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31 Days of Scoobyween

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Summary: Buffy finds quite the interesting book at Ethan's on that fateful Halloween with 31 short stories inside.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenChunkmanFR213263,04938842,5011 Oct 139 Feb 14Yes

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Buffy looked around the new shop putting down the shouting pumpkin that spooked her. She looked down and saw a big black book with an orange Scooby Doo face on the cover. She opened the first page read the title and looked at it confused. "31 days of Scoobyween?"

Buffy's eyes widen seeing a picture of her Xander and Willow. She hesitates for a moment about getting the other two but changes her mind. Knowing her luck the book will disappear if she leaves to get them so she turns the page and started to read the book.

Author's Notes

The following depicts thirty one times the scoobies dressed as something different for the Halloween episode.

1. I don't and will never own Buffy or any of the costumes they're wearing in case I forget in the chapter.

2. This will contain violence, character death, and beyond.

3. Spike is the villain of the Halloween episode if you're a fan of him these might not be for you.

4. Enjoy and Happy Halloween
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