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It always rains

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Summary: Harry Potter and the Dursley's are required to attend a Halloween costume party being held by Mr. Grunnings.

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Harry Potter > General
Television > Addams' Family, The
RinikoFR1554,41925812,27816 Oct 138 Nov 13No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except those I may makeup to fill in gaps. There is no way I own the works of J.K. Rowling or Joss Whedon for one they turned down my offer to buy them for a dollar. Hey, it was all I had saved up.

It always rains Chapter 1:

Halloween had never been a good time for Harry for as far back as he could remember it had always been bad. Sure he was allowed to go out with Dudley and get candy, but it was always taken when they got back. Well, all except for the stuff that Dudley hated, but there really wasn’t much that Dudley would not eat. And what few things that he didn’t like weren’t worth having either, except for the fruit that he would not touch. But, this year promised to be different, the Dursley’s and Harry were required to attend a Halloween party being hosted by Mr. Grunnings, who owned the company his Uncle Vernon ran as director. Harry knew his uncle had tried to keep him from attending, but Mr. Grunnings was not to be deterred. This did mean that Harry had to listen to his uncle threaten him with dire warning about what would happen to him if any funny business happened, but he didn’t care, he was going to go to a party. And best yet, it was a costume party and everyone was required to attend in costume. Harry was sure that this year would be the best Halloween ever.
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