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First Day

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This story is No. 17 in the series "The Child of Balime". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When it's your first day as an intern at Torchwood Cardiff, anything can happen. Even this.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralShoshiFR7711,4860163,81525 Sep 132 Oct 13Yes

Chapter Seven

Author's Note: Looks like the Doctor has worked out something the others didn't catch...

(I did, at some point, plan on writing more 3rd Doctor and Alison stories. But I didn't have any inspiration, so it didn't work out. Maybe I'll go back later and write some.)

So ends another story!

Stay tuned for the next story, in which Ria gets married!

A scream echoed through eternity.

Across time and space and the universe.

Not just the rift monsters'. Another scream, just beneath that.

Alison could hear it. Even though she was unconscious. She heard it ringing through her, resonating with such biting misery that Alison felt she needed to race out and help. No, not just that. Something about… that voice… that scream… felt familiar. Almost like…

Alison groaned as she regained consciousness. And found herself looking into the worried, kindly eyes of this gray-haired Doctor.

Alison sat up. Looked around. Back in UNIT, in the 70's. Then... it had worked. Alison had stopped the rift creatures. She'd saved the Doctor! She'd...

She'd torn apart her only means of getting home.

"Are you quite all right?" The Doctor asked her.

Alison tried to jump to her feet. She had to get away! If she could just get far enough away from the Doctor, Seo wouldn't be crossing his time stream, anymore. She could get a lift home! She could...

The world swam around Alison, and she stumbled. "Ow," she croaked, rubbing her head.

"Still trying to run away, I see," the Doctor observed. "A girl after my own hearts."

"I... I have to..." Alison said.

Then she stopped. As the rest of it came back to her. As Alison remembered who had sent her back to the 70's, why, and what it meant.

And realized… whose scream she'd been hearing, in the darkness.

She slumped back down into the medical bed.

"But I can't get back," Alison muttered. She looked out the window, troubled. "She's in trouble, Doctor. She's screaming — I could hear her. But I can't get to her. I can't help her."

"Ah," said the Doctor. "The person who sent you here."

Alison nodded.

"And who would that be, exactly?" the Doctor asked.

Alison hesitated. Unsure what she could even say.

"Your best friend," said the Doctor, "who travels through time. But isn't a Time Lord. Knows dimensional and temporally complex equations no human will work out for centuries. Can manipulate a space-time rift easily. And… for some reason… wants to save my life."

"She's…" Alison faltered. Struggling for words. "…sort of… a guardian angel."

It was the best way to put it, really.

The Doctor put a hand over her own. Looked deep into Alison's eyes.

"We will find her, Alison," the Doctor promised. "If your friend is in trouble, we'll find her and help her." He paused. "As soon as I've worked out a way to repair all the damage you've caused my ship. And can override the Time Lords' limitations."

Alison's cheeks turned red. "I... I'm sorry. About tearing up your space ship. I just..."

"Saved my life and the universe," the Doctor said. "I can't fault you for that."

Alison wasn't sure what to say.

"Of course, until the TARDIS functions, again," the Doctor said, "I'm afraid you're rather stuck here, Miss Korjensky."

Stuck in the 1970's. Alone. With no friends or family. A computer programmer surrounded by computers she didn't know how to program.

"But... what do I do?" Alison whispered.

"Well, you could always work as my personal assistant," the Doctor offered.

Alison shot him a pointed stare. "Thought you said I was an ignorant child who wasn't useful for anything."

"Suppose we can't all be perfect," the Doctor replied, putting his hands into his pockets. "So what do you say?"

Alison forced all her fears behind her. If this was what it'd take to help Seo…

"All right," she decided. "I'll do it. Until we can work out a way to save… my friend… I'll be your assistant." She pointed at the Doctor. "But I won't tolerate your treating me like an ignorant child. You hear? I may not be a scientist, but I'm still clever." She reached into her pocket. "After all. Not everyone can reprogram their iPhone to…"

She stopped. As she realized… her iPhone wasn't in her pocket, anymore.

And the Doctor was looking incredibly guilty.

"What did you do to my iPhone?!" Alison shouted.

In 2008, Cardiff, the Torchwood team gathered round and stared at the computer. Seeing the details of the next month of Alison's life printed before them.

"She becomes the assistant to UNIT's scientific advisor," said Gwen. "Helps him defeat all sorts of alien threats. And then she…"

Gwen stopped reading aloud, as she found the paragraph that Jack had been staring at. The paragraph that all of the rest of them were now staring at.

Owen swore, loudly.

The date was one month from when Alison had first arrived.

"At 11:32 am, today, Miss Alison Korjensky, 18 years old, died… while pursuing a Nimopod alien," Gwen read, in a much softer voice. "A memorial service will be held in her honor."

For a few long moments, no one said anything.

"She died in the past," Gwen breathed. "So we can't ever get her back. That's… their revenge."

Tosh felt her hands shaking. "We killed her," she whispered. "On her first day."

"Like I said," Owen agreed. "That's a record. Even for us."

Jack looked like the world had shattered around him, and he couldn't grab on.

"Hold on… there's more," Ianto said, grabbing up the mouse and scrolling down to reveal the last line on the page. Written in, after the fact, like an afterthought.

One spark of hope.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the UNIT scientific advisor refuses to believe Miss Korjensky is dead. And won't stop looking for her.

The End

You have reached the end of "First Day". This story is complete.

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