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“Rio Blanco on the Mouth of Hell”

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Summary: It started out as a simple evening at home. A pair of movies fresh from blockbuster, a 52" plasma screen TV, and thou. Oh, and the 'thou' braless in a skimpy bandanna top and a stretchy mini-skirt thing that just begged for a hot makeout session... X/C

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Rio Blanco: Teaser and Cover Art -

Rio Blanco on the Hellmouth cover2 lg

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here...

Why did she always seem to end up coming back to that freaking mouth of Hell?

Wilkins was there with that ugly, elegant wide bladed dagger through his belt, holding a terrified looking Ianara by the upper arms. Sheridan, Trick, Munroe, Finch, and Maitland went over to stand beside them, leaving McKay holding her by her left arm. Deputy Dawgs One and Two, and Gunsel One, and Three withdrew to one side on that end of the room, and began a low voiced and intense looking discussion between themselves.

Nine. Ten counting Wilkins. No – add in the new ones, Chase. Twelve counting Wilkins – Finch is a non-entity. Eleven again, depending on McKay. So not of the good. Because Wilkins?

Wilkins looked pissed. No trace of the genial smile or the affably evil bad guy here. There was something not quite human, and more than just a little bit crazed in those flat reptilian eyes.

He smiled, a horrible parody of his normally cheerful grin, and looked at her.

And the world blew up again. Toward the side of the Mission compound, this time. They could actually hear it all the way down here, and feel the ground shake and rumble with it. Damn.

Someone had gotten awful happy with the party favors. She could just feel Soldier Boy in this, somewhere. Dust drifted down from the ceiling...

“My word. Seems our friends are violating the guidelines we agreed upon.” Wilkins said. He looked at Cordelia, still with that hideous parody of a grin. “A pity. I guess your young man will just have to find me and blow my head off.” He glanced at McKay, and said, "Step back and away from her, please."

McKay looked at Maitland, and got a terse nod. Maitland didn't look happy, either. Well, duh, of course. He was still wearing a thin red film of his son...

McKay let go of her arm, and took several long steps back and away. And, good. If she was right about him. If not...

Wilkins gave Ianara a hard shove, practically throwing her at Cordelia. Ianara stumbled into her, flailing, and they both went over backwards and down. Ianara on top. And, well and good. It gave her a chance.

Her fingers shoved down into her boot top and found the stag grips of her boot knife...

Ianara rolled off of her and managed to get herself onto her knees as Wilkins strode forward. "That is, of course," Wilkins said, "If your Xander Harris is a man of his word or not."

Cordelia scrambled back and away and looked as frightened as she felt. “He is. And he will you know. You'd better leave me alone!” She managed to get up to one knee.

From behind Wilkins, Trick sighed theatrically, “Damned shame. Guess I'll have to eat her, then.”

Wilkins smiles as he stepped toward Cordelia, reaching for the nasty looking dagger at his belt, “You may certainly have what's left, assuming Belfagorius leaves anything,” he said, looking at the now obviously terrified looking Cordelia. “Now, now. This will only hurt briefly. Don't bother getting up. I can drag or carry you into the circle.” He closed on her.

Cordelia wailed, her eyes wide.

She stood anyway, scrambling to her feet and upright, her chin coming up and her eyes narrowing. Cordelia brought the boot knife from behind her back, fast, revealing her now unbound hands. Too late to worry about it – either McKay was hers, or not. And she was dead anyway... Sheridan was too damned fast and too damned good.

Cordelia sliced deeply across Wilkins' face from the left temple at the hairline to opposite jaw, across his eye, nose, and lips.

Suck on it, Snake-eyes,” she snarled, her eyes blazing and her lips peeled back from her teeth.

Wilkins screamed and staggered back away from her, his hands going to his face and the dagger falling to the floor all aclatter. What was it that Wontolla said, in the Jungle Book story that her daddy read to her when she was little? The Second Jungle Book. Red Dog.

Something about dying with your teeth in the heart and throat of the enemy. Sounded like a damned fine plan, right about now. Cordelia grinned like a she-wolf and went in low, the knife coming up and across to gut Mayor McRattlesnake. Vicious and fast. Lahini...

Wilkins screamed again, like a little freaking girl, his hands going up as he threw himself backwards and away from her.

There was a sharp report, followed quickly by another and one more. Fast and smooth. Dewell McKay's '73 Winchester – she remembered the distinctive sound from that long heavy barrel from the big Shoot...

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