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Unexpected Reinforcements

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Summary: Sometimes you just need some help, even if you are a lunatic from Erp.

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Television > FarscapebatzulgerFR151817,94217825,9088 Sep 1316 Oct 13No

Chapter One

I've known him for over five cycles and he never ceases to amaze me. He is infuriating and wonderful and deranged and loyal to the core. I suppose that's why I bonded with him. Because he showed me all those varied and conflicting aspects willingly, and then showed me I could be more...So much more, than what I was.

Moya and crew were in trouble. This was not an unusual occurrence in fact, Commander John Crichton, the acting captain, once claimed that they had perfected more ways to get into trouble than Wile E. Coyote. It was another one of his home planet references that only he apparently understood.

The current trouble was found in the fact that Moya had just starbursted from the area of a pirate ambush leaving her exhausted and recharging. This unhappy state of affairs was compounded by fact the location she had just starbursted to, seemed to be a warzone.

"Pilot! Any way we can hide? Rocks? Planets? A really big curtain?"

"Moya is detecting several asteroids that may be large enough Commander. I do not believe we have been detected yet so if we are careful..."

"...we may be able to tiptoe on over and lurk. Works for me. Aeryn, IDed the combatants yet?"

"One side is Peacekeepers, the other appears to be Nebari, John"

"Oh frell...they're starting the push."

"We knew it was coming," the former PK Officer said calmly.

"Mental cleansing for everybody. Saturday night baths for your brain, I can't wait. Okay, how goes the tippy-toeing, Pilot?"

"Surprisingly well. A Command Carrier was just destroyed and the interference to neschan band scanners produced by the reactor destruction is providing excellent cover."

"Alright then. Get us hidden. Aeryn, what are the odds?"

"The Peacekeepers appear to have seven remaining Command Carriers and three Battleships. The Nebai have two Host Vessels. Both sides appear to have a full complement of fighters."

"Officer Sun."

"Yes Pilot?"

"There appears to be more vessels approaching from mark one-six plus two-three skew at heche 3."

"Thank you," the former PK Commando highlighted the new arrivals on the screen. "Pilot shift our course minus one-one. That will keep us clear of their scan cone."

"Affimative Officer Sun."

"Who else is crashing this party Aeryn?"

"It looks like a group of Sheyang scavenger vessels. Probably waiting to salvage after the fight is over. "

"Vultures gotta be vultures, even if they look like fire-breathing toads. Have they noticed us Pilot?"

"Not yet Commander."

"Good, let's keep it that way."

Moya slipped through space until she was well concealed by a planetoid's bulk.

"We should be safe here Commander. Officer Sun, do you concur?"

"I do Pilot. John, the overlapping scanner shadows this debris field is producing should mask us quite effectively. Especially at this range."

"Cool. Pilot, power down what isn't fully necessary to give them a smaller target. Aeryn, let's take a break. Not much else we can do, but wait for now." He tapped his comm badge, "Noranti, we're at silent running for now. Aeryn and I are heading down to the mess hall, meet you and Deke there."

"Of course Commander. The lad will be very happy to see you."

"Mommeeeeee!!! Dadddeeeee" the five year old rocketed towards his doting parents.

"Hey there! How is daddy's little astronaut?" John scooped up the flying child.

"All A-OK!"

"So what were the two of you doing?" Aeryn asked the old Traskan.

"We were drawing," the three eyed mystic and apothecary said proudly and presented Aeryn with a sheaf of sketches.

"John, look at these. This must be us..." The drawing was of two humanoid figures much like you would find next a house in a typical Earth child's drawing. Only instead of the house and car there was multi-limbed Pilot in his vast Control Den, and Aeryn's Prowler. Instead of a dog or cat, there was the red and white bug shape of 1812, John's personal DRD.

"This is great! Now I just wish we had a refrigerator to hang it on," John said.

"We can put it on the wall here," Noranti said with a smile and placed it next to the food cube dispenser.

"Not exactly the same, but it is the thought that counts," Crichton said with a wry smile.

"So Commander what is the situation?" Noranti seated herself at the big table.

"PKs versus Nebari. It looks like the Establishment are finally making their push. They've had the docility virus going out into the Uncharted Territories for about fifteen cycles now. I guess they assume its spread far enough."

"Should I start producing some of the anti-viral?"

"You can do that Grandma?"

"I have some of Chiana's blood sample. The anti-bodies are present so of course I can duplicate it."

"Sure, why not."

"Commander Crichton, there is a tight beam message coming in for you."


"It's your father, John..."

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