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This story is No. 24 in the series "The Adventures of Xander and Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Here is another Xander/Faith story. Those two just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

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Cartoons > Other CartoonsAesopFR711,032041,59423 Sep 1323 Sep 13No
DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Kaijudo and earn no profit by this.  It’s just for fun.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thanks to Storyseeker for beta-reading this.  Here is another Xander and Faith piece.  I just can’t seem to keep those two out of trouble.  As usual, if you have any comments or preferences, please don’t be shy.  RandR. 










“Well this is another fine mess,” Xander said as he tried, yet again, to pick the lock on his cage.  He altered his voice in a way that let Faith know he was quoting someone, but she had no idea who.  And at the moment, she didn’t really care. 


She put all her strength into another kick.  The door to the cage shook slightly but didn’t give.  “Any luck?  We gotta get out of here ‘fore that freaky demon chick comes back.”


“Workin’ on it,” Xander assured her.


A moment later, their time ran out.  The door opened and the ‘demon chick’ walked in.  Faith glared at her as she shut the door, telling the guards outside she wanted privacy to enjoy her new prizes.  Once the door shut, however, her form blurred and they found themselves staring at a smug looking blonde girl in a creepy looking Goth outfit.


“Hi,” she said in a deliberately chipper voice as she tucked an odd looking mask inside her costume and retrieved the keys from their resting place before unlocking the cages.  “I hope you’re not too attached to this place, ‘cause it’s really time to go.”


“Lead the way,” Xander said, stepping out of his cage.  “I’m Xander, and that’s Faith.”


“Allie.  It’s nice to meet you.  Let’s run.”  She led them out a side entrance to the exhibit hall where they had been locked up and down an empty passage.  Two turns brought them to a door leading out to an outside balcony overlooking the extensive cave network the two demon hunters had originally found themselves in.


“Where do you think you’re going?” a familiar voice called from behind.  Xander and Faith spun to face the demoness that had captured them.


“Aw,” Allie griped, “and we were almost clear.”  She glanced at the two demon hunters.  “Sorry.  Things are gonna get a little messy.”

“Really, dear,” said the dark clad female with the bizarre looking tentacle on her head, in an exasperated tone; “raiding my collection?  Again?”


“Always in a good cause,” Allie defended herself.  “Last time you had a few thousand gallons of liquid catastrophe and no clue what it was.  If even a little of it had been spilled… Well you do like having a palace, don’t you?  There’s no telling what that stuff would have done to Gigargon.”


The demoness looked disconcerted for a moment. 


“The time before that you tried to add me and my friends,” she glared at the demon.  “Living, thinking creatures don’t belong in your collection.”  Her mood suddenly became cheerful again, as if a switch had been thrown.  “So we’re going.  You have other worries.”  As if on cue, the building shook and gave a loud groan.


“What was that?” Xander asked, thinking that the groan did not sound like a building with structural problems.


“Oh,” Allie glanced at him.  “That’s the palace preparing to be sick.  We should go.”


“You poisoned Gigargon?”  The demoness demanded, looking horrified.


“Of course not,” Allie answered sounding offended.  “I just fed it a bucket full of green berries I picked up in the Nature Civilization.  It’s just gonna have an upset tummy for a while.”  The structure shook again and let out another unhappy sounding groan.


The demoness face-palmed.  “Stupid beast, it knows those berries make it sick.”


“Out of curiosity, where’s its belly?” Allie asked sweetly.  The demoness glanced back the way they had come. 


“Oh no.”  She turned her glare on the blonde girl.  “I was happy when you came to see me,” she said in a disappointed tone.  “I thought you were serious about us ‘having our own thing.’”


“I was,” Allie said sincerely, then she smiled, her tone becoming cheerful again, “and this appears to be our thing.”


The demoness rolled her eyes.  “Do you really think I’ll let you leave with my prizes?

 The woman is a mystically empowered human.  I’ve never seen anything like her, and this young man is a source of endless amusement.”


“Great,” Xander muttered.  “From collectible to court jester.”  Faith said nothing, but glared, readying herself for a fight.  A sound behind them caused all three to look over their shoulders.  There was a marionette blocking their exit.  The strings controlling it emerged from empty air.  “Um, friend of yours?” Xander glanced back and forth between Allie and the puppet that looked to have been fashioned in her image.  It carried a wickedly sharp knife and seemed intent on using it.


“Do you like her?” the demoness purred, wiggling her fingers to make the thing slash at the air with its blade.  “I was inspired.”


“Yeah, it’s great,” Allie muttered, angrily “I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out.”  Chipper Allie made another appearance.  “Maybe both.  I’ll decide later.”


Xander realized the phrase must have had some special meaning for the two of them as the demoness’ eyes widened in realization and she spun about just in time for something that looked like a living mass of tar to slam into her and stick her to the wall.  The effect on the puppet she’d been directly controlling was dramatic.  It spun in place before following its mistress’ example and hitting the wall, hard.  The palace shuddered again.


“Really time to go,” Allie turned back to the door.


“Don’t have to tell us twice,” Xander said, leaping over the edge and starting a controlled slide down the gigantic beast’s flank.


“It’s been giggles, ‘mom’,” Allie threw over her shoulder.  “Till next time!” She and Faith jumped and started to slide after Xander.


“’Mom’?”  Xander asked as he struggled not to fall on his face.


“Looong story,” Allie answered as the three of them reached the base.  “I’ll tell you back at the temple.”


“Temple?” Faith asked.


Allie moved through what looked like a kata before gesturing with her gloved hand and causing a dimensional rift to open.  “The one through there.”



The End?

You have reached the end of "Rescued" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Sep 13.

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