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Unexpected Reinforcements

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Summary: Sometimes you just need some help, even if you are a lunatic from Erp.

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Television > FarscapebatzulgerFR151817,94217825,9068 Sep 1316 Oct 13No

Chapter Eleven

Scorpius, Crichton, Questor, Jerry, Furlow, Sikozu and Jool were hard at work on locating the stress points. They had commandeered a large set of rooms and has projections covering the walls and ceiling. Scorpius had obtained through some means, a PK gravitic map of the Uncharted Territories, and right now the group was attempting to find the most plausible location for a rupture of the space time continuum.

"And that's another wormhole point," John muttered as he marked a possible location. "Nice to know, but not nearly big enough."

"John, it is quite remarkable how you have been able to deduce possible access to wormhole space," Scorpius said in a quite complimentary tone.

"Well even before I got that gift in my head from Einstein and buddies, I was an expert on this kind of thing. I may not have the cheat-sheets anymore, but I still have the knowledge of the physics."

Sikozu looked up, "And here I thought you were always an idiot..."

Scorpius hissed menacingly at the redhead, "John is far more knowledgable on these realms of science than you or I. He is therefore more important than you."

The Kalish stepped back in surprise and more than a little fear. "Yes Scorpius."

Crichton raised an eyebrow at the exchange, "Lover's quarrel?"

"Not as you would be used to Crichton...but yes."

"That just proves there's somebody for everybody," Jerry said only slightly joking.

"In this case, it's terrifying and true," Jool replied entering the room, "I have the latest runs on sections 7, 45, and 177 using that last batch of equations you supplied me."

"Put them on the wall please Joolushko," Questor said, "Any new points of interest?"

"Yes. In Sector 45 there is a pronounced stretching and limited temporal distortion present here and here," she pointed at the marks, "Furlow looked at the readings and said she could probably build a detector for relatively close range scan functionality."

John looked at the map carefully, "Okay. Get it mounted on Moya. I'll send a message to Buffy's team to start heading in that direction. We'll meet up with them as soon as possible. Jool, is Furlow in the shop?"

"Of course, BB is guarding her."

"I'd better have a little chat with her. Getting Aeryn near her could be stressful and more than likely fatal."

The shop was a huge hanger area that Furlow had claimed as her personal sanctum. The Bot was watching her as per her orders.

"Hi Commander John!" the Bot called out. "Am I back yet?"

"Hi BB! Nope, Buffy isn't back, but we are going out to meet her."

"Neato cool! Furlow has been behaving herself. I only found one shaped charged explosive today. When are we leaving?"

"As soon as Mechanic Kong has finished her work...Furlow! How's it coming?"

"That frequency formula you came up was just what was needed..." Furlow's brusque voice carried from behind a pile of parts and junk. "Take a look."

John rounded the stack to see a large stack of components that were humming faintly. Furlow was staring at a monitor and tweaking controls. The monitor displayed a large mass of shifting colors.

"It works?"

"It works. That is the gravitic plan in a light-cycle radius. We can zoom into just this room if you want, or all the way out to three light-cycles or so. It gets pretty blurry at that scale though."

"I've said it before Furlow. You do excellent work. Pity you're so homicidal."

"Hey! That was just business. It's not like it was personal or anything."

"I believe you, but know my wife the former PK Commando with the mean streak? Well, she doesn't see things my way about everything...especially about you."

The massive mechanic paled.

"Yeah, she's coming along with me on Moya...and so are you. Remember to behave now," Crichton turned and walked away leaving a stunned Furlow standing behind him.

Moya broke orbit and set a course for Sector 45 along with a pair of Hynerian Cruisers for escorts. The trip would only take eight solar days and the engineers onboard spent the time installing and calibrating Furlow's gravitic scanner.

"Why is this one different?" Aeryn asked. "We've had gravity scans for millennia."

John looked up from the panel he was wiring, "Sensitivity and comparison. This unit can detect changes quickly and at a very low level. Also it has over a two parsec maximum range. That would be about six and a three-quarters light-cycles."

"How sensitive?"

"It could pick up a vessel from it's direct impingement at that kind of range. Down to say, something the size of my module? And because it is locating changes in the fabric of the has no delay."

"True faster than hetch travel?"

"Closer to starburst."

"I still want her dead."

"I know Aeryn, and I won't cry when it happens. But for now, we need her."


"You will get to chat...I promise."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unexpected Reinforcements" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Oct 13.

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