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Green Hell

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This story is No. 10 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Captain Summers is out to save a friend!

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: John Wyndham
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batzulgerFR181111,98739819,34430 Aug 137 Sep 13Yes

Hot Zone

"Holy Shit!" was Sam's exclamation as we started opening up on anything that came close to wanting to eat us...That was pretty much everything though. Doctor Fu would have given Moreau a run for maddest of the mad when it came to modifying animals.

At least three more augmented baboons, an armored leopard, snakes with two heads, spiders the size of an ottoman, bats with tentacles, they were everywhere. I had already run through another two magazines for my Saiga and Sam was running low on ammo too. The three of us were back firing on anything that twitched.

Eventually I ran dry and switched to sword and dagger. There was a wall of...stuff in front of us. I had taken a nasty bite from one of the baboons and Hanna had broken the leopard in half. Sam was using the sword Hanna had gotten from me, and Hanna was now down to her fighting knife and a bad attitude.

Then more firing started from the other side, "Sam you couldn't wait?"

"Webb! Is that you?"

David had arrived and was attacking the waves of creatures from the rear, that coupled with the fact that they were more than willing enough to attack each other helped tons. I picked up one of the glass sides from Sam's tank and hammer threw it edgewise through the chaos. The 50kg slab of 4cm bulletproof glass smashed and chopped through the horde.

"David! What condition is the estate in?" I yelled.

"On fire! Your work?"


"Good job!"

"Jesus Summers," Sam growled, "Can't take you anywhere without something on fire or exploding can I?"

"I showed up here because of Fu Manchu's invitation...Which just happened to be you being captured, Sam."


"We'll talk later. He was responsible for the New York Op among other things."

"Oh really?" Sam was interested. Fu Manchu was toast.

With David's assistance we managed to fight our way to the entrance only to find the mesh of the tunnel had been retracted. That meant the mean old kite eating trees were all across the road, attracted by the blaring sirens and flashing lights.

"Buffy, what the fuck are those?" Sam sounded stunned.

"Badass topiary. Poison sting, really accurate too. Oh, and they can communicate and do limited teamwork also..."

Hanna had been securing the doors behind us so that what was inside, would stay inside...At least until Lambert burned this compound off the map.

Sam had dropped into planner mode, "Buffy, what's their range?"

"Half to 2/3rds of their height I'd guess."

"Vegetable snipers...who would have thought it? Okay, Buffy you and Hanna can dodge them?"

We nodded.

"Okay, you two draw their attention while us mostly normal humans," he grinned at David, "loop past them. Pull them north."

"Got it Sam."


We took off, I had grabbed David's submachine-gun and was firing unsuppressed short controlled bursts to get them to attack me. When the stinger fired, I would dodge, and Hanna would take the shot with her rifle. She hit four stings like that, before they started targeting her instead of me. She tossed me the QBU-88 and we switched jobs. I only hit two. Hanna is so much better with a rifle than I am to be honest.

Still that was six rendered 'weaponless' and that helped a lot. Sam and David were beating feet down the road. It was actually safer than the woodline because of more the the large well-camouflaged reasons like the ones that Hanna and I were engaging.

"Buffy, how many are there?" Hanna asked.

I shrugged, "No clueage here, but after tonight there should be none."

She nodded. We had given up shooting and were now staying as close to them as we could; hacking at the root-legs with the swords. The stingers were fast, but they couldn't turn corners and the storm still made targeting us really of the difficult. Still they tried. Finally we got the high sign from David, "Slayer, Berlin. We're clear, pull out!" Disengaging actually wasn't that bad as the two of us were just so much faster than an ambulatory tuber.

We got to the main gate to find David and Sam exchanging fire with a truckload of goons.

"Where did they come from?"

"Just showed up," Sam replied. Hanna shouldered her rifle and started dropping them like a machine that shoots things. She scares me sometimes. I actually feel for Maggie Walsh if she gets caught by Hanna and David.

"We have to get clear, the shrubbery of doom draws nigh."


"Word-a-day calender..."

"Only you Summers...Right, Hanna shoot up their gas tank, David, use a flare or a grenade."

There was a decent kaboom. Sam likes explosions as much as I do. While the gunmen were doing their level best to put themselves out, the four of us took off running as David called in evac.

"Pick-up in ten! One klick south."

"Okay, "Sam grabbed a rifle from one of the bodies, "Buffy, you're on point. Keep it down to an old man's speed. David, you're on sweep, Hanna, stay on overwatch with me in the middle. Let's move!"

We headed out at a slow jog. The burning truck had provided the added advantage in that the plants couldn't get out the gate because of all the flames. Sam is Mister Master Planner. I want to be as good as he or David are, when I grow up.

The storm was finally starting to break when there was an eruption of fire from the compound we had just left. I had vaguely heard the sound of an aircraft. I had no clue how Lambert had gotten an airstrike that fast and I really didn't care. I was just super glad that house of horrors was now a flaming crater. Soon there was another blast off in the distance, when the estate went up in a fireball.

The Osprey was waiting to do a touch and go and in five minutes we were in the air heading to safety.

As the medic was checking us over and starting to treat our injuries, I began, "Sam, David, Hanna, let me tell you about a guy with a terrible sense for interior decorating and a fondness for gloating..."


Triffids Rule!
That is all.

Oh yeah, Fu Manchu has been planned as the ultimate foe since like the third story. This was just his intro, he WILL return.

The End

You have reached the end of "Green Hell". This story is complete.

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