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Chaos Effect: The Fleet Of Chaos

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chaos Trek: A Halloween Effect". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The long term effects of October 31, 1997 may be enough to bring chaos to the cycle.

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RubyPaladinFR18516,75586120,58427 Oct 134 Feb 14Yes




Captain David Anderson sat down in the bar on Illium and ordered a drink. He thought about the changes that had occurred fifteen years ago. The uneasy peace between the Alliance and the Hiearchy had been settled but several tense situations had happened that tested that fragile peace. Archaelogists from the Alliance attempted to contact the various krogan clans on Tuchanka had been detained by Citadel authorities on charges of hiring mercenary groups to attack Council space. The archaelogists were in fact attempting to hire krogan to act as security as they had reached agreements with the various clans in an attempt to recover the lost culture of their people. The krogan had been rather surprised at the idea that a group of aliens wanted to dig up their lost artifacts, not so they could find their way to a museum on some far off world, but to be returned to the clans the relics originated. Equally surprising to them was the fact the archaelogists had not only been willing to do that but were also willing to hire protection for their dig sites. The fact the arresting officers all happened to be turians seemed to have been overlooked by the council.

Almost tragically, the quarians chose to stay away from Alliance space despite several overtures to change their minds. The quarians' stance on the Meers-type androids as well as the legal status of artificial intelligences made them afraid of approaching them.

The volus' culture suffered from some slight contamination as somehow a copy of the Ferengi Rules of Acquistion made its way into the hands of a volus merchant. Some people had been thankful that the planet that could have been Ferenginar was found to be covered in ice with no signs of any sentient life but now there was a growing movement within the volus community centered around those rules.

The elcor didn't seem to care one way or another about the Alliance it seemed. The hanar and the drell had mixed feelings about them. With the arrival of the Alliance, the belief that the Protheans being the most advanced race that had existed took an almost heretical hit. Doctor Karin Chakwas curing the disease known as Kepral's Syndrome three years ago had created some goodwill however though it was still early to tell how much of an impact that would be.

Asari relations were great in comparison as the mono-gendered race tried their best to get humanity to embrace them in more ways than one if half of what he heard was true. The leading Asari propponent for better Human-Asari relations was Matriarch Benezia T'Soni. She had brought her followers into Alliance space when she heard of potential human biotics and she along with her followers helped develop the L2 and L3 implants used today. One of the worlds the asari had been developing on the planet, Elysium, was being called a real life Risa.

Salarian relations were strange to say the least. In purely scientific pursuits, the salarians welcomed Starfleet research vessels which allowed their scientists to answer questions about areas located outside of relay dead zones that had previously been unexplorable. However, Starfleet Intelligence contended with the Salarian Special Tasks Group in what some might call the most peaceful cold war that had ever existed.

The turians weren't the only race the Alliance had trouble with as the Batarian Hegemony had begun test the waters by redirecting their criminal and pirate organizations towards known Alliance space. At first, batarian pirates attacked Alliance merchant convoys but warp drives allowed for elusive prey. Unfortunately, they began to realize that colonies didn't move as easily. The most successful attack had occurred two years ago on the colony of Mindoir. If help had arrived sooner, then he wouldn't be here trying to convince a grieving young woman that she could have a better life than waiting tables at a bar.

She was only a few tables away. Her once dark tresses were now crimson and she acted as though she was happy but he knew that she was hurting inside.

“Two Budweiser Classics, a Turian Sunrise, a Salarian Slush, and two shots of JD.” He heard Rowena Shepard repeat the order as she placed the drinks on the table.

He turned his attention away which explained how she surprised him by sitting down in the seat in front of him.

“So, out of all the gin joints in the galaxy,” She said. “you had to wonder into this one.”

“I was trying to find you, Rowena.” He replied before she held up a hand.

“Anderson, it's just Shepard.” Shepard told him. “Even Aethyta respects that and she's an asari matriarch.”

“Far enough, most people would have been in worse condition after what you've been through.” Anderson replied.

That seemed to agitate her. “Why do people keep bringing that up?” She asked. “Can't they see I'm happy here?”

“Most people don't lose their father due to an engineering accident only to have their mother murdered as well as their remaining family to a brutal batarian attack.” Anderson answered her.

“Then factor in the whole 'are you ready to be strong' question I got asked during...” Shepard said.

“You disappeared a month after the attack and I've been trying to find you.” Anderson told her.

“Why?” She asked. “I'm not anyone special.”

“Shepard, you're a Slayer, a young woman who has a bright future ahead of her, and most importantly,” Anderson told her. “you're the daughter of my best friend and I think he'd want me to do all I could to make certain you lived up to your potential.”

“What would you have me do, Anderson?!” She exclaimed. “Tell me.”

“Enlist in Starfleet.” He replied. “You'd spend four years in the academy and if you're anything like your father, I bet you'd have your own ship in less than eight years.”

“Great plan, Anderson.” She said as she got up to walk away.

Anderson got up as well. “Do you believe you'll find your mother's killer working in some bar on Illium?” He asked.

Shepard kept walking away and Anderson shook his head.

I tried Marcus. He thought. I tried.

Shepard sat in the skycar as she watched prospective students file into a shuttle. There weren't too many as not many humans lived on the asari world.

“Shepard, you sure about this?” Aethyta asked.

She nodded. “Thanks for the ride, Aethyta.”

“Give'em hell, kid.” The asari matriarch replied.

Shepard climbed out of the skycar and entered the shuttle. She sat down next to a blue and green clad volus who looked over at her.

“What's wrong?” She asked.

“Wife took the whole damn planet from me, Earth-Clan.” He said. “All she left me...”

“Stop right there.” Shepard interrupted him. “If you say all she left you was your bones, I'm kicking your ass out of this shuttle now.”

The volus found another seat.

The End...

The End

You have reached the end of "Chaos Effect: The Fleet Of Chaos". This story is complete.

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