closer to him.

She smiled wickidly as she remembered the look David had given Willow. Her smile grew as Marko's arms tightened around her slender form, running his hands through her hair. David and Willow would make a sweet couple, her eyes flashed crimson and she'd made up her mind. Operation Matchmaker WOULD be a success.


The Master sat in his sunken church, severly pissed off. He had failed, again. Now there was no way that he could be released from his ancient prison.

"Who said that there was no way, old friend."

The Master almost jumped out of his undead skin as he greeted his old friend, a wickid smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes. He'd believed that his old friend was dead, his first Childe from so long ago. And he was back.

The vampire smiled, revealing his fangs. He'd returned for the sole purpose of revenge and to free his sire of course. He himself was never strong enough to free his strong-willed sire but he knew someone that was.

In the deep dark Lothos grinned, a plan forming in his twisted mind. His smile grew and thoughts were dark in his head -Resurrection and Revenge, a worthy combination for success.

A/N sorry for the lateness, I'd lost my muse ^-^ hope you all like this chapter, and review please!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Destiny Series 2:Destiny Reconfigured" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 04.

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