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Xs and Os

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Summary: Buffy is brought back but things aren't the same. She isn't sure what to do but having lost everything knows she needs a job. Surprisingly, one comes knocking at her door.

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Nothing But The Truth

10 - They walked into the Hyperion at 9:45; both were dressed in black from head-to-toe, and carrying large duffel bags. They were relaxed but alert and ready for the night's mission.

"Wonder where everybody is?"

Buffy looked at the deserted lobby in question. She wasn't sure who lived at the hotel other than Angel and Cordelia. Thinking of them seemed to cause them to appear, the couple walked down the stairs. Cordelia had her arm linked through Angel's, while she sent Buffy a condescending look then turned back to her lover.

Angel showed up in their bedroom several hours later to apologize to Cordy. He begged for forgiveness then showed her how much he meant it. She was happy and confident he had finally snapped out of his funk and realized she was the one for him.

I knew he'd come around, and finally admit his feeling. Soon everything will be perfect. Buffy will become a bad memory for the both of us.

"We're ready to go whenever you are, Angel." Buffy's voice was businesslike, while she held his eyes and X's hand.

Angel glanced down at the clasped hands then back again. "Let me grab my coat and we can go."

Cordy stopped him from walking away. She slid up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing his head down to her waiting lips. She devoured his mouth, pressing her body flush against his. She reminded Buffy of those annoying dogs that humped your leg, and you just couldn't shake them free.

"For luck and to remind you what's waiting for you at home," she said in a loud stage whisper everyone could hear.

"Don't worry, Cordy, I have every intention of coming back. There are so many things I want to say to you."

He grabbed his coat quickly moving for the door. "We can take my car, its parked out back."

Buffy looked at him closely; something was wrong here, but she wasn't sure yet what it was.

"We brought the bikes; we'll follow you in case we need to leave separately. Are we going in front, back, top, under, where?" X responded, watching Angel closely. Something was off here, and he wasn't going to have their only transportation dependent on this vampire.

"Suit yourself; there's a building directly across the street from W&H. You can get to it from one block over; meet me in the ground basement." He swept out of the building, his coat billowing behind him.

Buffy and X moved toward the door, their thought running along the same line. Was getting Angel's help with this mission going to come back and bite them in ass. They stopped when Cordelia called after them.

"Oh, Buffy, if he gets hurt, I'll find a way to make you pay."

X let out a soft snort, when he saw Buffy roll her eyes at the threat.

"Whatever, Cordelia; he's a big grown vampire who can take care of himself. If you're through beating your chest, we have somewhere to be."

Cordelia's eyes narrowed as she watched them exit the hotel. She wasn't about to allow some nobody like Buffy Summers to dismiss her like that. Before she could think, another nasty thought a vision hit: her body crumpled to the ground as she clutched her head as screams repeatedly tore from her throat.

Wesley and Gunn walked in half an hour later to find her passed out at the foot of the stairs. Blood from her nose and ears marred her face. They rushed over to her checking her pulse.

"She's still alive. I don't understand it. I thought her vision didn't affect her like this anymore. Gunn, call an ambulance, while I try to get her to respond."

Gunn took off for the office. Wesley tapped Cordy's face lightly, when that received no response, he slapped her hard. Cordelia groaned; her hands came up to rub her temples.

"Cordelia, can you hear me?" Wesley asked.

"Of course I can hear you, Wesley, I'm not deaf."

She pushed him away as she sat up; her hand felt under her nose to come away with blood on it.

"What, the hell, is going on, Wesley? Why are the Powers doing this to me? The visions aren't supposed to hurt anymore. Wesley, I haven't floated or glowed, nada in over two weeks." Tears slid down her cheeks as fear raced through her body.

"Let me call Lorne, perhaps there's something he can tell us if you sing for him. Do you know how long you were out?"

Cordelia looked at her watch and her fear grew larger. "About a half an hour," she mumbled.

"What did you see in the vision, Cordelia?"

She didn't want to tell him. Cordelia didn't want to say the words for fear it would come true. Buffy and Angel were in each other's arms in the sunlight. He kissed her and told her he would always love her, had always loved her, no one else. Then she saw flashes of Angel's life - him making love to a blonde with long hair, a wedding and a child's cry. Cordelia couldn't stand it; Buffy was about to walk into her life once again, and take everything.

"Cordelia, what did you see?" Wesley demanded. "Your visions are messages of what is going to happen. If you don't tell us, we can't ensure they do. Now, no more posturing, tell me what you saw, immediately."

Cordelia was shocked at Wesley's vehemence. He had never spoken to her like that before, no one had really. Lorne walked into the hotel at that exact moment. He watched the power struggle between the two friends with surprise.

"Hello, my little cheese doodles. Why all the bad karma in the air?" he joked.

"Lorne, I'm glad you're here. We found Cordelia passed out and bleeding. She refuses to tell me what she saw. We need you to read her to find out why the pain has returned."

Wesley was telling Lorne something with his eyes, which he quickly understood. If Cordy sang, he could read not only her, but her visions as well. A certain fact she wasn't aware of - yet.

Angel led Buffy and X through the tunnels underneath the Wolfram & Hart building. He finally stopped below an elevation shaft. The problem was the bottom-most part was over twenty feet straight up and the walls were solid steel and slick; there was nothing to use as a handhold. X dropped his bag at his feet quickly digging through it. Angel watched with interest as he pulled out some type of gun with a large barrel.

"You can't fire that in here. It'll bring Security down on our heads. I knew you shouldn't have come with us."

X just ignored him as he aimed the gun up the shaft. Pulling the trigger, a low pop sounded, followed by another, seconds later. A net spread out above them with a long rope descending from its middle.

"After you, beautiful lady," X smiled at Buffy.

She grabbed the rope easily pulling up hand-over-hand. X pulled something out of his bag and pitched it to Angel, who caught it reflexively. Angel looked down at the small square package.

"You said they can detect you're a vampire. Put it over your heart, and you'll radiate the same thermal scan as a human. It even looks live your heart's beating."

Angel reluctantly applied the device, hating that Buffy's lover was so helpful. At the top, they crowded together while Angel explained they had to pry open the plate to get to the doors. They found themselves on the twenty-first floor of W&H. Angel took off at a fast pace toward the stairs. Lilah Morgan's office was on the twenty-eighth floor. Quietly moving up the seven flights of stairs, Angel listened at the door before moving into the hall.

"If anyone comes, I'll take care of them. You two just get the information."

He slipped into the large office at the end of the hall. Surprise was clear on his face, when Buffy moved to the computer and quickly started to type. Angel didn't think she even knew how to use one since Willow had always handled those tasks.

"I'm in now to find Mr. B-Bomb. Xan, I need a second set of eyes and the scanner hooked up."

Pulling out a small device no larger than a palm pilot, X attached it to Lilah's computer. "We're lucky, our two big bads are just part of her regular customer list. Not nice people, but nothing supernatural. Trying to access some of those files sends my spidey sense crazy, not to mention they need some kind of access key. Ah here he is, there's a meeting set up for Tuesday at 1:00 with all three. Now, let's see if we can get anymore on him, like a picture."

Fingers moving over the keyboard, a few seconds later up popped a picture of a slender non-descript man. He looked like anyone you'd see on the street. Buffy sent his information to the scanner and logged out.

"We got company, from the clicking of the heels, I'd say its Lilah. Just hide and let me handle this. I'll meet you back at the hotel."

Buffy and X moved under the desk as they listened.

"Angel, what do I owe the pleasure?" a sultry voice asked. Lilah looked him over and noticed something different about him. "I don't see why you insist on breaking in here; it's not like you can get to anything useful. You wouldn't be coming here just to see little ole me now, would you? I thought you were enjoying having your seer in your bed. Don't tell me you're tired of her already. What's the matter, Angel? Won't she let you do those yummy things vampire so enjoy during sex?" Lilah taunted, sending him a Cheshire smile.

She sashayed toward him, eyes hot as they roamed over his body. She had always wanted a ride on this particular vampire. Her hands moved of their own violation to caress his body.

Angel picked her up slamming her against the wall as he pressed his body into hers. "Oh, Lilah, are you saying you want to make an alliance with the enemy? What would the Sr. Partners say?"

He let his fangs scrape her neck as she moaned. Lilah wrapped her legs around his hips. Angel's hand smoothed up her leg to find only smooth bare skin.

"Now why would you come into your office so late at night with nothing under your clothes? Or, is this how you always are? Do you really practice law here, Lilah, my girl or is it another much older profession?"

She moved to scratch his face when he caught her hand. "Ah, let's see what treasures you hide under all that spite," he purred.

Buffy shivered, he sounded and acted like Angelus. I have to hide here while they do it against a wall? I'm so telling Gibbons, I better get an extra bonus for this.

X had to hold her back when she heard Lilah shriek followed by tearing cloth. They only heard heavy panting now then a thud on the desk. Paperwork fell to the floor in front of them as they watched misc. items shoot down to the floor.

"I want you right now, Angel," Lilah huskily demanded.

Bending forward over her body, Angel held her hands above her head. With his other hand, he motioned for Buffy and X to leave. He started stroking Lilah's body to a fever pitch as she writhed and moaned on the desk. Her head thrown back, baring her neck for him. Moving as if he were going to mount her, Angel shoved the computer off her desk.

Buffy and X slipped out closing the door at the exact moment the computer crashed. They moved swiftly back down the basement to their waiting motorcycles. As they sped away from the building, Security rushed into Lilah's office. They found her tied spread eagle on her desk nude. The four security men weren't sure how to approach the usually hostile lawyer; she wore a very satisfied smile on her face. Angel wasn't far behind Buffy and X, he had only stayed long enough to give Lilah a nice little bite to remember him.

Fred came down when she heard the commotion. Seeing Cordelia's face, she quickly went for first-aid supplies. Cordy insisted on canceling the ambulance, no matter what anyone said, she wouldn't change her mind. After taking some pain medication, she was finally prepared to sing for Lorne.

Buffy and X slipped into the hotel not expecting to see everybody in the lobby. A few minutes later, Angel slid up behind Buffy. He couldn't help but drink in her scent. His hand brushed down her back, causing her to start. She pressed into X's side as he glanced over to see what was wrong. Buffy gave him a short shake of her head.

X met Angel's eyes over Buffy's head; his eyes grew hard as he stared into the others man's face. Angel moved away from Buffy, afraid he would do something even more stupid. Cordelia unaware of the added audience warbled out their theme song of 'We are The Champions'.

Lorne grabbed his head and would have hit the ground, if Gunn hadn't caught him. The street fighter dragged the large demon over to the couch and gently laid him on it. Wesley and Fred exchanged glances that showed the obvious concern for their friend and the situation. Everyone heard Lorne's groan and turned around to find him shakily sitting up, still holding his head.

"Cordykins, what have you done to make the Powers so angry at you?" Lorne asked, hoping his friend would confess.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Lorne. I haven't done anything. I get the visions then tell what I see ,and we go fix the problem." Cordelia truly didn't regard ignoring the Buffy portions as wrong.

"Honey, there's more to it than that, isn't there? Come on, we're your friends here. It's just us three; tell us why you didn't tell us everything you saw in the visions?"

"You tricked me. You didn't care my brain is once again leaking out my ears. No, you just want to know about her, just like high school. Just like Angel, it's all anyone cares about whenever she's within ten miles. I mean what is it about her that's so special. She certainly isn't prettier than I am, or more interesting; so what is it, TELL ME!" Cordelia shouted, ranted and marched around them. Her face grew redder by the minute, as she raged.

"Fine, you want to know. I saw her die, return, kiss Angel, and saw him in the sun, making love to her, a wedding and a baby crying. Are you happy? I had to watch Buffy Summers sweep in, and once again steal the life that's rightly mine. If she would have just…"

Buffy moved forward and asked, "What, Cordy, stay dead? Sorry, I couldn't accommodate you, but I wasn't given much choice on whether or not to get dragged from heaven." Freed gasped, and Wesley put his arm around her. "But as far as the rest, you could have saved yourself the pain and humiliation. I'm not in love with Angel any longer and he knows it. Oh and Cordy, I can't have children; so, your Powers weren't showing you me. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a bomb to stop."

"Buffy, wait!" Angel rushed after her.

Ignoring him, she walked out the door with X. Angel pulled the door open to see them headed for their bikes. He still couldn't get over seeing Buffy on such a powerful machine. She just threw her leg over the seat and fastened on her helmet.

Angel quickly walked over to her and put a hand on her arm. "Buffy, please, won't you talk to me?"

She started the bike then looked at him. "You need to clean your house, Angel. I don't know if it would have helped if you had known what she didn't tell you. It really doesn't matter anymore, just don't let her interfere with this mission. It's too important and too many people will die this time Angel, not just me."

Revving the engine, she pulled off down the road but X just edged his bike forward. He bumped Angel with the tire shaking him from his thoughts. "If that bitch in there causes Buffy to get hurt. I'll kill her myself."

He took off after Buffy who was driving like a bat out of hell. No matter the time of day, the streets of LA stood nearly at a standstill from traffic. Buffy swerved in and out, passing cars with mere inches between her and them. X finally caught her when they were only a mile from H.Q. When they pulled into the garage, he was off his bike and at her side in seconds. Buffy threw her helmet across the parking lot into a wall causing it to shatter into a million pieces.

"Damn her selfish soul. Glory captured Dawn, and I almost didn't get there in time, Xan. She knew they were supposed to help us, but because of me, she didn't say a word."

X pulled her into his arms as he tried to comfort her. He tried not to think about the harm the seer had done or could have done. He just held her until she quit shaking in anger.

Buffy looked up at him. "I guess I'm not a very good agent, huh? I keep letting my emotions get in the way."

X kissed her lips. "I think it makes you a better agent. You care; that's half the problem with all the other ones - no heart. Let's go see what we can find on the buyer."

He pulled her into the building, and kept her moving so she didn't have to think about the drama they just left.

Angel walked back into the Hyperion. Ignoring everyone else, he wrapped his arms around Cordy hauling her face up to his. "Is there anything else? Tell me," he demanded.

Cordelia struggled in his grasp, trying to get away from him. "You're hurting me, Angel. Don't you understand I love you? I always have and you love me too. It was Buffy who caused us problems. Admit it, you were happy with me. In my arms, in my bed, it wasn't her you slept with night after night it was me. Me, Cordelia Chase. I'm the one who gave you everything."

He laughed harshly, "Everything but the truth. Do you even know what that is? How can you even say you love me when you don't even know me? If you did, you would know I wouldn't gamble with innocent lives for my own sake. If that were true, I never would have left Buffy. Now, tell me the truth, damn you, before I snap your pitiful neck!"

"You wouldn't dare! I'm your link to the Powers, without me you're just a broody vampire without a mission. You would all be lost without me," Cordelia snapped at him.

How dare he say that to me. I work for the Powers.

A bright light lit up the lobby. When it faded, there stood, Skip in all his metal glory. "I knew it was a mistake letting her become a seer. Too damn greedy deep down, but the one who passed it on saw something in her. He thought she could become something more," Skip stated as Angel's team stared at him in wonder.

"You mean Doyle?" Angel asked wistfully. He missed the Irishman, more every day.

"What do you mean, tin man? I'm a great seer for the Powers." Cordelia squirmed in Angel's arms still unable to accept any fault. He suddenly dropped her as if her skin burned his hands.

"Sorry, doll, but you just aren't cutting it. Powers hoped some pain would kick your butt back on track but it didn't see to work. You don't have any choice; you've received all the visions you're ever going to get."

Cordelia screamed, "No, they can't do that." She started to protest but seeing Skip's face, she stopped. "Fine, then give me the other life, the one I turned down. I'll show you; I'll show everyone. Now, I'll become a big star, everyone will know me."

Skip sighed, why do these lower beings always think they're going to get 100 chances. Well here goes nothing. "The Powers have something else in mind for you. So, if you're ready, we can get this show on the road."

Cordelia waited for Angel to protest her leaving but he didn't say a word. With a loud 'Humph' and her nose in the air, she strolled over to Skip and put her hand on his. "Take me to my new future, Skip, this one has gotten so last year."

Lorne tried to stop her. "Cordy, wait you don't…" Skip sent the Host a hard look, and his shoulders slumped in defeat. There was nothing else he could do for her. "Good luck, Cordy."

She swept from the room with a turn of her nose. "I'm not going to need luck, just you wait and see. You'll be sorry I'm gone; that you let me go." Cordelia glared at Angel as they disappeared in a flash of light.

"Now, I'll never know what she saw." Angel shook his head. "That isn't quite true, Angelcakes. I can tell you what you need to know," Lorne explained as Angel looked at his green friend with hope in his eyes. "Was Cordy right? Will I get Buffy back?"

Lorne shook his head. "That wasn't what her visions were trying to show her. Cordelia let her hatred of Buffy cloud the way. You're supposed to help her stop the sell, Angel. You were meant to be there to help her fight against that hell god. She wouldn't have died if we would have helped, and you would have been closer to your Shanshu. We're going to need to be at the old warehouse on Tuesday at 3:00. Everything is going to happen then. Just remember, your job is to stop the bomb, nothing else matters."

Lorne left the hotel quickly: he couldn't tell the others Cordy's fate. He really couldn't believe what going to happen to her. She should have known better than to mess with Powers; he only hoped Angel would listen to him.

They brought in the buyer; an extremist, who had grown tired of the way the government treated the elderly. His name was Deacon Campton, a 45-year-old software analyst that lived with his mother until last year when she became gravely ill. Because he made too much money, she wasn't eligible for government assistance. He loved his mother but he felt the government should pay since they had both paid taxes all their lives. He decided the country needed a good old-fashioned war.

Buffy and X watched the inner-workings closely. It turned out he did all his business with W&H via fax and telecom. Buffy didn't think a simple replacement would work so the lab was working up a prosthetic mask for an agent to wear. The agent would pose as Campton for the legalities. When the delivery took place, they would scoop up the bomb and Katrina.

They ran through all the possible agents available to impersonate Deacon, and finally found someone with his height and body type. Everything was finally in place, while Buffy and X listened, as arrangements to meet at an old shoe factory were set into play.

Katrina was excited; this was going to be her big pay off. She would make enough money never to have to deal with these 'people' again. Pulling into the abandoned factory, Katrina got out and waited. She looked at her watch 2:55, with a large smile on her beautiful face she posed against the front of the vehicle.

A black sedan pulled to park a few feet away from her. The driver's door opened and out stepped Deacon Campton. He moved in front of his car and mirrored Katrina's stance.

"Show me the bomb," his voice was gravelly, as he demanded to see the merchandise.

Katrina nodded and the van's door slid open revealing a large crate. "Now if you would be so kind as to provide confirmation of the money transfer, Mr. Campton."

Campton walked forward with his palm pilot in hand. "Tell your man to leave the van and wait by the doors. I'll meet you in the middle; when you confirm the transfer we'll exchange keys and we will conclude our business."

A large muscular man stepped out from inside the van. He carried a small machine gun in his hand. Katrina told him in French to move to the doors but be ready. Buffy and X moved from their hiding place. The van blocked their movements while other agents circled the warehouse's perimeter. When Katrina's muscle stepped into the open area, he was quickly disarmed. The agents quietly told him there was a sniper rifle aimed at his head. Angel, Lorne, Gunn and Wesley hid on both sides of Campton's toward the front of the warehouse.

Katrina looked at the transfer to her Swiss bank account. She used her own palm pilot to watch the money show up in her account then she looked up with a huge smile. "It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Campton."

Everything that happened next was almost laughable if it weren't so serious. A flash of green caught Katrina's eyes; she dropped her palm pilot with a clatter as she drew a gun from behind her back. Katrina pointed it at Campton's head. "What is the meaning of this? Who is here?"

Campton tried to see what she was looking at over his shoulder. "I don't know what you're talking about. Is this some kind of a double cross?" The confusion allowed Katrina's man to make a dash for the building's interior.

Gunn tackled him at the same time Angel and Wesley moved to take out the others. Buffy and X saw the mass confusion and tried to stop the AI team. X moved to help Gunn, while Buffy went for Katrina.

Wesley found himself on the ground looking into a pair of blazing eyes. He thought he would die here as he felt a gun shoved under his chin. "I don't know who you are but don't move." Wesley froze in place.

Katrina seeing Buffy shrieked. "You! A little twit like you thinks you can catch me." Buffy froze when Katrina aimed the gun at her. Waving the barrel toward the van, she motioned for Buffy to move closer to the bomb. Katrina noticed her help knocked out on the ground. "I see I'll have to clean this mess up myself."

Buffy's body tensed, at the exact moment the other woman looked away, she made her move; in a burst of speed, Buffy was directly in front of Katrina, her hand grabbing for the gun. The other swung toward her head in a knock out punch. Angel saw the two women fighting and started toward Buffy.

"Angel, the bomb, remember the bomb," Lorne screamed. By the Powers, let, him listen for once.

He must have heard Lorne's prayer because he moved toward the large crate. A shot range out in the warehouse that echoed in the empty building. When everyone looked to see who had fired and who was hurt. Surprise showed which was which, and quickly grew into worry and fear.

Screams echoed while Angel tore at his hair and chest. "Aah. No!" He fell to his knees.

X ran to Buffy, who was joined by Campton. The prosthetic mask was pulled off to reveal - Gibbons. Buffy moved to help Angel, but Gibbons grabbed her. X's arms quickly replaced his.

"Babe, you can't get too close. We don't know what's happening to him."

She buried her face in his chest as she hugged him tight.

"He's becoming human," Lorne told them as he watched Angel's metamorphosis.

"But how?" Buffy whispered against X's chest.

"A prophecy said he would attain his humanity when he atoned for his past," Wesley answered, brushing off his clothes.

The screams finally died down; it was only then they noticed the large hole in Katrina's chest. The sniper took her out the moment he saw the gun and had a clear shot. Katrina's bullet would have hit the bomb causing it to detonate if Angel hadn't stepped in. The bullet hit him directly in the heart, and his Shanshu began, as his vampire body died and was replaced with a very human Angel. He felt as if his soul was being ripped from his body, which was very close to the truth. The Powers pulled his soul clear, stripping away the curse while he changed. Angel staggered to his feet once again feeling his heartbeat.

Walking toward Buffy, he stopped in front of her, and exclaimed, "Buffy, you're safe and I'm human; we can be together, now."

Buffy sadly shook her head at him. "No, Angel, we can't. You need to let me go, please." She looked up at X and softly smiled. "I love someone else and want a life with him."

X bent down to kiss her. "'Bout time you figured it out, babe. I mean how long does a guy have to wait?" His eyes twinkled as everyone but Angel laughed at the lovers.

Angel walked out into the sun. He had won the prize but lost what he wanted most. He stopped when Buffy called after him. Joy filled him, thinking she had changed her mind.


He stopped when she walked up to him, pulling his head down to hers; Angel held her close savoring the taste of her sweet mouth.

"I'll always love you, Buffy. No matter what. It's always been you."

"Learn to live, Angel, it's quite wonderful. I hope you find someone who can be what you need. Good luck and Good Bye."

She ran back to X's waiting arms, where he spun her around then kissed her passionately.

"I love you, babe. Let's go home and I'll show you how much."

Angel watched them walk off together then started walking back toward the hotel with his head down.

"Angel, is that you?" She couldn't believe he wasn't burning in the sun.

"Oh, Anne, sorry I was lost in thought. How are you?"


On a private island in the pacific, Buffy walked to the water's edge with two drinks in her hands. She only wore a short sarong and her golden skin had darkened from the sun. A loud splash was heard when a baldhead broke the crystal blue water's surface. X walked from the water, revealing the fact that he wore no suit. He took the drink from Buffy, swallowing it in one gulp.

"Xan, those are strong," she protested.

"Well I better do something to burn off the alcohol."

He captured a bare nipple in his mouth. Buffy groaned at the cold from the drink on her heated skin.

"You're getting me all wet."

Lifting his head, he grinned. "That's the idea, babe." He pulled off her sarong and let his eyes roam over her bare body. "Let me show you this area over here."

He threw her over his shoulder while his fingers caressed her bare bottom. Buffy's hands caressed his muscled back, while she tried to reach further down his body. He laid her on a two-person lounge, and followed her down to show her exactly what paradise felt like.

"Oh, for goodness sake, do I really have to watch this? I mean they're like rabbits," Cordelia yelled.

The scene changed to Angel on a date with Anne. Cordelia watched 'her' vampire mooning over a blonde-haired person with long hair.

"That's how this shit started. If it weren't for Buffy, I wouldn't be in this hell."

Cordy pounded on one of the four white walls, while scenes of Buffy's life showed repeatedly while people talked about the Slayer, praising her courage.

Cordy pulled on her hair, as she looked up to shout. "How long are you going to keep me here? People are going to worry about me. I'm Cordelia Chase, and you can't do this. Wesley and the others will look for me."

The scene changed again to show the Hyperion. Fred, Wesley and Gunn were laughing and joking around. There were teens everywhere since Angel had donated the building to the shelter. Wesley and Fred looked at each other lovingly. Gunn's old posse worked at the shelter now, and one beautiful young woman, named Jasmine, seemed to have caught Gunn's eye.

One of Gunn's old friends asked, "Hey wasn't there someone else that worked with ya'll?"

All three friends looked at each other in confusion. "Nope, just us and Angel."

"What about me? How could you forget me?" Cordy screamed then sat down on the floor to watch while her history was rewritten. A vampire killed her the summer before Buffy came to Sunnydale, and Harmony Kendall ruled Sunnydale High.

"No, its not fair, its not fair," she babbled. "I was there, it was me, Queen C. I was the queen. Me, I'm the queen, I'm the queen."

Buffy and X lay in each other's arms in the shade. "This is a pretty good life we have here. I think I'll stay around to see how it ends."

~ The End ~

The End

You have reached the end of "Xs and Os". This story is complete.

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