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Wild Dogs

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dog Days". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Spike, Xander, and Cordelia on their quest for slayers. Sequel to Hold On.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventurecalikocatFR1532,533093,35420 Sep 1327 Oct 13No



word count: 924

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series do not belong to me.

A/N: Xander, Spike and Cordelia go to Africa. Please note that I have never been to Africa. I don't really know what its like.


They made a brief stop in London before heading out on their journey/job of finding slayers in Africa. The old Watcher's HQ was as toast as Giles had said it was, there was nothing left but a pile of rubble. No one was really going to miss Travers...but surely some of the younger Watchers had been at least a little likeable. So a vigil was held, to honor the memory of those lost.

No one expected there to be survivors. But there they were, walking toward the rubble, carrying candles and looking weary. Young slayers and their Watchers, from all over Europe, they had taken sanctuary with the Devon Coven. The Bringers hadn't found them there.

So they left London in slightly better shape than they found it. Giles had already hired a crew to clear the rubble, recycle and reuse what they could (Willow's idea) and began to rebuild. Luckily there were other properties still standing that the council owned, buildings that were big enough to house a bunch of slayers, and a handful of Watchers.


Africa was unlike anything they had ever experienced. It was beyond culture shock for a couple of kids raised in a small southern California town. It was rough going, even in the more civilized parts of the oldest continent. The cities weren't too much of a shock for Cordelia, after all she'd lived in LA for a few years. She'd seen her share of street life, gangs, real gangs, and homeless on the streets. Xander floundered a bit. There had never really been many homeless on the streets of Sunnydale...not for long anyway, they usually got eaten. And real gangs had been nonexistent. But they dealt and moved on, looking for the girls that had been called.

In a way...well, many ways, Spike was the one who kept them both grounded...and sane. He'd seen all of this before, not necessarily in Africa, but other places. He wasn't shocked when some families gave their daughters up willingly for the cause. Or when the others demanded money, selling their daughters to make ends meet. Some families wouldn't give their girls up...unless Cordy was the one talking to them...or Xander in his female form. Supposedly it was proof they were under new management, and a comfort to those in the know that their daughters were in the hands of experienced slayers...not crotchety stuffy old men.


The wilds of Africa were a different story...except for those willing to trade or sell girls. That didn't change, what did change...was Xander. The first night they heard wild hyena's in the distance...Xander's ears perked up and he grinned. Then threw his head back and responded with a series of greeting yips. Spike had raised an eyebrow at his lover and Cordelia assured the handful of girls they'd found that Xander was in fact, not crazy.

The hyenas responded with a similar greeting, closer now...and they kept getting closer. The girls tensed up when the hyenas, about thirty of them actually entered their camp. Each one sniffed Xander about his face, giving a greeting yip which Xander returned with a grin. Then...the entire pack curled up around the fire...letting the young slayers pet them.

The girls stared at Xander in wonder. Then before their eyes Xander shifted...and became a hyena. His form was larger than any of his natural hyena cousins. He was the size of a horse. Hyena Xander yawned and used a disgruntled Spike as a pillow. Cordelia found the whole thing hilarious and her laughter made girls and hyenas alike grin and relax before falling asleep.


The next change happened when they came across a small nomad tribe that was on the run from some sort of big scaly demon. A demon that was intent on eating all of the children. Several of the men were badly wounded from battle and from protecting their families.

It took some doing but they finally managed to piece together what the tribe members were saying. Their dialect was very close to a couple of demon languages that Spike knew. Basically, when it was clear they weren't going to win, the tribe had been given a head start. Two girls in their teens had taken up their dead fathers' spears and ordered the tribe to run. Then they had attacked the demon with a ferocity they had never before displayed.

They made it in time to save one slayer she was only scratched up a bit when they came running in to the rescue. She stood in confusion as the other girls dispatched the demon and hacked it to bits with manic grins.

The other slayer, who had taken up her father's spear in defense of her people...was almost gone. Then Spike knelt at her side, slitting his wrist and offered his blood to her. She refused at first, but a presence alerted them that they were not alone. A group of dogs, whose spots looked painted on had surrounded the demon's corpse. The largest of the dogs approached Spike, changing into a man as it moved closer.

The dying slayer in Spike's arms relaxed as the man pressed his forehead to the vampire's...and then disappeared. Only then did the dying slayer accept his blood. She healed before their eyes and smiled. Still very much human.

Cordy shook her head. “What the heck just happened?”

Xander however, smirked. “Looks like Spike just got a blessing from his very own god.”

Spike snorted. “I would end up an African Wild Dog.”

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