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Unexpected Reinforcements

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Summary: Sometimes you just need some help, even if you are a lunatic from Erp.

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Television > FarscapebatzulgerFR151817,94217825,9068 Sep 1316 Oct 13No

BJA -- Chapter Two

"Well hello John. Officer Sun," the face on the main screen was one of nightmare. Twisted and scarred and partially concealed by his black cooling suit. "Who is your friend John?"

"My name is Summers," Buffy answered with a formal tone. She had long since switched to wearing UT clothing just to make her appear less obvious. "And you are?"

"John hasn't told you about me? He probably thought I was dead or some other sort of foolishness. My name is Scorpius and this is my associate Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu."

"I thought you and Sputnik there were splitsville after a certain betrayal on Qujaga? Lovers quarrel gone wild or something," John asked curiously.

The red-haired Kalish stepped closer to the vid pickup, "I've learned some respect. Unlike you Crichton."

"Oww, that hurts Sikozu," John replied while fake wincing, "I thought we had a connection or something?"

"Not by choice," she said sharply.

"Enough, Sikozu," Scorpius cut in smoothly, "John when my ship's sensors picked up Moya I was surprised. I didn't expect you to be bringing your beloved wife and child so close to a warzone to be honest."

"What do you want Scorpy?"

"Why do you ask John? Do you have something for me?"

"Not that I can think of...So?"

"So? Oh, why am I calling? It may be that I just want to say hello to an old friend."

"And who would that be?"

"John, you wound me. We know more about each other than any two individuals in space."

"Not by my choice."

"Well, perhaps not. But you reaped the spoils nonetheless."

Buffy could see John was getting angry and Aeryn was attempting to remain calm.

"Scorpius?" she finally said. Hoping to distract him from his picking on Crichton.

"Yes Summers? Is that a first name or a last?"

"It's my name. Why are you here?" she said calmly, keeping her face as blank as possible.

"Well Summers, I don't see why it's a concern of yours."

"It is a concern of my contracted crew obviously," was the reply. Scorpius's condescending tone was annoying her.

"Contracted? How very interesting. So you are the reason they are here then?"

Buffy stepped to the center of the vid pickup, "Yes."

"My question remains. Why?"

"What do you know about apocalypses?"

Scorpius looked surprised for a second, as if he wasn't expecting an answer but received one anyway.

"Apocalypses you say? Did you encounter something that inspired this voyage?"

"Yes, and it sounds like you did too. Shall we meet?"

"I think that would be wise. On Moya?"

Buffy looked at John who thought for a moment before nodding begrudgingly.

"On Moya. We'll be expecting you."

The connection ceased.

"That guy is seriously creepy," Buffy said as she looked over at John and Aeryn.

"He's also brilliant, devious, and treacherous to anybody that won't help him in his plans. How did you know about his reasons for being here?" Aeryn said.

"I kinda guessed. I had a feeling you know?"

"Actually I don't Buffy. Is that a human thing John?"

"It can be. Instinctive leaps of logic are kind of our stock in trade. So how do you want to play this Buffy? He'll be able to tell you're a human as soon as he sees you up close."


"He can see energy signatures. Humans look different than Sebaceans. Also he can tell if you're lying by the way the signature changes."

"Only lies by deception or lies by omission too?" Buffy asked.

"I'm not sure about omission," John said. "Deception definitely though."

"I can work with that..." the Slayer said thoughtfully. "Will he try something underhanded?"

"Of course."


The shuttle landed in Moya's hanger bay. John and Aeryn were there to meet it.

"John!" Scorpius said with great bonhomie false though it may have been. "It's wonderful to see you again and the lovely Officer Sun as well. Where is your employer?"

"Secure. She's heard about your wicked wicked ways Scorpy."

"Have you been telling tales again?"

"Not many. Not to her. Your rep is pretty solid out here though."

"Ah, but the correct single tale told may have that effect as well I know. Still, we should chat."

"The mess hall?"

"Fine John, that will be fine. Moya looks well at least."

"She is, no thanks to you."

"I've apologized to both her and Pilot."

"They both still hold grudges."

"I don't understand why. I am no threat to them now."

"Scorpius, you will remain a threat until you are turned to dust. And even then I believe you will still somehow be dangerous," Aeryn said coldly.

Scorpius gave Aeryn a nod and a slight smile, "Fair enough. I have given you and Moya plenty of reasons for distrust, but is it not true that I have assisted you as well?"

"Only when you had something to gain," Crichton replied over his shoulder.

"Is it wrong to seek allies towards a common goal?"

"From what I understand, your goals are anything but common," Buffy stood in the mess hall.

"Oh my. You're a human like Crichton here. How remarkable."

"Not like Crichton...not exactly. I'm very special, you might even say Chosen, for a particular task."
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