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The Staff of Apep (popped P)

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Tri-State Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Investigating a possible demon attack leads to places no one expected.

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Multiple Crossings > General(Current Donor)RavanneFR18818,73026211,31312 Oct 132 Jul 14No

‘Must Remain Buried for All Time’

What part of ‘Must Remain Buried for All Time’ didn’t you understand?

Major Carter glared at me every time she thought I wasn’t looking. It might have worked better if not for her bloodshot eyes and the way she winced at every noise louder than a whisper. Like all Slayer’s enchanted weapons my sword would zap anyone not a Slayer who tried to grab it. Since most who would want to use our weapons against us were likely to be demonic in nature the zap was pretty potent. It would probably be another day or two before her headache from Hell dropped to tolerable levels.

“I’ve just been informed that Dr. Giles, Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg have arrived and once they have finished signing in will be escorted down here for our meeting,” General Hammond said as he took his place at the head of the conference table. “They also brought several crates with them that they said will be for a demonstration which we will have on level one after we conclude our meeting here.” I could see Colonel O’Neill mouthing ‘Buffy’ and ‘Willow’ to Daniel who only shrugged. I wanted to see what would happen if he made the mistake of making fun of Buffy’s name once they met.

“What’s so funny?” Colonel O’Neill asked me having caught my amusement.

“I was just wondering which was going to happen first. Buffy beats you to a pulp or Willow turns you into a newt.”

“Ooh, ooh, five bucks on newt,” Liz called out.

“Five on Giles polishes his glasses in less than a minute,” Xander chimed in.

“Do you people take anything seriously?” O’Neill asked.

“Do you?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“She’s got you there, Jack.” Daniel said.

“Indeed,” Teal’c said with a slight nod towards Dr. Jackson.

“Et tu?” O’Neill shook his head at the Jaffa.

“They’re here, “ Liz and I said in unison a moment before Sergeant Harriman opened the door to let Giles, Buffy and Willow into the conference room.

“Okay, does anyone else find that creepy?” O’Neill asked.

“You’re not wrong,” Xander said as he stood to greet his fellow Scoobies. Liz and I stood also, I’d met Willow before, she had taught my Magic 101 class but I hadn’t met Dr. Giles or Buffy before. I was more than a little in awe. With Xander, I was in the presence of legends; the four Scoobies had saved the world, stopped more apocalypses, than any group in history.

“G Man, Buffy,” Xander’s voice took on an extra warmth as he greeted his oldest friend, “Willow. Welcome to Stargate Command.”

“I believe that’s my line, “General Hammond said with a smile. “Welcome to Stargate Command, I’m General Hammond. Xander, since you know everyone here would you handle the rest of the introductions?”

“Of course. This is Doctor Rupert Giles, head of the ISWC, Buffy Summers, co-head of the ISWC and Willow Rosenberg, The Red Witch.”

“The Red Witch?” I head Major Carter whisper recognizing the handle of the most famous, or infamous hacker in the world.

“On this side we have Liz Stabler,” Liz waved at Xander’s introduction, “Raven O’Reilly,” I waggled my fingers shyly. “And from the Stargate Command we have General George Hammond, Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson and Teal’c, former First Prime of Apophis.” Everyone reached out and shook hands as introductions were made.

“Apophis? As in the god Apep?” Giles asked.

“The false god, Apophis. I have joined with the Tauri in the battle to rid the galaxy of the false gods and free the Jaffa and others that have been enslaved by them,” Teal’c said in his usual calm baritone.

“I should like to talk with you more about your false gods when we have the time,” Giles said with a smile for Teal’c. “And Doctor Daniel Jackson, author of ‘The Truth About the Pyramids’? I’ve often wondered what happened to you, after that dreadful conference in New York you seemed to have disappeared.”

“Yes, after the conference I was contacted by Doctor Langford and wound up here. As it turns out my theories…” Daniel was cut off by General Hammond.

“Doctor Jackson, before you continue we have some paperwork to deal with. I have here a non-disclosure form for Doctor Giles that as per the president’s instruction will be binding on your entire organization and I believe you have a similar form for me?” Hammond and Giles exchanged folders and each read what was inside before signing and returning the folders. “Now that we have that out of the way let me hand out some information packets with an overview of what we do here.” He passed out a set of folders with the SGC logo on them to everyone from the ISWC.

“And we have some overviews for you also, if you would, Buffy?” Buffy passed out set folders with ISWC in bold across the top; we really needed to get a cool logo too. Both groups sat quietly reading.

“It’s as we feared, you’ve dug up the Chapa’ai. Didn’t anyone heed the warning on the cover stones? What part of ‘Must remain buried for all time’ didn’t you understand?” Giles said with an exasperated sigh.

“Ooh, ooh, I know. All of it since it was in Egyptonian?” I blurted out.

“Oh dear Lord, another one,” Giles shook his head as he took off his glasses and began polishing them. I held out my hand and Xander slapped a five dollar bill in it as Buffy and Willow tried to stifle their smirks.

“Are they always like that?” O’Neill asked, “How do you put up with them?”

“Yes, they are, I’m beginning to suspect it’s a previously undocumented Slayer trait. Or it might just be that they are American teenage girls. Most of the non-American girls don’t pick it up until they’ve been exposed to the American girls for a while.” Giles said as he put his glasses back on.

“You know about the Chapa’ai? And what was on the cover stones? How?” Daniel asked.

“Who do you think buried it? Four Slayers lost their lives battling the demon god Ra and his demon warriors before he was driven from this realm and his portal buried. We check up on it every one hundred years to make sure it hasn’t been disturbed though obviously it now has been.”

“It was found in a dig at Giza in 1928,” General Hammond said, “It moved around a while before it ended up here, Doctor Jackson was instrumental in deciphering the symbols on the cover stone and getting it operational?” Daniel was busily drawing hieroglyphs and crossing them out only to draw new ones as he muttered something about ‘must not’.

“Please tell me you didn’t use the symbols on the cover stone to open the portal? The symbols clearly marked as must never be used?” Giles took off his glasses and instead of polishing them furiously dropped his face into his palms as he muttered something about madmen and Americans.

“Doctor Jackson, do you have anything to say about this?” General Hammond asked.

“Yes, Daniel, care to elaborate on the cover stones being a warning to not use the device?” O’Neill added.

“I swear I didn’t know it was a warning, I translated them the best I could. And my translation was better than all the ones you had before…” Daniel was still drawing hieroglyphs and crossing them out as he defended his translation.

Daniel’s attempt to explain his mistranslation was interrupted by the intercom, “General, SG-15 has missed their scheduled check in by two hours.”

“Well it appears you are about to get a demonstration of the Stargate,” General Hammond reached over and pushed a button on the intercom. “Prepare to dial up PKX-438.” Releasing the button the general headed towards a spiral staircase leading downward from the conference room, “If you would follow me you can observe from the control room.” We followed the general down into a room filled with computer equipment and monitors, one wall was filled with a window overlooking a large concrete chamber and on the far side at the top of a steel ramp was the Stargate. “Dial the gate.”

“Chevron one encoded.” The technician dialing the Stargate stated as one of the triangular pieces one the large ring lit up. I watched as five more symbols were uploaded to the Stargate, each accompanied by an announcement that it was encoded.

“ClaRushTar ProFinRey,” I said as I saw the six symbols displayed.

“What did you say?” Daniel asked excitedly as the technician announced “Chevron seven locked.” And with a rush that made me jump the Stargate opened.

“Whoa, cool,” I said as I leaned forward watching as the bright, watery looking explosion settled down to a shimmering surface. “The ring of bright water from my dream, our dream.” I looked over to Liz who nodded as she stared at the sight below.

“I have SG-15, sir,” The technician said as he hit a switch and a new voice came over the intercom.

“Major Simmons here, we are currently pinned down by a Jaffa patrol. They can’t reach us but we can’t get to them either and they have access to the gate blocked.” An image from a handheld camera appeared on a large monitor showing a duplicate of the Stargate at the top of a stone ramp in an open field. In front of the other Stargate was a large mushroom shape and a series of large carved stones were arrayed in a vee shape leading up to the Stargate. Behind each of the stones you could just barely see that there was a Jaffa armed with a staff weapon, the inner two were aimed back at the Stargate. “We’re currently safe enough but if another patrol comes by we are sitting ducks.”

“Understood Major, we’ll see what we can do.” General Hammond said as he looked over the situation.

“We can help.” I said.

“Raven, I don’t think…” Giles began.

“No. We can help. We need to work with them to retrieve the Staff of Apep and to do that they have to know what we can do, that we are fully capable of handling something like this.” Giles nodded at my statement and next to him Buffy smiled at me.

“She’s right. Raven and Liz are the ones in the dream, this is their call to make.” Buffy said.

“General, I can have a team ready to go in five minutes. You can’t seriously think at a couple of kids can do anything.” O’Neill all but yelled.

“General, we can do this, trust me on this. Trust the President. He told you to trust us, to work with us. Let us do this.”

“Raven, I’m sure you feel you can do this but they will cut you down as soon as you step through the gate.” General Hammond said shaking his head.

“Major Carter, is the gate like a door? When you go through do you come out at the same speed and direction as you enter?” I asked SG-1’s astrophysicist.

“Yes, speed and direction are maintained across the event horizon.” Carter’s answer brought a smile to my lips.

“Okay, two more questions. Liz, do you want right to left or left to right?”

“I’ll take left to right.” Liz said as she checked that her sword was ready.

“And can those hand rails be removed?” In answer the general pointed to two airmen who left to remove the rails.

Liz and I followed the airmen to the room below as the airmen removed the rails giving us a clear shot at the gate from the sides. I looked over at Liz and at her nod ran full speed at the gate, as I reached the edge of the ramp I did a diving leap that carried me through the event horizon. As I burst out of the event horizon on the other side I tucked into a roll that carried me to the Jaffa closest to the gate, he barely had time to register that I was there before my sword took off his head. I beheaded two more before the others even noticed that they were under attack, they never stood a chance. The whole battle was over in seconds. Turning back I saw that Liz had taken out all the Jaffa on her side. We waved to Major Simmons and the rest of SG-15 as we turned to go back through the gate.

“Stop!” Major Simmons yelled. I turned around to see what the problem was. “The gate only works one way, you can’t go back until we dial it from here.” He clicked on his radio, “All clear here, please close the gate.” A moment later the shimmering pool of water dissolved. One of the Major’s men went to the mushroom and began to push symbols on it them pressed the large central red dome and like before a rush of swirling water formed and settled to a shimmering surface. The Major pressed some buttons on a small device he carried. “Okay, we’re cleared for return.” He stood next to the gate as his men went through; he gave Liz and me a strange look as we went through.

“Wow, what a ride,” I hadn’t really had a chance to think about what I was doing when we first went through but the return trip was like the most extreme roller coaster ride ever.

“Oh yeah, that’s definitely an E ticket ride,” Liz agreed. “Umm? Guys are pointing guns at us again.”

“Stand down,” General Hammond ordered and the men lowered their weapons. “Sorry about that but it’s standard procedure whenever there is an incoming wormhole in case the people arriving aren’t friendly. Everyone report to medical, that includes you two, debrief in one hour.”
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