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Come What May

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cousins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Sunnydale implodes, several residents of Beacon Hills freak the hell out.

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Part 5/5

Author: Jaded
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf by Jeff Davis and MTV, Buffy by Whedon and Co. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: When Sunnydale implodes, several residents of Beacon Hills freak the hell out. One shot.
Warning: At this point I think most of the fandom has seen them but just in case, spoilers for 309, The Girl Who Knew Too Much and 310, The Overlooked.
Timeline: Timelines wonky like woah. I changed Dawn's age at the time of Glory—she was sixteen going on seventeen. Season 6 never happened, as the Pack's presence helped shift the tide and Glory never got Dawn so Buffy never died. Tara is alive but she and Willow are on a break. Season 7 happened in place of Season 6, so Dawn, Stiles Scott, Jackson, Lydia, Allison, etc. are all finishing their senior year (or helping destroy her school, in Dawn's case) when Chosen happens.
A/N 1: It's been a fun ride! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Part 5

Dawn looked around her new dorm with a sense of excitement and absolute fear. She, Lydia, and Allison had requested to be roommates and luckily, one of the new dorms they'd just built had three-student suites. It wasn't a lot of space, each of them were in loft beds with a dresser and desk below and the one wall next to the bed Dawn had claimed had tiny pidgeon-sized closets. They shared the bathroom with three other girls in the room next door, as well as the front hall but it was theirs. No surprise roommates like Buffy's freshman year—knowing the pack's luck, it would be another were or a fae or something.

Though considering they had a Banshee, a slayer, and a Key sharing a room, they expected a lot of...oddities this year. You simply couldn't tempt fate like that and she not react. But they were willing to risk it.

“Where's this go?” Derek asked, grunting as he and Scott came in with part of the bookshelf set Dawn and Lydia had pestered Xander to make them. It was going in the only place they could fit it, the tiny little space between Lydia and Allison's beds. A mini library just for them.

“In between mine and Allison's beds,” Lydia ordered, pointing. “Don't drop that!”

That last bit was to Isaac, who was coming in with Mr. Argent and the couch the girls had sprung for—just small enough to fit in the little sitting area by the windows. Behind him was Stiles and Cora with the rest of the boxes the redhead brought. Allison and Dawn exchanged amused looks when Lydia began berating the ever patient Isaac.

“Hey girls!” Uncle John said, coming in with Buffy. “Found your suitemates!”

Lydia stopped berating Isaac and turned to the three girls standing in the doorway. Two brunettes and a blonde stood there. “Hello,” Lydia said once the inspection was over. She held out a hand. “Lydia Martin.”

“Allison Argent.”

“Dawn Summers.”

“I'm, uh, Cassie,” the first brunette said. “Cassie Fraiser.”

“Billie Jenkins,” came from the blonde.

“Kate Bishop,” the second brunette said. Her eyes narrowed, leaning slightly to look behind Allison. “Is that a bow-case?”

“It is,” Allison agreed. “I'm on the archery team.”

“So am I,” Kate said, looking pleased. “Can I see?”

“Cassie, where'd you go?” a voice called and those not discussing trajectories turned to the doorway, where a man and a woman stood. “Oh, there you are. These your roommates?”

“Yeah,” Cassie answered, looking relieved to see familiar faces. Dawn knew the feeling, she'd had it when she'd last gone to London and met all the new girls brought in. “Dawn, Allison, and Lydia. This is my...This is Sam and Daniel.”

“Her mother was my best friend,” Sam said, nodding to the girls. “Samantha Carter. Daniel Jackson.”

“This is my uncle, John Stilinski,” Dawn said, jerking her head at where said uncle was helping Derek and Scott fit the bookshelves together. “And my cousin Stiles. He's new this year too.”

“We have a place off-campus,” he said from where he was rummaging in the boxes of books. “Dawn, did you steal my compendium? I can't find it.”

“Where'd you get the shelves?” Cassie asked instantly, seeing them for the first time as Dawn found the book for him.

“My sisters friend made them for us, he's a carpenter,” Dawn answered. She frowned, turning to the other man. “Are you Dr. Daniel Jackson, the linguist?”

“Yes, actually, why?”

“It's my area of study,” she said and he immdiately smiled. “Linguistics.”

“And Anthropology,” Lydia said. She sniffed, which Dawn ignored. She was used to it. “A soft science.”

“Trust me when I say it isn't always,” Jackson drawled and Cassie and Sam both laughed.

“Neither would I,” Dawn agreed, kicking out lightly at Lydia. The redhead ignored her to turn to Isaac, who was trying to help Stiles, who'd started putting all the books in the shelves. No doubt he was making note of which ones to steal himself.

“I take it you two know each other then?” Cassie asked, biting her lip.

“My cousin was in love with her for half his life,” Dawn shrugged.

“She is very pretty,” Stiles agreed distractedly. Half the room snorted.

“We're practically family,” Lydia agreed with a slightly evil smirk.

“You're not funny,” Derek told her, coming out from where he'd finished installing the last bookshelf.

“I'm hysterical,” Lydia replied. “Just ask your boyfriend.”

Derek's eyes narrowed but he didn't otherwise reply. This was nothing new—they sniped about Stiles like this all the time. Scott came out, frowning.

“Please don't do that,” he requested. “I just got him to stop brooding about Stiles being several hours away.”

“Yeah,” Stiles agreed, finally focused on something besides his book hunt. “Wait, what?”

“We're talking about your boyfriends' lack of location in terms of a booty call,” Lydia informed him, to Scott's general dismay. Cassie gave a little giggle.

“I don't want to hear this,” Uncle John said as Buffy snickered. “Seriously, I don't. Stop it!”

“Derek, lets go get the rest of Dawn's stuff,” Scott suggested. “So Stiles' dad doesn't kill you.”

“I'm not going to kill him!” Uncle John exclaimed as the two Alpha's disappeared out the door. To Buffy he added, “Maim, maybe. I still haven't decided.”

“Not funny, Dad,” Stiles said. He looked up and frowned at him. “Besides, your Sheriff, shouldn't you NOT threaten to maim my very legal boyfriend? I'm pretty sure that's in the Sheriff handbook.”

Buffy cracked up laughing as Lydia snickered lightly and then went to show Billie the bathroom and start discussing how she wanted to get some new things for it. Mr. Argent had gotten pulled into the archery conversation by the window. That left Dawn and Cora to look at Cassie and her mom's two friends.

“Welcome to our dorm, leave your sanity at the door if you want to survive,” she intoned. The adults laughed. Cassie looked at the room at large and smiled.

“I think I'm going to like it here,” she decided. “It reminds me of home.”

Cora and Dawn caught each others eye and then looked away quickly.

Somehow, Dawn had a feeling this was going to be a very interesting year.

The End

You have reached the end of "Come What May". This story is complete.

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