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And Sometimes, What Seems Like the Ending

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Summary: Hermione Granger is called as a Slayer. Unfortunately, she has no idea what a Slayer is--let alone someone to guide her. In the middle of a war, she must forge her own path, hide her gift, and ultimately discover her destiny. DH compliant sans epilogue.

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Harry Potter > GeneralwriterdragonflyFR1321,1150131,76926 Oct 134 Jan 14No

Chapter 2

Sunnydale, California could more accurately be referred to as Sunnyhell, and Hermione sincerely doubted she was the first to think so. The supernatural population was leaps and bounds past England, and there seemed to be no regard for the laws that governed them. She knew things were different in the US. The laws weren't the same as back home, but to see so many creatures out at night (and sometimes even during the day!) was utterly baffling.

She'd come across her first vampire two nights into her search for Dawn. It was newly turned and smelled far worse than the vampires she knew from home.

The predator in her had taken over when the vampire had attacked. Instead of the spells she'd learned to protect herself from an errant vampire attack, she'd punched him in the face and ended up skewering him with her wand.


After the first one, she found some sort of eerie thrill take her over, a rightness. It was terrifying and exciting and she hated it as much as she loved it.


It hadn’t been the first time she’d felt that pull. She’d felt it since she was thirteen years old and knew there was a creature in the school petrifying students, since she froze a riot of Cornish Pixies, and in the instant she saw the reflection of the Basilisk. But she hadn’t felt it to this extent until she was a Third Year, faced with Red Caps, Grindylows, and Boggarts. When there was something inside her that just screamed out that these creatures were wrong. That they needed to be hunted down and destroyed.


At that age, it was an intensely scary feeling that lead her to spend countless hours in the library researching human to animal polyjuice accidents to find out if there was ever a way to erase the feeling inside she assumed had to be left over from being a cat.


As a young teenager, she never stopped to think about the fact that she’d never thought that way about mice or birds, even though that was a normal and instinctual feline response. As an adult, the idea that maybe it wasn’t from being a cat was utterly terrifying feeling.


And so, she preferred not to think about it at all, and instead spent her days searching in vain for her sister and her nights attacking vampires in one of Sunnydale’s startling number of cemeteries.

The search went achingly slow.

The End?

You have reached the end of "And Sometimes, What Seems Like the Ending" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 14.

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