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Young Defenders

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Summary: "Nice rack, Xander." "…because getting compliments on tits I shouldn't even have isn't weird at all. Thanks, Kennedy."

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Marvel Universe > Young Avengers(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR15510,06665516,40930 Aug 1322 Sep 13No

Chapter Five Point Four

Joe's Note: Just a bit of fun that I finished while sitting in a convention staff meeting today. Probably should have been paying attention, but… ehh.

"Wait a minute. I… you kidnapped me to my own room?!"

Chuckling, Deirdre fell backward onto the California King size bed behind her, marveling at the fact that even when sprawled out in her best starfish imitation, she couldn't touch more than a single side of Kate's bed at once. While she and Amora enjoyed their creature comforts, even they didn't have something quite this outrageous in their apartment. Holstering the pistol she'd used to hold Kate hostage, she then tugged her rifle's strap up and over her head before stretching, reaching up until she could deposit the gun on the multitude of pillows Kate had scattered around the head of the bed. That done, the redhead propped herself up on her elbows. "Did we actually kidnap you? Technically speaking, I mean. Amora?"

As Kate's jaw dropped and she looked back and forth in disbelief, the blonde's fingers dipped into her cleavage and she pulled out an iPhone in a green hard case emblazoned in gold with arcane symbols. Pushing and holding the Home button, Amora waited for it to chirp twice before speaking. "Define kidnap."

"The definition of 'kidnap' is…" Siri paused for a moment before continuing. "…take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom."

Putting her phone back on standby, Amora returned it to her cleavage before gesturing to the room around her. "This is neither an undisclosed location, nor are we planning to ask for a ransom." She made her way over to the bed and seated herself next to the redhead's right shoulder, reaching out to run her fingers through Deirdre's hair. "I do ask that you let Cassandra finish using your ensuite, though."

Kate's mouth abruptly closed as she shot a scowl at over at the closed bathroom door. Deirdre regularly found herself wondering exactly how enhanced her senses were; the answer was evidently enough so that she'd heard the shower running while the brunette hadn't. "Wait, what? Who's Cassandra? Are you guys on a kidnapping spree or something? And why is she in my shower?"

"How many people do you have to kidnap before it's a spree? And remember, you technically don't count, what with not actually being kidnapped and all." Deirdre laughed at the look of consternation on Kate's face before nodding toward the bathroom door. "Cassie's here for the same reason as you."

Making her way over to her dressing table, Kate bent forward at the waist and examined her reflection, reaching up and pulling out the pins that kept her hair in the complicated updo she'd worn to the wedding, driving each one into the mirror's wooden frame. "Really? Because I think I'd remember having a roommate."

God, was this how it'd felt to be Giles back when they were still in high school? If so, Deirdre owed the man a present. Like, a car or something. Because real teenagers were annoying as hell these days. "Because we need to talk to her. And you." Kate peered back over her shoulder and opened her mouth, only to be cut off as Deirdre answered the obviously forthcoming question. "About joining our team."

Slowly straightening up, Kate turned to face them. "Ladies, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention." Holding up a finger, she forestalled any elaboration on Deirdre's part. "Before I let you distract me with this whole team thing of yours, though, as interesting as it may sound… Cassie. My shower. Why?"

"She reeked quite horribly of a combination of the subways and artificial vanilla body lotion. I'm not sure which of the two smells offended me more." Amora's free hand wandered into Deirdre's field of vision as she gestured to the occupied bathroom. "You had an… adequate… selection of toiletries and so given that we were still waiting on you, I requested that she make herself more presentable before our discussion." The hand in Deirdre's hair paused and then pulled away as Amora rose from the bed. "Now that I think about it, I've yet to deliver on my promise of clean clothes for her to wear when she's finished."

"I suppose this means you're going to stick with a theme and steal some of my clothes to go with you stealing my shampoo and stealing my shower? And stealing me and her?" Kate rolled her eyes when Amora simply shrugged before nodding, and then gestured to the nearby dresser. "Middle two drawers are fair game; it's all stuff left behind from when my friends have slept over. Touch one of my shirts - or my underwear - and it'll be on like Donkey Kong."

Amora tugged the upper of the aforementioned drawers open and began rifling through its contents. Eventually she emerged with a rather unremarkable t-shirt that she held up for Kate's inspection. After a shrug and a nod from the brunette, Amora shook it a few times, sending tendrils of yellowish-green eldritch energy racing through it. That was something Deirdre was quite familiar with: as much as Amora loved to shop, she loved playing Barbie doll and creating her own outfits for the redhead even more. The fabric shifted from mundane grey cotton to bright red leather, acquiring a Y-shaped black design on the front even as the neckhole wriggled and widened into a portrait neckline. Almost as an afterthought, Amora added a silver zipper running down the front, presumably so she wouldn't need to magick it on and off of its eventual owner. "What do you think, Kate? Is it her?"

"How would I know, I've never even…" Kate trailed off as she looked back and forth between the modified shirt and the closed bathroom door, but then comprehension finally dawned and she snatched the top out of Amora's hands. After staring down at it for a few more seconds, she finally bubbled over. "Cassandra. Cassie. Cassandra 'Cassie' Lang, as in Scott Lang's daughter, as in you kidnapped an Avenger's daughter and brought her to my house?!"

"Well, you went two for four with that statement. Fifty percent accuracy isn't terrible, as long as we're not talking about a weapon." Amora returned to rummaging in Kate's dresser, eventually finding a pair of pajama pants that she magicked to be the same red leather as the top she'd created before adding black stripes running down the outsides of the legs. "The girl in question is in fact Scott Lang's daughter, but his recent death means that he is no longer an Avenger and therefore she is no longer an Avenger's daughter. Also, she came with me willingly, which means that she is no more kidnapped than you." Frowning, she peered down at the open drawers before looking back up at Kate. "Do I look somewhere else for homeless footwear?"

Groaning, Kate made her way over to the bed and threw herself down face-first next to Deirdre. "I've been kidnapped by an Asgardian lawyer and her trigger-happy girlfriend. Fuck my life."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Young Defenders" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Sep 13.

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