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Green Slayer

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Summary: Thanks to her alternative costume choice, Buffy's about to acquire a new green thumb. Buffy ends up going as a Senju fic. Guest staring, Gabriel/Loki from Supernatural.

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Er, My Bad

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING HERE! Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and anything and everything belonging to that Universe, is the creation and property of Josh Whedon and his people. Masashi Kishimoto created and owns Naruto, Chakra using Ninjas, Nine-Tail Foxes, and everything associated with that world. Supernatural is the property and creation of Eric Kripke. HALLOWEEN FIC, IF YOU RECOGNIZE IT, I DON’T OWN IT!

Sadly, this is not the original Senju Buffy Halloween fic that I had been working on. That story is stored in my old computer, and not easily accessible. With all the trouble I had been experiencing lately with my old computer, I finally had to, reluctantly, set it aside, and borrow another one just to get my work done.

I wasn’t satisfied with the original story, regardless of the massive amount of work I had put into it. I felt that if I took a break from it, I could come up with ways of making it better.

However, the story was still my head, and when my computer went down, I decided to write a shaved down version of it.

I hope this particular version of the story entertains you. Happy reading! And thanks!


Thanks to her alternative costume choice, Buffy’s about to acquire a new green thumb. Buffy ends up going as a certain Senju fic. Guest staring Gabriel/Loki from Supernatural.


Green Slayer

Er, My Bad

The empty hallways of Sunnydale High school amplified the rustling sounds of full silk skirts, as Buffy Anne Summers sprinted down the school corridors at full Slayer speed, while wearing an eighteenth century Noblewoman costume.

Her usual focused and determined mien, when openly using her powers in times of crisis, had been replaced by a panic stricken expression, which actually stretched out into an overly dramatic mask of tragedy whenever the higher pitched voices of children, too young to attend High school, were caught by her Slayer hearing.

Damn Snyder! Damn that Trollman! Buffy screamed in her head as she slammed into the Girls’ locker room. She skidded to a rustling, swishing halt in the isle at the end of the locker, her green eyes franticly darting about trying to find a solution—ANY improvised solution to her current, and truly, horrible problem!

What was so wrong?

Snyder’s mandatory costumed Halloween escort duty for those kiddies four feet and under, for one! Burning away her single Monster Free Night on a bunch of sugar fueled midgets was bad enough—On a grimmer, and depressing, side note, Buffy was uncertain as any Slayer could be, that she was going to be around to see another Monster Free Night. She somewhat hid her bitterness at losing that small, but by no means trivial, opportunity to at least pretend she was normal. For a brief second, Buffy actually considered going as THAT for Halloween—But Buffy highly doubted Snyder would have accepted Normal Teenage Girl as a good costume idea. However, Buffy thought she had found a way to squeeze those sour lemons into a nice pitcher of lemonade when she found that beautiful, perfect dress in Ethan’s.

She could put on that dress, be beautiful, romantic—AND thoroughly impress Angel! Yay!

At least, that was the plan, Buffy considered wistfully. It held together until she and the Scoobies got to the school. Now, why did her bladder demand immediate attention just at that moment? Mindful it could be hours before she could be free to so much as glance at a toilet, much less use one . . .Buffy begged her friends to stall for her, and then ran off to do her business!

Buffy admitted she could have forgone checking in on Giles, but the library was in the general area . . .So . . .In the library, Buffy noted that while there were no Giles shaped people around, there was a fresh, steaming cup of tea on the main library table. Along with a thick, old looking, open book, and a stack of other old books beside it giving evidence of recent occupancy.

Giving a shrug, Buffy came close to leaving, but her curiosity tugged her towards the open book that somehow looked familiar.

Buffy ended up staring at the illustration that she had based her costume on. Then Buffy did the thing she SHOULD have done before—She READ the page.

Shock widened Buffy’s eyes, and her mouth dropped open.

“Oh. My. God!” She whimpered. Then pivoted on her heels, and bolted out the library!

“H-hello? Anyone there?” Giles called out, as he peered out from the stacks. He frowned, puzzled. For a brief moment, Giles thought he had heard something. Giving the area a quick look, Giles noted nothing amiss, and quickly dismissed the matter.

With a sigh of contentment, Giles returned to his chair, took a sip of his tea, and smiled in sincere gratitude for the Monster Free Night, as Buffy had put it, that allowed him to relax, knowing his children were safe--For at least one more night.

Unbeknownst to him, at that point his little Slayer was having a full blown panic attack in the Girls’ locker room. The bases for her costume--The woman in the illustration? Turns out, she was Angel’s first love—The noble woman who cruelly spurned him, and left Angel a drunken wreck in the gutter! Worse and worse, DARLA apparently was in full regalia when she Turned Angel, starting a two hundred plus years run of hellish misery for him.

The dress Buffy was wearing? Instead of invoking romantic feels, Buffy just KNEW Angel was going to be replaying those bad memories in his head, every time he so much as glanced her way!

Oh! She was a bad person! Bad, bad Buffy!

She HAD to get rid of the dress!

Buffy wildly stared around her. How though?

Her sharp eyes suddenly caught sight of a familiar comic lying on top of the garbage can.

Buffy approached the garbage can, and gingerly picked up the comic book. She stared at it with a frown; it belonged to Xander. Something he was gushing about, until Queen C glided by with her giggling court. She exchanged a few acidic words with the teenager Cordelia considered to be either the Village Idiot, or the Court Fool, depending on her mood.

A foul one that particular day, evidenced by the fact that Cordelia snatched the comic book (No! Manga. Xander called it a Manga.) away, rolled it up, hit him on the head with it, and walked away with it in her hand like a baton.

Staring at it, Buffy absently began flipping the pages—She suddenly froze. There on one of the pages was a costume she could fairly easily reproduce. Capri pants, flip-flop sandals . . .She had something in her locker that could pass as a Haori—The bandages were easy. Buffy recalled seeing a paddy hat in the Drama class supply closet. She could copy the symbol on white copy paper, in black marker, and glue it on the paddy hat!

Buffy used every bit of her Slayer speed to prepare her costume. Buffy was so relieved at having made it in time, that when she stood in the main lobby, paddy hat in hand, stared UP at Snyder, due to the low sandals, she was not at all irked by that at all. Not. One. LITTLE. Bit.

“Who, or what, are you suppose to be, Summers?” Snyder sneered, eying her with distain.

“A magical Ninja of the Warring Clans era! It’s from a Japanese comic book.” Buffy replied smugly.

“You should have chosen something American!” The man snorted, handing her a group of small Trick-A-Treaters before walking away.

Buffy was too relieved that her improvised costume had worked, to notice that she was still wearing the necklace from her original costume—A necklace Ethan Raynes had thrown in with the dress; he had completely lost track of which costume it had belonged to, and after a moment of thought, Ethan tossed it into the bag and declared it a free bonus.

It was a necklace with a single, elongated green crystal, bracketed by two crystal studs.

The costume it belong with? A manga character by the name of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage.


Buffy Summers crouched down, and with a spoon, dug a small hole. She dropped an orange seed, from an orange she had eaten earlier, into the hole and covered it up.

She stepped back as a seedling suddenly sprouted up from the ground, growing in a quick blink into a sapling, green leaves unfurling to the sun, spreading upwards and out, maturing, flowering, until a grown orange tree, limbs heavy with golden fruit, stood in the Summers’ backyard.

Buffy stared at it for a long while. Finally with a rueful sigh, Buffy consoled herself with the knowledge that at least with the Mokoton, she would always have a ready supply of wooden stakes!


Loki laughed. He was laughing so hard, and for so long, that if he had been a mortal man, he likely would have passed out already.

However, he was not a mortal, so Loki continued to laugh.

It was a good joke pulled on the Clowns-That-Be, all things considered. All it took was the investment of one misplaced necklace, dumping enough soda into a kid to equal a full bladder, and encourage a bit of prying curiosity. That--And tying a few, originally, inconsequential loose threads together.

Loki broke into fresh gales of laughter—

So much for the CTB’s little schemes and plots—The Mokoton was not demon friendly, and that walking corpse they had nominated to become their ‘champion’, was going to discover the hard way just how unfriendly when he tried sidling up to a sixteen year old kid wrapped in its protection!

Waves of smug satisfaction flowed out from the ancient being--The Slayer was Humanity’s champion; she was also God’s Chosen Warrior on Earth. No way were a pathetic, little group of jump-up Powers going to mess with that—At least, not while he was around, Loki amended slyly. For the first time since his ‘death’, and exile, in his original dimension, Loki felt good.

Raising up massive wings, Archangel Gabriel gave out one last peal of laughter, before disappearing in a thunderous clap of angels wings.


Look, I know it’s popular to have Gabriel as Xander’s Guardian Angel. However, the same people like to overlook the fact that Xander is a huge hypocrite, and Gabriel/Loki would never have allowed something like that to slide—Kind of like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Gabriel’s idea of a prank, and teaching someone a lesson, would likely have left Xander either insane or dead.

The necklace, the crystal filled with the First Hokage’s Chakra, was more of a Senju Tsunade thing—But I decided, why make it SOMEWHAT easier on Buffy? Besides, the crystal was filled with Hashirama’s Chakra, not Tsunade’s.

Okay, the almost end of the story. I’m thinking of adding on a chapter, or two. But that’s in the far, far, future; I still have other stores to update. Meantime, I hope you enjoyed the story, and come back to read the next chapter when I do put it up.

Thank you! Good-bye!
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