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It always rains

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Summary: Harry Potter and the Dursley's are required to attend a Halloween costume party being held by Mr. Grunnings.

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RinikoFR1554,41925812,28816 Oct 138 Nov 13No

An End to Normal part 3

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except those I may make up to fill in gaps. There is no way I own the works of J.K. Rowling, Joss Whedon, or Charles Addams for one they turned down my offer to buy them for a dollar. Hey, it was all I had saved up.

Chapter 4: An End to Normal part 3

After arriving back home from a long drive back with his cousin, Harry was never happier to hear his Uncle Vernon tell him to go to his room. More like a box Harry thought as he pulled to door closed behind him after he stepped into his cupboard. As Harry lay back on his mattress, the only time he was grateful for his small size, he thought about the strange looks the Dursleys had given him the entire ride back from picking up their costumes. His aunt and uncle had suddenly seemed entirely too happy about the idea of going to the party in costume, an entire turnaround from their earlier complaints about how unseemly it was for full grown adults to make fools of themselves. And the looks Dudley had given him were down right creepy, he had not even touched him the entire way back, just grinned at him and laughed a bit. As Harry fell asleep, he just comforted himself that no matter how bad it was he would still be going to a party and would likely be allowed to eat the party snacks like the other guests since it would be odd otherwise.

The next morning, Harry was awoken by the sound of his aunt pounding on his cupboard door and demanding than he get into the kitchen and watch the bacon. Harry hurriedly got dressed and moved to the stove to do as his aunt demanded while she left to go upstairs and wake Vernon and Dudley. As soon as she left the kitchen, Harry began to cut a small section off the end of each strip of bacon and place it on a napkin. When he had finished with each strip he folded up the paper and lifting his pants leg stuffed it into his right sock against his leg before dropping his cuff over his prize.

Harry had learned old ago that if he wanted to ever get enough to eat he had to be smart about it, just taking a few pieces of bacon would be noticed as his aunt counted each piece that she left for him to watch, but if she found the same number of pieces when she returned they were none the wiser. Another trick Harry had learned was to make sure that a very few pieces of bacon would be overcooked as those would be fostered off onto him. When all the bacon was properly cooked he would receive less as the Dursleys would eat all the best pieces. They used this same approach with all the rest of the food they so generously allowed him to have, yeah the whales barely gave him enough to survive on. If not for this and eating the edible plants he had learned about from watching animals, he was sure he would have starved long ago. Even if this had lead to some extreme stomach pains with some only once tried choices.

When his aunt returned, soon followed by Uncle Vernon and Dudley, Harry was allowed to sit at the kitchen table and have his meager serving of breakfast. Harry was doubly glad that he had saved a good supply of bacon ends for later as his Aunt Petunia used the upcoming party that night as a reason to cut his breakfast rations by a third with the ridiculous statement that she would not have him embarrassing the family by being too stuffed to eat at the party. If that had been a true concern she would have cut Dudley and Vernon off after their third plate. As it was still several hours til they needed to get ready for the party Harry was sent to his room to wait as they were not going to have him getting sick working out in the yard today, they would just double up his work for the next day.

After several hours and only a glass of water and trip to the loo, Harry was allowed out to get ready for the party. As he would be seen by people from his Uncle Vernon's office and Mr. Grunnings Harry was instructed to take a through bath and to use the scented soap that his Aunt gave him. When he was finished he was lead back to the guest bedroom by his aunt while smelling entirely too flowery for his comfort. He was then instructed to change into the clothing that was laid out for him on the bed and hangers under Petunia's watchful eyes. When Harry turned around and saw the clothing set out for him he was nearly rendered speechless before pulling himself together and saying.

“But, those are girl's clothes!”

“Yes, and those are what you will be wearing tonight, and don't think that you are getting out of it. It is Halloween and therefore perfectly acceptable for a young boy to dress up as a girl,” Aunt Petunia stated. “Mr. Grunnings is expecting us promptly at six, so there will be no more back talk about this or you will be spending the next month in your room after Vernon disciplines you. Now, do you understand or do you need some coaching from your uncle?”

Harry knew better to keep resisting, he would lose anyway and then be punished severely afterwards. It wasn't like he had expected anything differently, and truly it was not as bad it could have been. Before him was a knee-length black dress, with a pointed white collar and white cuffs. Next to this were black tights, a pair of school girl black flats with a strap fastener and a slight heel, and a black wig split in the middle with the hair braided partway down.

“Hurry up, I don't have time for any of your nonsense. As soon as you are dressed I will lighten your skin and put some light makeup on you to darken you eyes like the picture that came with the outfit shows. Lucky for you it will not require a lot as you already have a naturally pale complexion.”

“Yes, Aunt Petunia,” Harry dejectedly said while picking up the black clothing as he complied with his evil family's requests. More and more he felt like he was in a dark fairytale, but this time he would be seeing himself in the role of the girl in these stories. He just hoped the party would be worth all this embarrassment and have plenty of snacks. The Dursley's never stopped him from eating at the few parties he had been required to attend, as the more he ate there the less they had to feed him at home. When he finished dressing, his aunt made up his face and placed the wig on his head with a sticky gum to his skin. Just as he thought the last of his humiliation was complete she handed him two other items a plastic spider and a very fancy doll.

Now, Harry if anyone asks you your name you tell them that you are Wednesday Addams and that your doll's name is. Oh, let me look on the card again. Here it is, your doll's name is Marie Antoinette and your spider's name is Homer.” She said the last with a look of extreme distaste. “Just what kind of freaks think of these things, I never.

Somehow, Harry was having a thought about his aunt as a child, thinking that she would not have needed to ever dress up for Halloween. She likely just went as herself, a evil witch, though he keep this thought to himself. He was then told to go down stairs and wait while she got his Uncle Vernon and Dudley ready, so that she could finally get ready herself. It was when Harry was turning away to go that he could swear he saw a slight smile in his aunt's eyes when she sent him down to wait. The odd thing was it did not seem like the one's he was used to, it almost seemed like she was remembering something pleasant, but that couldn't have been true, could it?

Author's note: I will jump to the Dursley's arriving at the party for my next chapter.
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