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Down The Drain

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Summary: Magic of showers... PWP, willow/spike... you know you want to read it

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/WillowCountessMaryFR2112,971031,93729 Jan 0429 Jan 04Yes

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Title:Down The Drain

Pairing: Willow/Spike

Rating: NC-17 or R...

SUMMARY: The magic of a shower after a long day... and what comes after you step out of the spray... Sort of a PWP.

Spoilers: None really, just the existence of the slayerettes, and Andrew...

Distribution: My website, shippers united, anywhere else, just ask :D

Disclaimer: Hey if I owned these characters, I'd be rich and influential... I don't... I just play with them... so please don't sue... I kind of want to hang on to the $2.11 that I have in my checking account.

Author notes: I was taking a shower the other day and it reminded me of how some showers seem to be magical. I literally had to type at the bottom of this story "Don't rush this, it is supposed to be nice and slow" because I kept wanting to speed it up to get Spike naked... tell me how you think it worked out...

Mood Music: Is This Real by lisahall, From the Practical Magic soundtrack (this song is like liquid sex to me.)

Note 2: *Indicates thoughts*

Created: 2/27/03

Willow walked into the bathroom, needing to climb out of the mud suit she seemed to be wearing. She slid the rubber band from her hair, sighing at the shape her hair stayed in.

"Not exactly my most attractive moment." She said, looking into the mirror as she turned her head to the side, her pony tail still sticking out. "I look like one of those weird dinosaurs." Sighing, she peeled off each piece of clothing, tossing them into the trash. "It's not worth it to try to get the mud and blood stains out of these." With a huff each piece found its way into the garbage and more and more of her dirty skin was revealed.

Willow turned the handle for the hot water and ran her hand through the stream, waiting for it to come to temperature.

It had been a pretty nasty battle with about ten vamps and a few demons thrown in for good measure. The Scooby gang had handled it beautifully, but not one person came out clean. In the middle of the fight, rain began to pour down. The grass in the graveyard gave way to mud as the fight grew in intensity. In the end, each of the Scoobies was covered in mud and the blood of vampires, demons, and little bits of human blood as well.

Willow was the first of the gang to come back to Revello Drive. Buffy and Spike were making their way through the other cemeteries to make sure nothing else was amiss. Willow and Xander both went to their respective homes after the fight and Willow decided she deserved a long, hot shower.

When the spray finally reached nearly searing temperatures, she stepped in to the shower. With a contended sigh, Willow put her head underneath the shower head and let the water cascade down her body. She enjoyed the simple pleasure of ridding herself of all the grime she had collected during the day. It wasn't just the goo from the battle that fell from her body. Mud, blood, sweat, and stress all poured down the drain.

She began with her hair, selecting some lavender scented shampoo she and Buffy had picked up at the organic food store. She opened the bottle and caught a whiff of its soothing scent. "I'm on my way back to becoming a human again." She said as she poured the shampoo into her hand. She worked up a rich lather in her hair and then stood underneath the spray, eyes closed, arms at her sides, letting the water itself slowly cleans her hair.

As the suds slid down her body, Willow stood glued to her spot, enjoying the hot water releasing the tension from her muscles. She grabbed a puff hanging on the shower head and squirted it liberally with vanilla body wash. Willow reveled in the combination of scents and took a moment to smile at this wonderful chance to take these slow moments for herself. She worked the body wash into a nice foam and began removing all traces of the day's activities from her body.

As she finally cleansed the bottoms of her feet nearly twenty minutes later, Willow exhaled, leaving all traces of stress behind. As she stepped out of the shower, the steam began to rise off of her body. It looked as if her body itself was burning up. She thought about grabbing a towel, but decided, since she was alone in the house, to take a moment in her room to just be free. She walked across the hall towards her bedroom, and just then, she heard a voice behind her.

"Red, never knew you were such an exhibitionist." A male voice quipped.

"Spike!" Willow screeched, spotting Spike at the top of the stairs. "Oh my God! I thought I was the only one home!" Willow screamed as she ran for her room, locking the door behind her.

"Figured that part out already, Luv." Spike remarked, completely amused with the situation. "You can be 'alone' with me in the house whenever you like." He said to her door. *Never thought I'd see THAT side of Red before... wouldn't mind another peek... or twenty.*

"Ha ha! Very funny, Spike. I'll be dressed in just a sec." Willow promised, an embarrassed blush rising even in her voice. She stood in her room, still mostly naked, placing a pillow between her body and the door. *I can't believe this, Spike saw me naked, Spike saw me naked, wanna see Spike naked... no... focus Willow!*

"I could just come in there, Red. Ya know, I like what you were wearing. No need to change on my account." *She would walk around like that all day, if God loved me.*

"Alright, knock it off Mr. Flirty." *Spike wants to see me naked? No... he's just being Spike. He wants Buffy... right... wait a minute! I'm gay. Right? Truth be told, I think Spike could straighten out Melissa Ethridge and Ellen all in the same day.* Willow thought, still making no headway in the dressing department. Her mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts about what could happen if she just opened up the door. Spike was still talking to her from the other side. What would he say? What would he do? *Well, the best way to answer that question is to just open the door and find out.*

"Hey I'm not flirting, I'm just stating the facts out here." Spike defended. "The slayerettes are off training with Buffy and Dawn, Andrew's at Xander's playing some video game, and Anya's at her apartment... so I'd say we've got the house pretty much to ourselves for the moment. Why not have some 'naked time'?" *... Hey it's worth a try... right?*

"Yeah, Spike. I'm sure you're dying to run around the house naked, but Buffy's not home, like you said, so there'd be no one here to appreciate it." *Did I just say I'd appreciate Spike being naked... no... okay I'm safe... I can only imagine how wonderful he'd look naked!!*

"I'm not worried about that, Luv. Buffy and I are just savin' the world together, not exactly dating if you know what I mean. 'sides..." *It's your body I want to see, not hers.* "Not really looking to see the slayer's birthday suit again... it was so devastating the last time."

*Alright Willow, he's not going to bust in, so if you want to see what Spike looks like naked, you are going to have to open this door right now to find out!* Still nude, Willow dropped the pillow, gathered her courage, and walked to the door. She lifted her hand up to the handle and stopped, poised just above the knob.

Spike could hear the movement behind the door and hoped she'd changed her mind about putting clothes on. He leaned in to the door and found that he could smell the arousal in the air and recognized most of it as hers. "Red?" He whispered, lips nearly touching the door.

"Yes, Spike." Willow answered, only inches away.

"Open the door." He half ordered, half asked.

Willow threw caution to the wind and unlocked the door. Spike's eyes went wide as he waited, in anticipation, to see the beautiful witch before him. She slowly turned the handle. *Last chance to back out of this thing.* Willow thought.

The door moved about as fast as molasses, but it eventually did open to reveal a smirking Spike standing in front of it. His smirk faded into a lust filled grin when he saw the ivory beauty standing before him. *I never thought she would be ~this~ beautiful. I never dreamed she would show it to me.*

"Well aren't you going to say something?" Willow demanded, her nerves to their fraying point.

"You're beautiful." Spike said, his gaze burning up and down her body. He took one step towards her and clasped her hand. "Thank you." He murmured as his other hand glided up her arm, over her shoulders to her neck. "Can I kiss you?" He asked, a world of hope and desire swirled up into one small whisper.

Willow looked into eyes and in those blue depths found the question and answer all in the same place. Willow lowered her eyes and then she knew she had changed everything... she wanted him... Spike wanted her... and she wanted this kiss more than she could remember ever wanting anything else.

"Kiss me, Spike." She whispered back. Not wanting to break the tender moment, but wanting to touch him, Willow ran her fingers up his chest and entwined them in Spike's hair.

Spike lifted their joined hands, and placed a small kiss on the back of her hand. He whispered another kiss on her forehead, and then her eyelids and cheeks. Spike kissed along her jaw until he came to just below her lips. Willow turned her head to make it easier for him to continue his path across her face. Spike pulled away from her face to find Willow's eyes closed and a slow, satisfied smile making its way across her features. Her lashes fluttered slowly when she no longer felt his lips upon her skin. Spike saw the desire radiating from her eyes and he was sure it was mirrored in his own.

"Cor, you're beautiful." He whispered as he sighed at her magnificence.

Willow smiled and drank her fill of his perfection. She kissed his neck, and then traced small kisses all over his face, stopping at the scar on his eyebrow, and placing her final kiss just short of his lips. Her breath was short and labored even though he hadn't even touched her lips yet.

"Spike. Please... Kiss me." Willow pleaded in a soft voice. They were only inches apart, but when Spike ran one hand down her naked back to encircle her waist, she realized how far apart their bodies really were. His other hand moved from her neck to entangle itself in her damp hair.

"As you wish." He said as he smiled and lowered his lips to hers. It was a gentle and sweet kiss, but she wanted more. Becoming the aggressor, Willow slid her tongue along his lips as she pulled him even closer to her.

"More." She moaned as her arms wound tightly around his neck, mashing her breasts to his chest, and crushing her lips on his.

The nature of the kiss changed in that instant. Spike ran his hands over Willow's fevered flesh while passionately making love to her mouth. Spike's hands were covered with mud still, so with each touch, he left trails of dirt behind.

Both the witch and the vampire tried to out kiss each other, only succeeding in bringing the kiss to a fevered pitch. "I want to touch you." Willow gasped, finally needing to come up for air. Her arms fell from around his neck. Willow's fingers were shaking as she tried to unbutton the black shirt he was wearing. *Come on fingers, work with me here!* She chastised herself. As she opened each button, she marveled at the pale mud speckled flesh she exposed. *God, he's beautiful.*

Her fingers opened his shirt with and agonizingly unhurried pace. Spike wasn't sure how much longer he could wait to have her hands on his flesh. "Let me help you there, Luv." He offered, and brought his hands from her waist to his shirt. Willow slapped his hands away and placed a small kiss at the juncture of his neck and shoulders. She moved her lips from one side to the other, all the while making progress in her quest to reveal his skin.

A half growl half moan escaped from his lips as the lips on his neck turned to gentle bites. "You're killing me, Red." He groaned. "Let me touch you." He pleaded.

"There is a huge inequality in clothes here, so I plan to even things up a bit." Willow answered. "You can stop me any time." Finally finished with his buttons, she skimmed her hands up from his belt buckle. Her fingertips grazed along the muscles in his chest, finally reaching his shoulders to remove his shirt. Her hands followed the path of his shirt, gliding down his arms, and guiding them around her waist. Willow looked up into his eyes and saw burning there. *I did that! I, Willow Rosenburg, made Spike burn. He wants me!* She thought as she did a mental self-high-five.

Spike crushed his lips to hers after seeing the smoldering look Willow had given him. *Cor, this woman could scorch me from the inside, but what a lovely way to burn.* As he kissed her, he removed his hands from her waist, only to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Willow's hands stopped him there as she took one hand and led him to her bed. He closed the door with the other, in case anyone should return before they finished whatever it is that they were doing.

Willow sat on the bed in front of him, drawing his body to her mouth. She laid open mouthed kisses all up and down his chest and stomach until he pulled her up to claim her lips once again. Willow busied her hands with sliding his pants off his body.

"No underwear?" She asked with a smile, her lips still touching his.

"Not around you, Luv. A bloke has to be ready for all situations." He teased, finally guiding her body onto her bed. His erection brushed against her skin for the first time, causing Spike to gasp in desire.

"I can't believe this is actually happening." Willow managed in a whisper as Spike's tongue made a trail down her neck to her breasts. Her fingers tangled themselves in his short hair. All she could do was lay there as Spike worshipped her. *Woah! Where'd he learn to do that with his tongue?!*

Spike began a line of French kisses down her stomach to the patch of curls just above her sex. Willow gasped for each breath as she pushed his head down to its ultimate target. He placed wet kisses on the inside of Willow's thighs ignoring her huffs of need.

"Please..... Spike." Willow whined. Spike broke into a wolfish smile. When his tongue finally slithered across the tight bundle of nerves, Willow arched off of the bed. Spike alternated between slow and quick gliding caresses driving Willow insane. He put two fingers together and began to thrust into her wet, aching quim.

Willow began to babble incoherently, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her cries only excited him and drove him to pleasure her even more. Her body twisted and lifted off of the bed as her orgasm approached. She finally threw her head back and screamed, "Oh my God, SPIKE!!!" and collapsed into the bed.

Spike crawled back up her body and captured her mouth in a soul searing kiss. Willow eventually came back to her senses. She pushed on his chest and flipped the both of them over. "My turn." She said, with a dirty smile making its way to her lips.

Willow slid down his entire body, pausing to place a tiny kiss on the end of his manhood. She moved so that the only part of her body touching his was her tongue. She slid the tip of her tongue down his staff and the moved to his chest. Willow began to lave his chest with her tongue, completely ignoring his obvious erection. Small hickeys popped up all over his skin as she sucked and bit into any skin her mouth came into contact with.

"Bloody hell, Red." It was Willow's turn to smile now. She brought her mouth to his head and began her slow descent down his shaft. She took between her lips as much of him as she could and pumped her hand down the rest of his length, sliding her tongue back and forth as she came back to the head.

*Good Lord, someone should give this girl a PhD. And we all thought she was a lesbian.* Spike thought before all lucid thoughts left his head. His body began to shudder as his climax came near. Spike let out a roar as he exploded into her mouth.

"And we thought you were a lesbian, Luv." Spike joked as he sucked in unneeded breath.

"Not a lesbian, just open to love from anywhere." Willow replied as she crawled back up his body, laying light kisses on his skin until she reached his mouth. He attacked her mouth with an intense ferocity she hadn't before experienced.

Willow broke away from his lips and noticed the dirt now covering her body. "I'm going to need another shower." Willow said as she crawled off the bed to the door. Spike lay on the bed, completely aroused and unable to form any clear thoughts.

"I guess I'm going to have to get in there all by myself." Willow whispered, running her hands up her stomach to the mounds of her breasts, grazing her fingers lightly across her nipples. Spike jumped off the bed and, with vampiric speed, was at her side, covering her hands with his own.

"Maybe not."

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Down The Drain". This story is complete.

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