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Green Hell

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This story is No. 10 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Captain Summers is out to save a friend!

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: John Wyndham
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batzulgerFR181111,98739819,33330 Aug 137 Sep 13Yes

Messed Up

I hate jungles. There are many many Buffy eating insects in them trying to drain that sweet nummy Slayer blood.

So what the hell was I doing in Cambodia?

"Summers," I answered my cellphone as I was cooling down from my Saturday morning run. Darien was running an op in France, so he was out of the country for awhile and I was all by my lonesome.

"Captain, my name is Lambert. Can you go secure?"

"Yessir," I pressed the key on my not quite standard celly and there was the buzz and click. "Secure sir, I assume this is about Sam?"

"Oh? He's mentioned me?" the guy, Sam's boss, sounded amused.

"A few times...usually when he's mad actually."

"Fair enough, can you get to Fairfax?" he was all serious sounding now.

"What's up?"

"Sam's in trouble and you may be the only person who can get him out of it."

"Give me a location."

Half an hour later I was heading to Northern Virginia and ended up at an anonymous office building. I was in civvies of course and flashed my ID to the bored looking guard at the front desk. He pointed me at an elevator bank. Looking around I spotted the motion detectors and cameras, as well as a couple of walls that were probably breakaway. This place was doing its best to look all harmless and puppy dog, but I could tell the entire lobby was a killbox. I had my Sig, but there was no way I was even going to do the think-age about drawing it here.

I walked over to the elevators, well aware of at least two cameras tracking me. Stepping into the open one, I wasn't all that surprised when the door slid shut on its own and it started descending without me touching any buttons.

It stopped and the doors slid open. Ahead was a mantrap security airlock. I stepped into it.

"Place your weapons in the drawer," there was a speaker in the Plexiglas room obviously. I put my pistol, ASP baton, and switchblade in the slidey metal box. Mister Pointy was still strapped to my calf though. I also had some other little tricks that Sam, David, and Bobby had showed me.

"You can pass now."

I walked out and was greeted by a big man in an expensive Italian suit.

"Captain Summers, I'm Colonel Lambert."

"Honored to meet you sir," Sam had told me his boss was one of the good guys. "Thanks for telling Dutch about Paris."

"The honor is mine. Sam says you're one of the best people he's ever worked with, and Sam Fisher praising somebody unconditionally isn't something that happens everyday."

"Guh?" that surprised me. I just generally tried not to screw up whenever I worked with him. Sam was a much better agent than I was. I usually considered myself to be only along as the muscle.

"Don't sell yourself short Captain."

"So what's the sitch sir? What happened to Sam?"

"He was investigating bioweapons being smuggled through Cambodia. This agency handles sensitive political issues with a final result. He had a lead and vanished in Phnom Penh."

"Why me sir? Sure I'm Sam's friend, but I'm not really a spy. Don't you have specialists in this sort of thing?"

"Because his last message was to get a hold of you and someone called David. Apparently your skill sets are needed."

"I can get in touch with David. We're going to need transport and more intel though."

"That we can do."

"Can I use an unmonitored phone? And could you be the one to tell Dutch you're borrowing me?"

V-22 Ospreys are cool. They're planes that can take off and land like helicopters. Currently the only passengers on this one were me, David, and Hanna. Boyer was with his girlfriend on some well-deserved leave, and there was no way I was gonna interrupt smoochies.

"David," I asked, "have you ever worked in Asia?"

"No. I was Euro based. You?"

"I specialized in the Middle East. If we wind up in Oman we're covered."

"I speak Mandarin, Thai, and Vietnamese..." Hanna said.

"You do?" David and I both were surprised at that.

"My father insisted that I learn."

Not really surprising. Eric Heller was nothing if not thorough on making his adopted daughter the world's most proficient assassin.

"Ooookay then. We're gonna get dropped off just outside the city near an estate Sam was checking out. Sterile weapons and gear obviously. Hanna, we're going to try not to kill anybody...Okay?"

"Okay Buffy. If you say so."

That girl scares me sometimes. We geared up. Chinese QSZ-92 pistols and QCW-05 suppressed submachineguns. Indian Forces BDUs and web gear. David had Russian made nightvision gear, I had a Saiga Assault shotgun, and Hanna was carrying a QBU-88 designated Marksman Rifle.

Sam was our friend. We were going to get him back.


BtVS Property of Mutant Enemy not me!!! I never know when I start what all other fandoms will cross in yet so they are all not listed at this time!!!
Splinter Cell Property UbiSoft. Predator Property Fox. I-Man Property USA Networks. Hanna Property Marty Adelstein Productions and Studio Babelsberg. Bourne Property of the Ludlum Estate.
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