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31 Days of Scoobyween

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Summary: Buffy finds quite the interesting book at Ethan's on that fateful Halloween with 31 short stories inside.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenChunkmanFR213263,04938842,4991 Oct 139 Feb 14Yes

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Monks and Aliens

Buffy looked at the awkwardly placed pumpkin and as it shouted she just as quickly put it back. Willow came up to her in a smile with a bag. "What'd you get?"

Willow opened the bag revealing a ghost with boo on it.

Buffy sighed. "Word of advice?"

"Not spooky enough?" Willow asked.

"You're never going to get noticed if you keep hiding." Buffy replied. "You're missing the point of Halloween."

Willow smiled. "Free candy!"

"It's come as you aren't night. The perfect chance for a girl to get sexy and wild with no repercussions." Buffy answered as her eyes lit
up in excitement and sometimes you just need the right costume like this. "How about this one?" She said holding up a costume for her
Willow's face nearly drained of color. There's supportive and then there's... that. It looks like a green bathing suit with a stick. "Buffy! It's a little revealing don't you think?"

Buffy shakes her head. "No, I mean it looks like a bathing suit but, you'll be a dish, honest."

Willow looked it over. "I just don't think it will be me."

Buffy shrugged and that Charlie Brown is what Halloween is all about. "And that's the point. Look, Halloween is the night that not you 'is' you, but not 'you'. You know?"

Willow looked up and got an idea maybe one that will make Buffy back off as she grabs a costume for her. "I'll tell you what. I'll do it, if you will too?"

Buffy looked in the package it's the same exact suit as Willows except her clothes are blue and her stick is two war fans. Buffy thinks it over and then decides to support her friend even if she doesn't want her to from the look on her face. "Deal"

Willow let out a quiet whimper as an Englishman came up to Buffy.

"You know we have a much fancier princess outfit."

Buffy looked at the blue getup. "This is a princess outfit?"

"The blue one yes, the green one is her bodyguard I believe." Ethan replied. "I also have their boyfriends if you're interested."

Buffy smiled having an idea. "Oh yeah, very interested."

Willow looked at her. "Why are we interested?" Ethan handed them out. Willow held one costume and Buffy held another.

"Xander and Angel" Buffy replied like it should have been obvious. "You and Xander can spend some time together, and me and Angel can have a nice normal Halloween like normal people."

"Assuming Xander doesn't pick the one that's your boyfriend." Willow answered.

"I don't pick who's boyfriend?" Xander asked walking up to the two miffed a five year old beat him to the toy gun.

Willow held up the two costumes. "We're buying costumes for you and Angel. Pick one."

Xander looked at the costumes and immediately chose the one Willow was holding. "That one, it comes with a cool hat that can hide my face. I don't want people knowing I was hanging out with Angel all night."

Ethan smiled well the slayer won't be helpless but it should be interesting.

Buffy and Willow came to Buffy's house after they dropped off Angel's costume and honestly she thinks Xander let Angel have it because of all the red that was on it. It will be a nice change from his usual black. Buffy smiled sliding her blue one piece up thank god mom is out of town. She grabbed the blue heels and put them on along with the blue gloves. She takes her war fans and puts them on each side as she grabs her mask and wraps it around her mouth. Buffy looked in the mirror and smiled if she looks this good she can't wait to see Willow.

She hears a knock on the door and comes down and opens the door for Xander seeing him in blue pants and some sort of black monk shirt with bracers on his arms and a hat that covers his face.

Xander took his hat off and curtsied out stretching. "Princess… Buffy... what did you do to your hair?" Looking at the slayer's now raven black hair.

"It's dye" Buffy answered. "Came with the clothes and washes out in the shower."

Xander nodded as both turned to a sound upstairs that was a scream.

"Willow!" Xander quickly ran up the stairs and Buffy decided to take her time having a good idea as to what Willow screamed about. It burned her too but she's a slayer.

Xander ran right in and Willow was holding her eyes. "What happened?"

"I burned myself with the dye can you get me a towel?" Willow pleaded.

Xander nodded and grabbed a towel and gently dabbed it on her eyes.

"Don't rub." Willow pleaded.

Xander dabbed the on her eyes gently getting the dye out. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I did it for Harmony when me and Jess had those crazy crushes on her and Cordy freshman year."

"At least one of you wised up. Although I can't exactly say I'm surprised by Harmony's status as a blonde." Willow quipped.

Xander threw the towel aside and now he had his first view of Willow. The green one piece and matching gloves and boots showing her arms and legs how has he missed her. "Wow, Willow…"

Willow shyly put her staff at her legs. "Yeah, nice"

"I was going to go with beautiful, but also nice." Xander said dumbly.

Willow looked at him. "Can you help me with my mask?"

Xander smiled holding it and turned to his friend, his very good friend, get your head on straight Harris. "Mask, mask of Willow"

Willow smiled seeing his hand go up. "You alright?"

Xander playfully tied the green string into a knot and stopped as his fingers ran up Willow's cheeks.

Willow looked into his eyes as her heart fluttered in her chest not being this close since the ice cream at the end of summer. Xander moves slowly towards her and Willow's head tilts closer to him as his lips brush against hers.

Xander quickly realized what he was doing and who he was doing it with and pulled away. "Sorry, I shouldn't have... I..."

Willow cut him off pushing her lips to his in a gentle kiss no way is he apologizing for this. It lasts a little longer but they break apart again looking each other in the eyes both seeing what they needed as Willow wrapped her arms around his neck and Xander wrapped his arms around her waist pulling them closer together as their kiss deepens passionately.

Buffy walked up wondering what's taking them so long. The slayer's eyes widened as she saw the scene and Willow broke up the kiss as they needed to breathe as Buffy mumbled out. "Wow, I mean I didn't… what… when…" She regained her calm and focused on Xander. "That's not how you described Willow's lips!"

"Kind of unexpected on this end too." Xander agreed. "Buffy I..."

Buffy realizes she likely just walked in on the first one. "Oh, we still have a half hour before Snyder... Xander I was wondering if you'd ever wake up." She realizes what she said sounds like a crazy person damn it she's so happy for her friends it broke her. "I'm going to go watch TV, really loud so you two just... I can't hear anything." Buffy shouted as she ran down the steps.

Xander smiled looking at his best friend. "So do you want to talk about this?"

Willow shakes her head. "Not enough time to talk only a half hour." Xander goes to leave but Willow grabs his hand. "Doesn't mean I don't want to do the other thing. As long as it's with me and not this." She added pointing to her costume.

Xander smiled and pulled her close remembering the end of Summer when he almost kissed her but Buffy came back and he becames obsessed again until she pretty much slammed the door on any chance of the two of them with her little slut dance. "No, it's you Wills, sorry I took so long to cross the finish line and realize it."

With that the two went back to where they were when Buffy cut them off for a half hour. Willow frowned having to put her mask up over her mouth. "How do I look?"

"Amazing" Xander answered. "Kind of surprised you'd wear something like this though."

"Buffy burned my Boo." Willow answered. "So are you ready to go?"

Xander smiled and kissed her gloved hand. "After you, my lady."

"Thank you kind sir."

Buffy smiled looking at her two friends as the door opened revealing Angel with a long black hair wig covered with a red headband, in a red wife beater with following it up with black pants and a red stripe running down each leg.

Xander did all he could to not laugh. "You look like a deformed Bruce Lee."

Angel smiled seeing Willow elbow him in the ribs but it was gentle Angel took a moment and smelled the difference between the two, good for them. Maybe now he can get some peace from Xander. "And who are you supposed to be top hat?"

Buffy rolled her eyes alright enough. Buffy did a spin. "So what do you think?"

Angel took a moment and looked her over dear god he shouldn't be having these thoughts. "You're beautiful."

Buffy looked at him with a smile. "So you prefer this as opposed to me dressing up like a woman in your time."

"Yes, especially since they were all empty headed morons, kind of like like 17th century Cordelias." Angel replied as he wrapped an arm around Buffy and Xander wrapped his around Willow as the two new couples went to pick up their kids.

Buffy took a breath as they are meeting Xander and Angel at the end of the block, She honestly doesn't trust them beyond that to not kill each other. She smiled as her and Willow lower their heads as something new takes over. Buffy sees a demon rush and grabs one of her now steel war fans cutting it in the stomach and scaring it off.


The princess of Edenia turned and saw her oldest friend shimmer in blinking white light as she ran up to her.

"Jade, do you know what's going on? Are we being invaded by Outworld."

The green dressed assassin shook her head. "Look to the sky Kitana we're back on earth realm."

Kitana looked at it and wondered how she got here. "How did we get here?"

Around the corner two Shaolin monks are fighting off demons being careful not to seriously hurt them. Kung Lao knocked one demon down and watched the last three go after Liu Kang as earth's greatest champion easily fights them off. Kung Lao took off his hat and threw at the last one coming towards him cutting the demon's leg as it fled in fear while Kung Lao caught his hat, He recognizes the look in his friend's eyes and frowns. "I hope your girlfriend is worth the trouble Liu Kang."

Liu Kang didn't say a word and once all the demons were unconscious the two ran across the block running into Kitana and Jade.

Kitana smiled seeing him. "Liu Kang?"

Liu smiled and hugged her excited about seeing her again before kissed her knowing full well he can't be with her on Edenia as she wished. Jade and Kung Lao looked at each other and roll their eyes in mutual disgust at the scene their friends are making. Liu Kang and Kitana at their finest and them without any insulin.

The four looked and heard a chuckle as Spike comes out with a group of fake demons.

Spike smiled looking at the poof. "Well look at you Peaches, hanging around with children looking like Bruce Lee."

Kung Lao looked him over curiously he was not aware Liu Kang knew Billy Idol. "Friend of yours?"

Liu Kang shakes his head. "Never seen him before in my life."

Spike smiled seeing the slayer just as confused. "I'll just eat and run."

Spike ran at the slayer as Kitana pulled out both fans and started rapidly spinning the vampire into the air. Jade rushed up and impaled the vampire through the stomach on her staff. Kung Lao smiled and threw his hat at an angle as it curved downward and to the right cutting off his legs. Kitana used her fans and cut off the vampires arms before closing them and shoving them into the vampire's eye sockets. Liu Kang's hands lit on fire as he shot a fireball at what was left of the vampire ending him.

The four kombatants stood as the sun rose and Ethan's spell came to an end of natural causes after they fought all night to protect as many as possible. Buffy shook the cob webs off and came to a smile, slayers might have combat instinct but she now has ten thousand years of fighting prowess along with Willow who just smiled. She turned to the boys as her eyes rose in horror.


She ran over and saw the vampire enjoying his first view of sunrise in over two hundred years. "Angel you're…"

"Pale" Xander filled in.

Buffy looked at Angel who was practically glowing. "You're alive."

Angel smiled ordinarily this would scare the hell out of him but he remembers everything Liu Kang knows as a little fireball appears in his hand and he quickly extinguishes it by closing his fist. "I'm human, but I still have the power to protect you."

Xander smiled as he teleported from his spot to right in front of Angel. "If it means anything you'll still be Deadboy to me."

Angel glared at him and disappeared in a haze of green smoke as a dragon emerged from it ready to make a snack out of the teenager.

"Angel, for the love of all that is holy you're Angel." Xander answered as Angel became human again. He walked over to Willow and snuggled in close. "Besides, you're not a demon, and I had my eyes open. As long as you're actually a human you're Angel."

Buffy smiled this has been a great Halloween. Xander and Willow are together, She and Angel are together, and to top it off Angel is human.

All four are taken out of their bliss for the moment by Harmony screaming as she comes out of the alley with a horribly disfigured mouth. "What did you losers do to me?"

"What did you dress as?" Xander asked wigged out.

Harmony looked herself over. "I saw what Buffy and Willow were dressing as I figured I'd make it cool and those two look like the dweebs they are."

Buffy sighed seeing Harmony's now Tarkatan teeth. "Well, at least now we know who dressed up as Mileena."

Author's Notes

Mortal Kombat is owned by netherealm studios

I was going to have it end with Buffy accidentally killing human Angel by kissing him but I chose against it.
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