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This story is No. 1 in the series "Nacht". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: 1930s New York and an out of time slayer.

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Literature > OtherbatzulgerFR153041,3813629937,68624 Oct 1313 Nov 13Yes

Chapter One

I was walking down an alley with my trenchcoat pulled tight around me to block out the cold. My fedora was pulled low to keep my face in shadow , but my lack of tallness is pretty distinctive unfortunately.

"Fraulein Nachtjaeger!" a voice called out from behind me.

"Never heard of her!" I called back. I didn't even bother turning; I was too busy marking out what the battlefield would look like. Alley that dead-ended in a twelve foot high sheer brick wall, lots of trashcans...they called them ashcans now, two fire escapes. The drop ladder kind, not the swing down. Good, I could work with this.

"Fraulein, you have nowhere to run to..."

I stopped two feet from the brick wall blocking my way. I still didn't turn around. I did unbelt my trenchcoat and undo the buttons however; keeping my movements small and subtle so the voice's owner couldn't pick up on my plans. Which to use, gun or knife? Now that was the question.

"What do you want?" I asked still facing the wall. I could hear three behind me, and at least one more up on one of the fire escapes. The one on the fire escape was big. Or at least heavier than an average human judging by the groan of the metal as he or she shifted their weight.

"Just to talk Fraulein," his English was excellent. "Nothing more."

"You're by yourself right?"

"Uff course," he could lie really well too. "Why would I need associates here for a simple chat?"

"Very true," I replied. There was another faint creak from the fire escape. One of his non-existent associates was adjusting their position. "What do you want to talk about?"

"You are not Deutsch or Austrian, but your name is. Why is this so?"

"Someone gave it too me and I liked the sound of it. 'Nighthunter' is a pretty neat name. Don't you think?"

"Who gave it to you?"

"One of your buddies I think. Nasty bloodsucking Nazi named Mueller or Moller? Anyway he called me that when he thought he had me trapped. Said I was an amateur Nachtjager...then I broke both his arms and tore his head off with my bare hands. Oops?" I turned finally and faced the voice's owner, slipping out of my trenchcoat as I turned. I had drawn my big Bowie knife and held it lightly reversed in my left hand, the blade flat against the back of my arm. My pistol was still snug in its shoulder holster.

The guy in the black leather trench with the monocle was the only one visible at street level. Two more of the pseudo-vamps like Mueller or Moller or whatever his name was were clinging high on the walls. The big guy on the fire escape wasn't exactly human either.

Their plan was pretty obvious; Get me to move towards Talky-Tina, then big guy drops down behind me and fake-vamps hit me from the sides.

"A weapon Fraulein?" Talky-Tina sounded stupidly calm as he gestured at my pistol. Oh of course he did, he had all the sad to break it to him that he was toast.

"Well yeah? It's a dangerous world out there. You wouldn't expect a young woman such as myself not to carry protection would you?" I tried to sound as offended as possible.

"My pardon Fraulein Nachtjaeger, I did not mean to offend." He actually sounded apologetic.

"Could I have your name? I don't want to keep saying 'Hey You' or anything like that," I asked. Big guy above was getting ready to jump down. I was still about fifteen feet from Talky-Tina.

"Queren. My name is Queren."

"Okay Herr Queren," I was now ten feet away, "Nice to meet you."

"What's that?" he said almost distractedly as he spotted my knife's grip in my hand. He was distracted because his associate was in the process of jumping down behind me.

"More protection..."

I leaped to one side as the behemoth tried to pound me. He was big and furry. Like a human fused with a bear. Actually, that's probably exactly what he was. I grabbed a trash...I mean ash can in passing, and jammed it over his head before kicking him in the baby bear. Fake-vamp one was in the mix now, as he dropped down almost from directly above me. I spun away from those nasty sharp claws of his and cut his belt with the tip of my knife. It's hard to be a badass with your pants around your ankles.

Fake-vamp two was the next to check in. He was stronger than a experienced vamp from back home, but a lot wimpier than a Master. He did know how to fight though. I was block, block, blocking until I could maneuver him under one of the fire escape ladders, then I jumped up and dragged it down on top of his bald bloodthirsty head.

Talky-Tina...I mean Queren had drawn some kind of pistol that was all sparks and gears. I threw my knife into it before I could find out whether it had a 'Julienne Slayer' setting or not. There was a pretty good bang and a cloud of smoke from the impact.

I turned to see a really POed bear-guy charging me. I took two short steps and handballed myself off the alley wall into a flying knee to the bear-guy's chin. He was tough enough that he didn't fall down, but he was shaking his head a lot at least. Fake-vamp one, a/k/a the pantless wonder, had finished kicking off the trousers and now wanted me D-E-D dead. Angry always makes stupid and he was a prime example.

I tripped him, and grabbing the back of his head as he aimed towards the ground, pushed as hard as I could. There was a nasty popping sound as his face met concrete. His buddy slowed when he saw that little trick.


"How could somebody my size do that, you mean? Clean living and ancient magic." I picked up the pantless wonder and threw his twitching body at fake-vamp two. By the time fake-vamp two had realized that I was right behind the flying body, he had developed a severe case of broken legs.

I turned to face bear-guy. He was on one knee vomiting. I think I might have given him a concussion...maybe even fractured his skull and/or his jaw.

"Aufgeben?" I asked.

"Ja ja!" bear-guy raised one hand in the air as he was bracing against the wall with the other. He wasn't going anywhere fast. That was obvious. The two fake-vamps were also not much in the movement front except that the one I had performed shin removal surgery on was cursing me in German. I ignored them.

Queren was laying sprawled on the ground; his hands a bloody mess where the gun had exploded. I picked up my knife and resheathed it then went to pick up my hat and coat.

"Herr Queren, if you and your people operate in this city and I catch you...I will slay you. You tell your bosses that, 'kay?"

He moaned softly in reply.

I put my hat and coat back on and headed towards my job at the automat. That food wasn't going to cook itself after all.


BtVS Property of Mutant Enemy not me!!! I never know when I start what all other fandoms will cross in yet so they are not listed at this time!!!
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