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Come What May

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cousins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Sunnydale implodes, several residents of Beacon Hills freak the hell out.

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Part 1/5

Author: Jaded
Story: Come What May
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf by Jeff Davis and MTV, Buffy by Whedon and Co. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: When Sunnydale implodes, several residents of Beacon Hills freak the hell out.
Warning: At this point I think most of the fandom has seen it but just in case, spoilers for the 3B finale.
Timeline: Timelines wonky like woah. I changed Dawn's age at the time of Glory—she was sixteen going on seventeen. Season 6 never happened, as the Pack's presence helped shift the tide and Glory never got Dawn so Buffy never died. Tara is alive but she and Willow are on a break. Season 7 happened in place of Season 6, so Dawn, Stiles Scott, Jackson, Lydia, Allison, etc. are all finishing their senior year (or helping destroy her school, in Dawn's case) when Chosen happens.
A/N 1: Sequel to “A Change Will Do You Good.” Enjoy!

Part 1

Stiles had been happily going through his locker when he felt a pair of eyes on him. This wasn't unusual, he often had a pair of eyes on him at school—his pack were not as subtle as they liked to think they were—but this wasn't them. This had the feeling of a teacher, an adult, studying him and waiting to pass judgment.

He looked over and yup, there was the principal, staring at him through the glass as he spoke quietly to the admin assistant they got to replace Allison's mom.

Then he was surrounded, Mr. Carmichael disappearing from view as Lydia and Danny were rather roughly shoved into his personal space and Ethan, Scott, and Jackson formed a protective barrier between them and the rest of the school.

“Something's happened,” Scott said before one of them could ask. “I don't know what but they're saying the Sheriff’s on his way.”

Stiles swallowed a lump. That was never a good sign. Jackson already had his cell phone out, his fingers flying, and Stiles hoped desperately he was texting Derek.

“If it's a body again I'm gonna...” Lydia started but Isaac cut her off, him and Cora skidding to a stop in front of them. Stiles wondered briefly where Allison was before remembering how dizzy she'd gotten in class—she was probably still in the nurses office.

“It's not a body,” he said and Cora wrapped a hand around Stiles' wrist as the Beta looked directly at him. “Something happened in Sunnydale.”

Stiles felt his entire body go slack and the blood rush from his face. “Oh God. Buffy. Dawn.”

“What do you know?” Lydia demanded, straightening up—she had a bit of hero worship for Willow and Anya, for differing reasons. Willow was a brain like her but Anya was the one to explain honestly what being a Banshee actually meant for the girl. She hadn't tried to sugar coat any of it, as Giles had done when first approached about possibly explaining it—Derek and Cora had only ever known what they'd overheard their parents say and even Peter had not known much beyond what his book had.

“Just what we overhead the teachers saying,” Cora said as Isaac wrapped his own hand around Scott's. “Something happened in Sunnydale, something big—it was on TV.”

“Then we need to get to a TV,” Danny said, looking around. “I think...Mr. James is gone today, he didn't have a sub and this would be his free period. His classroom should be empty.”

“What about Allison?” Isaac asked, looking around before settling on Scott. “Where is she?”

“Nurses office,” Scott answered tersely. “She got dizzy in class, we'll explain what we find out to her later.”

Stiles was in a bit of a fugue state, he knew—the beginning stages of a anxiety attack, if he weren't careful. The only thing grounding him right now was Cora's grip on his wrist—oh hey, there was Danny, doing the same thing on his other side—and he had to get himself under control before he completely lost it. None of the pack liked his attacks. They'd all, even Jackson, had had to bring him back from one in the past, and they found them unsettling. It was an irony he would have laughed at if it was anyone else having them.

He looked up as Scott clicked on the TV (he hadn't even noticed they'd been moving, which was not good). They didn't have to even change the channel, though Scott did a quick sweep through—every single channel was covering the same thing.

“Town of Sunnydale Sinks” read the caption and Stiles head was suddenly shoved between his knees as Lydia ordered him to breath with her, in, out, in, out, in, out.

It took far longer than he'd have liked but eventually Lydia's instructions and Cora rubbing soothing circles on his back got him calmed down. By the time he felt it would be okay to look up again, almost ten minutes had passed. His father was standing in the classroom with Derek, Melissa, and Peter, the four of them talking in low whispers as Scott, Isaac, Danny, Ethan, and Jackson watched the TV. He avoided looking at the screen, instead lurching to his feet and stumbling over to his dad.

“Have you heard from them?” he demanded as Derek reached out and steadied him. “Are they okay?”

“Dawn called me the minute she realized it was on the news, they're in Los Angeles,” he assured him, stepping forward to engulf him in a hug. Which was a good thing, as Stiles legs had just given out. “Buffy was injured, her healing apparently took care of most of the damage but Rupert has confined her to bed rest just in case as they're not entirely sure how her healing managed to deal with it—it was a gut wound, through and through.”


“Perfectly fine, just scratches and bruises from what she told me,” he said.

“What about the others?” That was Derek and Stiles felt almost guilty for not thinking about his cousin's friends.

“For the most part, they're fine,” Dad said and Stiles' eyes narrowed, he was hesitating. He glanced back at Derek and the Alpha nodded slightly at the unspoken question. He turned back to his dad, who was frowning between them. “I really hate when you two do that.”

“What aren't you telling us?” he demanded, ignoring the bit about Derek—there was a lot his dad hated about Derek, the least of which being his ability to talk to Stiles without words.

“Robin, the principal who'd been helping them, he's in surgery, he was seriously injured,” he said. He paused, eyes flickering past Stiles at where the rest of the pack were no doubt staring at him, and then sighed. “Anya and Spike didn't make it out.”

There was a muffled cry he knew was Lydia but he couldn't spare her much more than a thought. “When are we leaving?”

“I have to go help with the disaster relief, I volunteered so I can make sure nothing too supernatural gets noticed,” Dad said and that made an alarming amount of sense, even if Stiles didn't like it. “Chris is coming with me. Melissa is going to take you, Scott, and Isaac to Los Angeles, check in with Dawn and Buffy. Peter will stay just in case the rest of you need an adult, though I'm still not sure he qualifies.”

“You wound me, Sheriff,” was all Peter said in response. He was ignored.

“I'm going too,” Derek said. To the others, he added, “Alone.”

At once, Jackson, Danny, Cora, and Lydia were all up in arms about being forced to stay behind. Only Ethan didn't argue.

“We can't leave Beacon Hills unprotected, without an alpha, while you guys are gone,” Danny's other half said quietly. “I can't do this without at least one beta, but I would prefer more.”

“Besides, your parents would have to sign you out of school and they'd never do it,” Mrs. McCall said and Lydia and Jackson both scoffed. The matriarch of the pack stared them down (and make no mistake, she was totally the mama of the pack, no matter how much the idea bothered and squicked Scott out). “Do not make me call them.”

Even Jackson knew better than to argue with her and Stiles could almost physically see him resign himself to protecting the Hale pack lands while Derek and Scott were gone.

“Alright, Scott, Isaac, go home and pack up overnight bags, you'll meet back at our house in an hour,” Dad said and the boys took off, Mrs. McCall hot on their heels, yelling at them to walk even as she ran to catch up. “Jackson, Lydia, Cora, Danny, Ethan, go back to class,” he ordered.

They did so reluctantly. Peter disappeared silently, leaving Stiles alone with his father and Derek. He finally looked up at the TV, where they were showing an aerial view of what the reporter was now calling the Sunnydale Sinkhole. It was utter destruction—in between all the rock and gravel you could clearly make out support beams, concrete, house roofs, cars, street lamps, everything that made a city a city.

“I'll meet you at your house in an hour, I have to go grab some things,” he heard Derek say behind him as Dad walked over and switched the TV off. Then he walked back and wrapped Stiles in his arms again.

“They're okay, Stiles,” Dad assured him again. “They're okay and you'll see them yourself in a few hours. Breathe.”

Stiles automatically took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly before he nodded and pushed away. “Okay,” he said. “Let's go.”

They had to stop at the front office to officially check him out and found Mr. Argent there with a faintly green looking Allison. “You okay?” he asked and she stepped forward and hugged him. That was when he realized she was trembling.

“Are they...?” she trailed off and he realized she didn't know.

“Dawn called Dad,” he said and he could feel the trembling ease—she and Dawn had become email pals because sometimes, Allison just needed to vent to someone not actively in the pack who understood. Danny apparently did the same thing. “She and Buffy are fine. Anya...Anya and Spike didn't make it out though.”

She had issues with both of them, Anya being a former demon and Spike being...well, Spike. So he was somewhat surprised when he felt a little bit of wetness soak into his shirt. And that Allison's hug was starting to get uncomfortable for him. “Uh, can you loosen up a bit—you're squishing me.”

“Dawn's going to be devastated,” she murmured, letting him go and wiping at her eyes. “Where is she?”

“Los Angeles, Mrs. McCall's taking me, Scott, and Isaac,” he said. “Dad's volunteered to help with the...the crater.”

“Dad is too, he told me,” Allison said. “Said at least some of the responders need to know what actually happened there.”

“Yeah, pretty much,” he agreed.

“Allison,” Mr. Argent called then and the two teens turned to him. “Do you want to go with to LA?”

“Yes,” Allison answered swiftly. “Can I?”

“I don't think Melissa'll mind and it saves us trying to figure out where you're going to stay while your dad's gone,” his own dad said. “I'll call and let her know.”

The two of them exchanged looks before they both gave tiny smiles.

Since Dad had found out about the supernatural side of Beacon Hills, he, Mrs. McCall, and Mr. Argent had taken over parenting of the pack. All of them answered to Mrs. McCall as a mom and even Derek would sometimes listen to the Sheriff (never Mr. Argent though, and not even the hunter in question blamed him). Stiles, when the teens had been lectured by all three of them at the same time (an experience none of them were keen to repeat), had described them as the Parental Trinity and the name had stuck.

They left then, Mr. Argent taking Allison and promising to have them at the Stilinski's in forty-five minutes. Stiles and his dad split up—Dad had to go finish clearing himself for volunteer work at the station and Stiles was to head home in Betsy so he could pack for them both.


They'd split into three vehicles. Dad and Mr. Argent went in Allison's dad's truck, Mrs. McCall took Scott, Allison, and Isaac in her car, and Stiles went with Derek. Dad wasn't happy about that but he didn't actually argue about it so Stiles was considering it a win.

Dad and Argent led the way, with Mrs. McCall behind them, and Derek and Stiles coming up the rear. At the last red light, when he and Derek got stuck at it and the others didn't, Derek finally reached over and threaded his fingers through Stiles' and squeezed reassuringly. The alpha didn't say anything, just held his hand, and Stiles fell a little bit more in love with his sour wolf.
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