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It always rains

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Summary: Harry Potter and the Dursley's are required to attend a Halloween costume party being held by Mr. Grunnings.

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RinikoFR1554,41925812,28416 Oct 138 Nov 13No

A night of new beginnings

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except those I may make up to fill in gaps. There is no way I own the works of J.K. Rowling, Joss Whedon, or Charles Addams for one they turned down my offer to buy them for a dollar. Hey, it was all I had saved up.

Chapter 5: A night of new beginnings

When Harry and the Dursleys pulled in at Mr. Grunnings' estate Harry could tell that his uncle was in a foul mood. They had arrived late because of more than a few closed roads due to rising water from the heavy rains that started up soon after they left the house. Harry knew that the weather would not stop them as there would be no way that Uncle Vernon would miss this party. Apparently they were not the only ones running late as Harry could see two other cars queued up ahead of them waiting to pull up to the covered entrance and have the rain soaked valets park their cars. After another five minutes of listening to his uncle complain about the criminally slow service and telling Aunt Petunia to be sure not to leave anything of value in the car they finally pulled up and parked under the cover. As they got out of the car Harry could hear his uncle telling the valet that he would have his job if he found anything missing or damaged when they left after the party.

As the four of them stepped up to the main doors they were greeted by a large older man that was dressed in fancy Victorian era clothing. “Dursley, I'm glad to see you were able to made it. I was beginning to think that the foul weather would keep you from showing.”

“No sir! Mr. Grunnings, we would never dream of missing your party,” Vernon replied, “The wife and I would not think of having Dudley and Harriet miss out on the fun.”

Harry, could almost not believe the change that seemed to have came over his Uncle Vernon. He had never heard him speak so civilly to anyone before and then the second half hit him and he was about to object when his Aunt Petunia hand came down on his shoulder and he heard her speak up, “The poor darlings would have been devastated if were not able to make it, it has been all that they have talked about since Vernon announced that you were hosting a Halloween party.” Harry nearly gagged on the lies coming from his aunt's mouth.

“Well, then lets not keep them any longer then,” he boomed merrily, “not while the rest of the other children are having all the fun.”

As soon as those words left Mr. Grunnings mouth Harry was forcefully propelled forward by his cousin grabbing hold of his arm and dragging him along. “Yes, we don't want to miss out do we, Wednesday!” Dudley teased as Harry was pulled along behind him. When they were out of sight of the adults Dudley turned back towards Harry smiling nastily and said, “Just stay out of my way freak, or I'll make sure everyone knows about you.” He warned, as if Harry had any reason to believe that Dudley would keep word of his humiliation from being spread all over the school. The best Harry could hope would be to get through the party without anyone noticing. And with that threat Dudley turned and ran off towards one of the many snack tables running along the far wall.

Harry looked around the large party hall after Dudley had ran off to stuff his fat face for the evening. Marveling at all the festive decorations and large number of colorfully costume-clad Halloween guests. He could see many artfully carved jack-o-lanterns and quite a few black and brown bats of every size hanging from nearly invisible wires. And somehow there was even white billowing fog that seemed to be rolling across the floor from a few areas of the room. As Harry focused on the other party quests, he could see that they were dressed in all manner of costumes with a few animals, clowns, ghosts and other creatures scattered among the party crowd. As he turned he saw three new quests arrive, a woman dressed as Mary Poppins and a man as Sherlock Holmes with what was likely his wife as Watson wearing a big bushy mustache that would make his Uncle Vernon turn green with envy.

As the thought of his Uncle Vernon turning green went through Harry's mind, it sort of got stuck in his thoughts and he just started to laugh a little bit. And it just seemed to build, the picture of Vernon turning green was just too funny, for one thing Vernon must have the blackest thumb in England if not all of Europe. It was because of this that Harry was forced to do so much of the yard work that was considered too rough for his Aunt Petunia to be involved in, regardless of the fact that he was only half her size and Harry couldn't even guess versus his whale of a uncle. While, he was still trying to stop laughing, he was startled by someone suddenly speaking from right next to him.

“Hey, what's so funny?” Harry heard as he turned in surprise to see a young girl about his age wearing a light blue knee-length dress with a white pinafore over it.

All Harry could do was stare at her mutely with wide eyes as the girl looked at him enquiringly, til it seemed she felt the need to break the awkward silence by speaking in a friendly, but comforting tone of voice, “I'm Alice, what's your name?”

Finally, breaking himself free Harry answered back in what he hoped was a convincing tone of voice, “I'm Wednesday, Wednesday Addams,” thinking that the girl was speaking in character.

“Oh, my name really is Alice, that's how my Dad got the idea to pick these costumes, he's the one over there with my mother dressed as the Mad Hatter,” the said while pointing to tall man with a funny purple top hat next to a woman dressed as the Red Queen. “Mum, got to be the Queen as Dad says that it fits her. Don't tell her that he said that or she really might cut off his head.” She said before giggling to her own joke.

Harry relaxed a bit, now that it seemed the girl had not recognized that he was a boy or at least was not going to laugh at him if she had noticed. He started to reply, “I'm Harr,” but that was as far as he got before the music started up washing out what he was going to say.

“Come on Harriet lets get something to drink,” Alice replied over the music while grabbing hold of his hand and pulling him towards one of the nearby tables that had a few other people their age getting punch.


At this time across town another costume-clad man was beginning a ritual that would soon make the night's festivities become so much more interesting to all that were unfortunate enough to have purchased a costume from his shop.

AN: Sorry I was a bit slow on getting this chapter in, I had hoped to have it up by Halloween, but I could not get it to come out the way I wanted. This chapter may not be perfect, but it moves the story forward. And then I broke a tooth and sent the last few days waiting to get into the dentist. It may not have helped that I keep thinking about the Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors the last few days I waited.

The End?

You have reached the end of "It always rains" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Nov 13.

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