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Summary: Xander meets a Soldier Boy and the World changes for all those around him

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Supernatural > Xander-Centered
FreddyfrmelmstFR1826,3274198,7379 Oct 135 Jan 14No

part 2

Hunter Part 2
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy/Supernatural or Charmed or any other Crossovers you see here.

Xander smiled as looked at the stunned look on his friend’s faces.

“Xander you can’t cure a Vampire.” Giles told him firmly.

“Red bound book second row top you’ll see a blue post it on the top of the page.”
Giles flew to the footlocker and pulled the book and found the entry Xander was talking about.
His eyes flew over the pages and found a history of a type of Vampire he knew nothing about.

“Incredible if a person that is turned into this type of Vampire as long as they haven’t drunken Human Blood they can be returned to humanity by injecting the cure or by drinking it they will be sick afterward and it will be painful but they will be human.”

“What about the second type that can be cured?” Willow asked.

“Black Bound Journal first row top green post it.”
Willow dove over the table to grab the book and found the page.

“The Forsaken a Vampire Subgroup created by the Hell Knight Abaddon at the Siege of Antioch when a group of French Knights made a deal with the Demon. 8 Knights murdered a 9th and drank his blood to seal the deal. A Vampire of this type any bite will infect the bitten with the Vampire Virus. The Virus can be suppressed with a series of Drugs. Any Infected person will be cured of the virus if the source of the virus is killed before they completely turn. Warning a Vampire of this Breed can only be killed on Holy Ground.” Willow read out.

“Is there anything in there that can make Angel human?” Buffy asked. Turning to Xander with a look of pure unabashed hope in her eyes.
Xander looked her in the eye.

“Not that I’ve found yet Buffy I’m only a quarter of a way thru those books plus Daniel had a few hundred more in a Storage Locker in L.A. that I have got to get. But there maybe something. Daniel wasn’t just about Hunting he wanted to save as many people as possible.”

“Xander this books detail many types of demons I’m not familiar with can you leave them so I can study them?” Giles asked as he read thru the book Xander had shown him.

“Sure Giles. I’m heading to L.A. this weekend to get the rest from the Locker and anything else of use.”

“Do you need me to come with Xander?” Buffy asked.

“I’m not going to do any shopping Buffy.” Xander told her.

“Xander how could you even think that my Volunteering to accompany you had anything to do with…..I’m sorry I can’t get thru that with a straight face either.” Buffy laughed.

Xander stood at his locker gathering his books when he felt a pair of eyes burning into the back of his head.

“Can I help you?” Xander asked.

“Xander can I speak to you in private?” came Harmony’s voice. Yet today it was oddly subdued.

Xander nodded and walked with her to an Empty classroom.

“What’s this about Harmony?” Xander asked genuinely curious as to what could bring Harmony to him for anything.

“I know about the Supernatural now. On Halloween I wanted to go as a bad ass so I asked my geek of a cousin who was the baddest female
hero he knew was and introduced me to a comic heroine Rachel Van Hellsing. “

Xander winced as he heard the name. Rachel was the Granddaughter of Abraham Van Hellsing from the Dracula Novel and a master hunter of Vampires in her own right she had even Helped to Destroy Dracula herself but when the count had resurrected she was attacked raped murdered and turned by Dracula and forced to be his undead sex slave and partner. Eventually she was freed by the X-men when they killed Dracula and her undead life was ended by Wolverine.

“I see you know the name.”

“It rings a bell.” Xander admitted.

“The memories I’ve gotten from her allowed to see the signs that you are a hunter.”

“Among other things.” Xander smiled.

“Oh we all have other things.” Harmony gave him a small smile in return.

“I want you to help me get into fighting form. I need to hunt.” Harmony told him her voice like steel.

“Meet me at the Java Pump after School I’ve got a place where we can go to get you into fighting form.” Xander told her as he headed for the
door. “Harmony wear something you can hunt in.” Xander told her as he left.

“A Junkyard?” Harmony asked as Xander pulled his car into his Uncle Rory’s Junkyard.
Xander smiled. “Yes a Junkyard no one around for a ways no one to hear loud noises like Gunshots over the Machinery.

Harmony nodded as Xander drove into a Warehouse at the back of the Yard.
Stepping out of the car Harmony was impressed by what she saw a firing range, a gym, an armory and even a storage area for spell components.

“I am impressed.” She told him.

“It’s been a few weeks in the making but it’s enough to start training.” Xander smiled as he walked towards the gym area and a wrestling mat.

“Let’s see how much of a Muscle memory you have.” Xander toned as he stepped on to the mat.

The pair sat on the mat both of them breathing heavy a smile on their faces.

“You got some moves on you Xander.” Harmony smiled as she stretched out her arms.

“I am a Hunter Harmony. Gotta be quick or you’re dead.” Xander told her.

“That’s true.”
Xander chuckled as he got to his feet.

“What do you say practice again tomorrow afterschool?”
Harmony nodded.

“Sure I…. I want to say thank you. I know I’ve been a Bitch to you almost my whole life but I need this and you didn’t have to help me but you are.”
Xander gave her a small smile.

“Harmony I understand you feel like you need to do something, you have this knowledge of what is out there, and you also have the pain of Rachel’s memories. I can’t tell you that it will be all better anytime soon but I’m here if you need to talk.”

“I’m not ready to talk about it yet but thank you for the offer.” Harmony thanked him.

“No worries Harmony but I am going to ask you to please not to go out hunting yet. Not on your own. I’m sure you are going to go out hunting even if I ask you not to. I know I would all I ask is you not go out there alone, at least not yet.”

After taking Harmony home Xander drove to the library where the Scoobies had gathered to go over the books in the locker he had left with Giles.

As he entered the library he could hear Giles on the phone in his office.

“Listen to me you bloody nitwit this young man has delivered to me a treasure trove of information and I need help. There is information here on types of demons that we have never seen before and then summon including ways to trap and kill them. He even has a history of the War in Heaven that saw the Angels cast down and how they became the first demons, Written in Enochian complete with translations. I have the bleeding Angelic Rosetta Stone in hand and you are telling me Mr. Travis is unavailable because he is having his afternoon tea. Good God man take your head out of your Arse and have him call me immediately if not sooner.” Giles yelled as he slammed down the phone.

“Problem Giles?” Xander called out.

Giles stepped from his office looking like he was ready to kill.
“Just an annoying little prick named Wesley that won’t put me thru to the head of the Council because he was taking a tea break.

Xander nodded.
“Listen there is something you need to know about. Where are the girls I should tell them too?”
“Buffy and Willow are making a snack run, what do we need to know?”
Xander leaned against the main table bracing himself for what he was about to explain.

“It’s Harmony she had the memories of a Vampire Hunter from the comics’ one that was raped and murdered by Dracula. She knows I’m a hunter and she wants to hunt herself.
She seems willing to take it slow right now but by the look in her eyes Giles I think if we try and keep her out of this she will do a suicide run and go off on her own and try and kill as many vampires as she can.”

“Good Lord.”

“Yeah I worked out with her a bit earlier today. She seemed open to taking it slow and getting ready as long as it is working towards hunting but I don’t think we can stone wall her completely given what Willow and I were like getting into this.” Xander admitted.

“You are becoming more sensible and responsible every day my boy and quite frankly it scares the piss out of me.” Giles laughed.
Xander let out a laugh at that.

“Good one G-man.” He smiled.
Buffy and Willow entered carrying donuts and coffee.

“Hey Xan what’s up?” asked Buffy.
Xander began explaining Harmony’s new interest.
“So Harmony’s gonna hunt huh?” Buffy asked.
“Yep.” Xander answered.
“Is this going to be a thing now the blond cheerleader that becomes a hunter because of something supernatural? It sounds likes a cheesy TV show that should be on the WB after that show about the guy that’s nuts that makes the stuffed rabbit talk.”
“You just don’t like the WB because of Michigan J.” Xander smiled at her.
“Never I mean never mention that name in front of me again Xander.” Willow snarled as she went thru a full body shiver.
Xander turned to Buffy and Winked.
“Hello my baby hello my honey hello my rag time girl.” Xander sang in a passable Michigan J Frog voice.
Willow looked ready to kill.
“Wow Xander I don’t think I’ve ever seen Willow that pissed before.
Xander winked and held up a package of ding dongs.
Willow smiled. “You’re forgiven.”
Buffy blinked. “You really know her too well sometimes.
“Now that the floor show is over can we do some research?” Giles asked.

A week passed as they went through the new books Xander had brought to the group. Every day they went through the information in them. Buffy hoping that they would find a way to make Angel human again. Giles and Willow seemed to be in their element. Xander seemed to be making notes on a pad as read a book and Buffy she was bored. The phone ringing shattered the quiet friday night research party as Giles went into his office and answered the phone.

“Hello Rupert.”

“Hello Mr. Travers. Glad you got my message.”

“Yes I am sorry about that Wesley is a good researcher but a bit of a toady. I am working to break him of that.”

“I understand that one of the Slayer’s friends had become a Hunter. And he has brought you a large amount of new information.”

“Yes sir I am currently reading an Account of the War in Heaven that saw the Fall of Lucifer and the birth of an entire race of demons that we have never dealt with. There seems to be three fronts to our War against the Darkness and Council and the Slayer are only fighting on one front sir.”

“Incredible. I am sending Diane Dormer from Boston and Wesley my assistant to you they are the best researchers on staff at the moment. I want you to brief them and together go thru those books and document everything you find I will be calling the full council together to tell them of this revelation I want the three of you to make a formal report on everything you discover as soon as possible they should be in Sunnydale in two days time. Rupert thank you for finding this I will get things rolling right away. Good Day.”

Giles was semi-numb by the time he got back to the table and told the others what was going on.

“So what did you mean that there are three side to this fight Giles?” Buffy Asked.

“Xander could you explain it I am only partly thru the account myself and you did mention before that you already know the story.”
Xander smiled.

“Once upon a time. There was darkness and God said let there be light. And God created the Heavens and the Earth, and the Universe. But the Darkness was not empty. It was filled with evil. These Forces of Evil were lead by Satan the Master of all that was Evil. God and his creations the Angels battled the Forces of Satan until Lucifer God’s favored Angel struck Satan down and destroyed his Body. But only his body, Satan’s Black Soul his Source of Power and his Spirit survived.
His Source of Power was claimed by Lucifer as a prize for destroying him. Satan’s General took his Black Soul for himself becoming the Strongest of the Demons that existed. And God banished his Spirit to another dimension.

The General waged war against the Angels until him and all his remaining kind where banished to the Underworld. Then Lucifer was fully corrupted by the powers of Satan and God cast Lucifer Down into the pits of Hell and sealed him in a Cage with 66 Seals to prevent him from escaping then all the Angels of Heaven that had sided with Lucifer against God were cast down into the pits. Where they became demons.
The Spirit of Satan returned with Demons from other Dimension and became known as the First Evil. The Slayer and Council battling against Him and his minions.
Satan’s General has become known as the Source of All Evil or The Source and he and his Forces are battled by the World’s Natural Born Witches and Whitelighters or Guardian Angels.
And the Last Group the Fallen Angels of Lucifer and their follows are combated by Hunters those who have seen the Darkness and Fight against ordinary Men and Women that have decided they cannot sit back and allow this evil to rein. “

“Wow been practicing that have you?” Buffy asked

“Well Giles does have this pretty epic speech about Demons, I am talking about how the Devil as we know it came to be you need some drama for stuff like that Buff.”

Buffy smirked a bit. “True and it does sound better with a British accent.”

“That is true.” Xander smiled at Giles.

Xander looked over at Giles who looked back at him. The Message was clear. Make plans to get the rest of Daniel’s books as soon as possible.

“Xander I must say we need to get the rest of these books as soon as possible if I we are going to go thru them.”

“Yeah I know Giles. I’m going to talk to Harmony tomorrow and see if I can get her to go with me this weekend and get them, you know kind of ease her into the group slowly. She is going to want to jump right into this and I to talk this out with her some more. Plus I want to make contact with a few of Daniel’s contacts that could be useful to us in the future.”

The group continued to study Xander’s new information will into the evening.

As the group got ready to break for evening patrol Xander come across a small note in the back of one the books.

Opening it he found that it was written in Enochian.

“Buffy head on without me I’ve got something hear it’s written in the language of Angels and it was loose in the book I want to see what it says.” Xander told the Slayer as he motioned for Giles to look at what he found.
Giles came over with the book he dubbed the Angelic Rosetta Stone and began looking at the paper Xander was showing him.
Slowly the pair of them worked out what was written on the paper.

“Good Lord.” Gasped Giles.

“You ain’t just whistling Dixie Giles.” Xander stated as let out a breath.

“Hello Boys.” Came a voice from behind them.
Xander and Giles spun around to find Harmony in the door way.

“Don’t do that.” Giles yelled.

“Who dropped a scorpion in your shorts?” Harmony asked as she walked over to the table.

“We found a message in one of Xander’s books. It’s written in Enochian.” Giles answered.

“The Language of Angels?” Harmony asked as saddled up next to them.

“Right in one Harmony.” Xander answered as he cracked a book and grabbed a note pad.

Two hours later Buffy and Willow returned with Angel and Oz in tow.

“Xander why didn’t you tell me Oz was werewolf?” Willow demanded.
The sound of scribbling on paper, the rustling of pages and the slurping of Coffee was all that answered her.

“Hello.” Buffy yelled startling the trio who were researching.
Giles took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Good your back any trouble on your patrol?”

“No just a few newbie Vamps what’s haps here Giles?” Buffy asked.

“The holy grail of demon fighting weapons Buffy.” Harmony answered as she stood up passing her notes to Xander.
Xander flew thru Harmony’s notes then his and Giles.

“Screw the weekend Giles you are calling Harmony and I in sick tomorrow and we are going to L.A.”
Xander told them firmly as he passed the pad over to Giles.
Giles eyes widened as read the notes.

“Quite right Xander.”

“WOAH STOP FREEZE SOMEBODY TELL US WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON? Willow yelled then immediately blushed.

“What the Fudge?” Angel asked

“She couldn’t swear if her life depended on it that’s our Willow.” Smiled Xander.

“Cool.” Oz chimed in.

“So can you tell us what you three in such a state? Whatever it is sounds important by the looks of you three.” Willow asked.

“The paper we found is a map encoded in Enochian. It’s a map of a store house that belonged to a Secret Society. It’s a satellite from their main base. It’s the main base for a team of Hunters they funded and supplied information too.”

“The Men of Letter?” Angel asked.
The room stopped as they all turned to Angel.


“What do you know about the Men of Letters Angel?” Giles asked.

“They were like the Watchers but instead of a Slayer they used human hunters they were wiped out by Abaddon in the 50’s Hunters have been looking for their store houses ever since.” Angel told them.

“Harmony pack your stuff for a long week we are going to L.A. at first light.” Xander told her.

“Right meet you here at 6am and we will take the Charger to L.A.”

“Yeah and pack for hunting who know what it will take to get to this base.”

“Wow why are the two of you going and not all of us?” Willow asked her hands on her hips.

“Ok Willow 1st. We have Cars to get there.” Xander answered.

“2nd. you and Buffy have parents that would miss you. Mine are in Vegas til next week.

“3rd. Mine couldn’t give two shits even if they were sober.” Xander answered.

“4th.We can read Enochian.” Harmony added.

“And 5th and lastly we know what we can handle guns. You and Buffy can’t or rather won’t.”

“Guns don’t work against demons.” Buffy countered.

“Forgetting about the Enchantress?” Giles asked.

Angel turned to Oz. “Do you get the feeling we missed something”
Oz could only nod.

“Look guys this is recon. Harmony and I are going to go and check this out once we find this place then we will bring you there. Odds are we would need to borrow Oz’s Van to move that stuff here.”

“Fine you go but you call when you get there, you call when you go looking, you call when are done looking, you call when you find it, you call if you don’t fine it, You call when you are coming back understand?” Buffy told them firmly.

“Yes” Xander and Harmony told Buffy as the Pair raced out of the library like it was on fire.

“Ok Can I ask what the hell just happened here?” Angel asked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hunter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jan 14.

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