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Destiny Series 2:Destiny Reconfigured

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Summary: Joyce Summers believes that their life in Santa Carla should end, unwillingly Buffy moves to Sunnydale. But her Pack follow soon behind. How will she cope with the threat of the Master? Sequel to Changed Destiny.

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Destiny Reconfigured

Discliamer: I own nothing, zilch nada. Not even the computer I type on, and I especially dont own Lost Boys or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If I did, I wouldn't be writing this now would I?

Destiny Reconfigured


Buffy sat dejectedly in the cave, Marko trying unsucessfully to cheer her up. She sighed, blue eyes dull, face pale. She didn't want to go, but her mom said that they should, they were leaving tomorrow.

Her mom never seemed to notice that she never was at home during the day. And there was the problem that they were traveling during the day. Paul had advised her to wear clothes that covered most of her body, and to wear a liberal amount of suntan lotion.

David had said to wear a hoody as well.

When she had told them that she was moving they had been outraged. And why shouldn't they be? She was a part pf the Pack, and they couldn't just abandon her. They couldn't go with her directly, but they could at least follow during the night.

Sunnydale. That was where she was moving. The place mom had said they were going to spend the rest of their life there. Don't you mean undead-life mom?

Raking her fingers through her blond hair she sighed once more, leaning back to lean on Marko, who had now given up entirely.They both sat in silence, watching as Paul teased Dwayne and Dawn shamelessly. David was watching also, an amused smirk on his lips.

She didn't want to go, didn't want to leaver the Pack. Not even for the few days it would take for them to follow. But she had to. She had to stay with her mom. And even though she didn't want to, she would protect her.

Unknowingly, Joyce had been under the protection of the Lost Boys for some time now. After all, she was family.

Next stop, Sunnydale.

Authors Note: Sorry that was so short, its just a prologue. Also, the first few episodes of season one.... like the harvest and welcome to the hellmouth will be told in book verse, as i dont have the first season on tape. Please Read and Review!
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