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Five Times We Fell (In Love)

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Summary: Five AUs for the "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" pairing Audrey/Vinny. AUs include: Fantasy, Military, Space, Superheroes, and Flower Shop

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The First AU: Fantasy

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Atlantis is owned by Disney.
A/N: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

The First AU: Fantasy

Vinny isn't the most emotional person in the world but he loves his job. Loves the danger, loves the flying - most of all though, if there is one thing he loves about riding atop a dragon for a living is the fire.

He knows it should be all about duty and protecting people - he has been lectured incessently about it - but there is a childish glee fills him when he feels his mount inhale and can smell that sulfur. Because he knows what comes next - the explosion of light and sound and heat and......

....just joy. Boom. It's wonderful.

He hears another sound over it this time though, somehow mixing with it (somehow managing to make it all even better, something he had thought impossible) - a laugh of pure joy right before Audrey's arms tighten around him. It's not out of fear, he can tell that almost instantly because it's a rough bear hug, conveying her utter happiness and excitement in the moment.

It gives Vinny the confidence then to do what he hadn't dared during the whole flight from town to the firing field - he turns his head enough to look at her. Because he has alwasy known Audrey was tough and had worked hard to get a name for herself among the smithies until she was almost as well known as her father had been (as well known as her sister was amongst the knights) - and the fact that she was a woman simply didn't matter in the face of her skill. But this wasn't really about that.

Vinny didn't care how tough she was, didn't care that she was a woman - well, he did but not for any reasons concerning her skill with a hammer. It was because he....well, he liked her. A lot. Had for a while.

But, he had had relationships go bad before because of his work. Very very bad. But he knew he couldn't leave it - for anyone. Would end up resenting anyone who asked him to. This feeling he got, when he looked out at the fire - it was a part of him.

So, Vinny had to make sure anyone he wanted to even try to have a relationship with - especially anyone as important to him as Audrey - understood this part of him now so it didn't lead to any hurt feelings later.

He never wanted to hurt Audrey.

But looking at her face in this moment hurts in a different way. She is smiling brightly, her dark eyes reflecting the glow of the still burning fire. He can feel her body pressed so very close to his, feel the tickle of her thick hair on his neck, from where it fell over onto his shoulder during the flight.

He swallows hard and can feel her watching, can feel the dragon coast along on wind currents, the rhythmic movement of muscles underneath them both as wings move.

"I love fire," she leans forward and whispers softly into his ear, in a low voice, like it's a confession, but paired the tone with a mischievous smile. And he doesn't know it it's the words or the feel of her breath against his ear lobe (or the fact that she presses her body even more firmly against him as she says it) that make him shudder - something he knows she must feel. And looking at her, sharing this with her, he is ok with that.

More than ok.

And he thinks it's safe to say that she's alright with his job too.

But before they land, they blow up another target - to much cheering and laughing from his companion.

Once on the ground she kisses him and it makes Vince feel like a dragon himself - capable of flight and joyous destruction.
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