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This Switch Won't Turn Off!

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Summary: Semi crack story: Faith doesn't use the body swapping device on Buffy.

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Chapter Thirty Four

Tarot shivered slightly as Willow drove a power stealing dagger into her heart, well a copy of her heart. Even if the duplication wand that duplicated hearts was extremely useful it was still creepy. “That’s still creepy.”

Willow stared down at her blood covered hands and the damaged heart in her hands that was leaking blood into the sink in her lab. “It’s less creepy than transferring our souls into a magical gourd and combining a copy of our bodies to update our magical abilities.” She tossed the heart into a box for testing then washed her hands with soap and hot water.

“You might have a point there. You’re welcome to peek into my head to check on how to use the magical abilities you just copied.”

“Thanks.” Willow reached out with telepathy and copied a basic understanding of Tarot’s item world power as well as her warlock abilities. “Okay, I think I’ve got it.” She pointed at the test dummy and used her new warlock’s blast on it.

Tarot smiled as she watched Willow’s purple blast of energy miss the practice dummy and hit the back wall of the lab. Luckily there was nothing on the walls behind the practice dummy other than heavy duty metal plates designed to take abuse, “I’m going to call that a win even if you didn‘t hit your target, you still managed to create the blast.”

Willow chuckled, “I just copied the basics because it‘s easier and will probably stick with me with some practice, I hope.”

“Probably, at least you have the basics down.” She brought her hand up and unleashed a blast of magic at the practice dummy that tore it in half. “You’ve got a ways to go before you’ve mastered it.”

“Show off.”

Tarot snickered then said, “Now for the real test, can you open an item world?”

Willow turned and looked at the group of android raiders standing at attention, “Are you ready?”

The lead android said, “Yes.”

“Here goes nothing.” Willow walked over and grabbed a blood sample from their unaltered copy of Hermione. Tarot had already loaded it up with all of the specialists that it could hold so that the sample got the maximum boost from running through its item world. She focused her magic and opened a portal to the blood sample’s item world. “In you go. Make sure you subdue all of the specialists you run into.”

“Yes sir.” The ten raiders charged into the portal.

Tarot giggled as the last of the androids ran into the portal. “And now we wait.”

Willow closed the portal and said, “If this works…”

“Then we’ll have to copy all of the group’s collection of warlock abilities and maybe jump to a Dungeons & Dragons world so that we can collect abilities from dragons and other warlocks.”

Willow grinned as she pictured running around dragon hunting, “That could be fun. I was actually thinking that if this works then we’ll have to upgrade a bunch of different magical creatures so that we can get stronger magical powers when we transfer them.”

Tarot said, “If we’re lucky some of the monsters might drop vials of magical blood as loot.”

Willow smiled, “Which we’ll have to enhance and then grow in the lab to see what happens.”

“I think we need to get you a mad scientist t-shirt.”

Willow giggled, “That reminds me, at some point I want to upgrade an operating system or perhaps a power ring.”

Tarot said, “We should probably avoid sending any of the androids into that first item world. Upgrading a Power Ring will most likely toss horrible monsters at us. I‘d rather wait until we have more magical power.”

Willow pouted for a couple of seconds then replied “I guess you’re right.”

“You’ve got plenty of projects to keep you busy for a good long while.” Tarot smiled as she pulled Willow into a hug, “Let’s just relax while we wait for the androids to get back.”

“I’ve got a bed in the other room.”

“Yes, yes you do.”


Dawn glanced around at the group of friends assembled in the meeting room on their island, “Dragons.”

Giles said, “Are dangerous creatures.”

Andrew said, “They also might be our best source for immunities. We’ve managed to get immunity to fire and cold off salamanders but that only takes us so far. We could probably get lightning and acid immunity without too much trouble by copying a dragon‘s heart. Not to mention that we might be able to acquire some breath weapons.”

Xander asked, “Immunities? I thought the dragons were just semi magic resistant beasts here.”

Andrew said, “They are here but that’s a different story in other places.”

Dawn asked, “What world were you thinking about?”

“Io’s Blood Isles.”

Dawn asked, “Why does that name sound familiar?”

Xander laughed, “It’s from a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s world.”

“The Council of Wyrms one?”

Andrew nodded, “Yes.”

Giles looked at Dawn and asked, “Is it possible to get there by portal?”

Willow said, “We can always try to shoot for a similar world.”

Dawn said, “From what I remember about that world it had a heck of a lot of dragons living close together. Andrew has a point, the dragons there have fantastic magical powers and immunities or at least they do in the game world.”

Xander said, “I’ll be the voice of reason for once, are you sure we want to go there? Even if we can jump to a version of the game, from what I remember the place has a god watching over it.”

Andrew said, “So we slip in and duplicate some baby dragons then we get out of the world before anyone realizes that we were even there.”

Dawn asked, “Does this mean you’re volunteering?”

Andrew nodded, “Of course, it gives me a chance to duplicate some elves and half dragons.”

Willow said, “Why?”

“They have some interesting abilities and I’d love to have a chance to study their genetics.”

Willow said, “I’ll open a portal if you want to go there.”

Andrew nodded, “I‘ll go see who I can recruit.”


Danielle frowned as she looked up at the massive dragon city she could see in the distance, “I’m not sure I like this idea.”

Andrew said, “If you help we can be done in less than twenty minutes, that means that we can get out of here before we run into a problem that we can‘t handle.”

“Fine, I’ll teleport them in, you blast them with the duplication wand then I teleport the original back to wherever I grabbed them from.”

Andrew held up the duplication wand, “Exactly.”

Danielle reached out with her telepathy and scanned for an exceptional young gold dragon to copy. She was rather pleased to find an exceptional baby gold after only five minutes of mentally combing the city that’s only real ’flaw’ was being hated by several council members because he had a sense of humor that was ’unbecoming’ for a gold dragon. “Incoming.” She reached out with her teleportation power and pulled the dragon to their location.

The dragon looked startled as he appeared in an unfamiliar area, “This isn’t the library.”

Andrew blasted the baby gold dragon with his duplication wand.

Danielle scowled as she realized that dragons seemed to be immune to the wand’s ability to knock things unconscious. Thankfully the dragons seemed more interested in looking at their duplicates than they were in attacking anyone.

Both of the dragons looked at each other and asked, “Where did you come from?”

Danielle reached out and teleported the original back to his previous location then tossed the copy through Dawn’s portal with her telekinesis. “This is going to complicate things.”

Andrew said, “We’ll just have to keep them small.”

“And we should probably hurry up.” Danielle reached out with her senses for her next target.


Faith walked into Willow’s lab and asked, “How’s your project going?”

Willow glanced up from the lab results, “It’s going well. How is Andrew’s dragon project coming?”

“We copied the dragons into androids so that we could stop worrying about them trying to kill us. I’m just glad that we didn’t try to capture any adult dragons the children were bad enough. Andrew is still trying to weave everything together into a super dragon but we managed to acquire some new abilities and immunities which is great. Which brings us back to your project.”

Willow shrugged, “The upgraded mutagenic formula seems to give stronger and more terrifying abilities than the original formula which is both good and bad.”

“How safe is it?”

“We’ve managed to create 105 stable super powered Hermiones with various power sets out of the 110 attempts to administer the formula.”

Faith blinked a couple of times, “You lost five Hermione copies?”

Willow sighed, “The luck potion ran out. Nothing seemed wrong at first but the last couple of copies went crazy or fell apart. I got blood samples before they fell apart or went crazy. I’ll probably have an android team run though the samples to see if the flaws can be fixed then we’ll see what happens when we try to clone them.”

“Was Tarot still going to do some mix and matching?”

“That’s the idea.”

Faith said, “We should probably see about spinning some children with her blood and another donor.”

Willow said, “I’ll talk to our nymph Paige. Then we’ll see about running some androids through the blood sample’s item world.”

Faith asked, “I almost feel sorry for the wizarding world.”

“Read the books again, they’re broken in the head.”

“You’ve got a point.”

Willow asked, “How crazy do you want to get with the dragons and making half dragons?”

Faith grinned, “We’ve got several planets and moons to fill. Andrew wants to see about jumping into a Lord of the Rings world and stealing some elf blood to create an elf world. Having a dragon world sounds amusing.”

“If it works out then we could send some of the dragons to Jack’s world or maybe an army of elves.”

Faith smiled, “I’m glad we came here.”


“It’s nice to have a place where we can relax without worrying about some god tossing his or her weight around.”

Willow nodded, “At some point we’re going to have to deal with the Powers That Be Stupid.”

“I’m not really sure I want to go back…”

“We don’t have to go back any time soon but eventually I want to go back and kill the Powers and the demons on the other side.”

“Do you think we’ll be able to?”

Willow said, “Considering some of the stuff we have and some of the people, we could probably win right now. That said, I’d rather wait a couple of years and then crush the Powers beyond all hope of them coming back.”

Faith asked, “How is Buffy doing?”

“I think she’s an item world addict which is nice because the droids aren’t able to handle everything.”

“We could always upgrade to the Indigo android.”

“Considering how dangerous the robot is I’d want to make damn sure that the personality was stable before I considered anything like that.”

Blitz said, “I suggest waiting until I have a chance to look over the current item raiders before we consider transferring someone into a copy of Indigo’s body.”

Willow said, “Sounds good. I should probably get back to work mixing and matching the various Hermiones for the next generation.”

Faith nodded, “If you want a blood sample for the next generation, I’m willing to donate.”

“I’ll get the magic needles.”

“On second thought…”

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