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Confessions Of a Building Contractor.

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This story is No. 4 in the series "GRIM UP NORTH 2.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A 'Grim Up North 2' story: Of all the Scoobies, Xander was perhaps the most successful in a normal-life sort of way. Even so the weird and strange still found ways of intruding into his life.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR1538,3111154,49528 Oct 131 Nov 13Yes

Chapter One

Confessions Of a Building Contractor.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: Non-crossover.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Part of the 'Grim Up North 2' series of stories set in 2006.

Words: Three chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: A bit 'naughty' in parts...but it's all done in the best possible taste!

Summary:A 'Grim Up North 2' story: Of all the Scoobies, Xander was perhaps the most successful in a normal-life sort of way. Even so the weird and strange still found ways of intruding into his life.


Xander's Apartment, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England.

The sunlight was just starting to intrude around the edges of the curtains as Alexander Harris lay in bed and stared at the ceiling. Although his face looked calm his mind was in fact racing; he was frantically trying to remember the name of the girl that lay asleep beside him. Was it 'Suzy', 'Sandra' or 'Stephanie'? He couldn't remember but he felt sure the girl's name began with an 'S' sound.

The previous evening he'd gone out with a few of his work buddies for a beer or three at their local watering hole. After a couple of beers Xander found himself alone in the pub, most of his work mates were married or had partners and they'd gone home leaving him to his own devices. That's when he'd been approached by the cute, busty, brunette who was now lying next to him sleeping the sleep of the sexually satisfied.

When Xander had first lost his eye, he'd had other things on his mind (helping Buffy fight The First being the main one), to realise that a lot of girls thought that a young, handsome, guy with an eye-patch was super sexy. It just so happen that, (insert girl's name beginning with 'S' here), was one of those girls. After a couple of more drinks, S-girl had gone with him back to his apartment and they'd ended up in bed together. After some more than adequate sex they'd both fallen asleep which was how he'd found himself lying next to an attractive young woman with no recollection of what her name was.

This sort of thing bothered Xander, he wasn't the sort of guy who went to bed with a girl without first finding out her name. Looking over at his night stand, Xander saw his alarm clock ticking away the minutes. It would soon be time for him to get up and go to work and he wasn't looking forward to that awkward few minutes between the girl waking up and her storming out of his flat in disgust. From what he remembered of last night she'd seemed the sort of girl that he'd maybe like to get to know better, he'd particularly like to know her name. Almost before this thought had gone through his mind the alarm clock started to ring.


Of all the Scoobies, Xander was perhaps the most successful in a normal-life sort of way. Even before they'd all left the States to come to England, he'd been doing well for himself. He'd had a good job, a car, a nice apartment and a girlfriend that he thought he'd be with for the rest of his life. But then the Sunnydale factor had kicked in and his world had started to fall apart. Losing his eye to Caleb had sort of been the final straw and he'd made up his mind that assuming The First didn't kill them all he was leaving town.

The leaving town part was easy, after the final fight in the caverns under Sunnydale there wasn't very much town left to leave. As they'd made their getaway, Giles had announced that there was another Hellmouth in Cleveland; so they'd all headed off in that direction after dropping off the wounded in LA. It was only when they'd got as far as Denver that Giles pointed out that he meant the Cleveland in England. Eventually, and thanks in no small way to Kennedy's credit cards, they made it to England and set up home in and around the Middlesbrough Hellmouth.

Finding work fairly swiftly, Xander soon had an apartment and a small van. He'd had a steady stream of work from the Slayer Organisation until the money started to run out. It was then that he'd had to look elsewhere for an income. However, things worked out and by the time the Slayer Organisation was back on its feet financially, Xander found he didn't need the work he was getting from Giles and Buffy so much anymore.

Yes, he was still their contractor of choice; yes, he still gave them priority when they needed repairs done; but now everything was on a more business-like footing. He'd not actually noticed them all drifting apart. It wasn't until Buffy was in prison that Xander realised he couldn't do the whole 'Scooby' thing anymore, and anyway they didn't really need him other than to do the repair stuff. Yes he still loved them all, even Giles in a very manly sort of way, but now everyone had someone and they were all living their separate lives, so why shouldn't he?

Willow had Kennedy, Faith had got together with Dawn, even Giles was seeing some mysterious woman, who he wouldn't talk about when he and Xander met in the pub for a few beers. Only Buffy didn't have a partner, which sort of made Xander sad because he still kinda of loved her. But what with Buffy's sexuality changing on an almost weekly basis, Xander never knew where he stood. Eventually he gave up any thoughts of ever having a romantic relationship with Buffy and went his own way.


“Hi,” Xander said as he pushed himself up the bed.

“Hi, Xander,” the girl replied as she yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Crap! Cursing himself internally, Xander wondered how it was that the girl could remember his name but he couldn't remember hers.

“Erm...” Xander smiled guiltily down at the really cute girl by his side, “...I'm not trying to get rid of you or anything, but I've got to get up and go to work, okay?”

“No that's fine,” the girl sat up and Xander caught sight of her breasts when she failed to keep them covered up, “What time is it?”

“What?” Xander only had 'time' for looking at the girl's fantastic breasts, he forced himself to look at her eyes, “Sorry?”

“The time?” the girl giggled making her breasts shiver and shake like two jellies on a plate.

“Erm...” Xander tore his eyes away from those luscious, wobbling breasts and looked at his alarm clock, “'s just gone seven-thirty.”

“Seven-thirty!” the girl squeaked, “Oh crap I'm going to be late for work too,” she started to scramble out of bed not caring what Xander saw.

Xander started to realise that the rest of the girl's body was just as good as her breasts and he cursed himself up and down and from side to side for not being able to remember her name.

“Bathroom?” demanded the girl as she stooped to pick up her clothes.

“Erm...sorry?” Xander had become distracted by the girl's body again.

“Bathroom?” the girl repeated a little more forcefully.

“Erm, out the door, first on the left,” Xander pointed to the bedroom door; with her clothes bundled up in her arms, the girl headed for the bathroom. “I'll put some tea on,” he called as she disappeared from view.

With the girl out of the room, Xander swung his legs out of bed and put his feet on the floor. Standing up he crossed the room to where his work clothes lay and started to put them on, he could wash up a little at work. Quickly dressing he looked around his bedroom and noticed the girl's handbag lying on the floor next to the bed. Glancing towards the open bedroom door, he could hear water running in the bathroom. With a little luck he could look inside the girl's bag and maybe find out who she was.

Moving quickly, Xander walked around the bed and picked up the girl's bag. Searching it with an efficiency born of going through dozens of girl's bags looking for clues he found her driver's licence, Charlotte Wood; there he knew her name started with an 'S' sound. Charlotte was nineteen years old and the photograph on her licence didn't do her justice. Hearing the bathroom door open he hurriedly thrust the licence back into the bag and placed the bag on the bed as if he'd only just picked it up. Turning towards Charlotte as she came back into the room he smiled.

“You left your bag,” he pointed to the bag on the bed.

“Oh you're a sweetie,” Charlotte, now fully dressed stepped over to Xander and kissed him on the cheek before asking, “Tea?”

“Tea?” Xander repeated, her kiss had sent little shivers of electricity through his body.

“Are you always like this in the morning?” Charlotte asked, “You said something about tea.”

“Yes I did,” Xander admitted as he gathered his wits, he desperately didn't want to appear the idiot to this girl because he'd really like to see more of her...not more of her because he thought he'd see all there was to see of her, but he'd like to see her again; realising that Charlotte was watching him with a bemused smile on her face Xander stopped his mental babble and said, “ way.”


After making and drinking their tea, Xander (ever the gentleman) offered to drive her to her work or home or wherever she wanted to go.

“John 'o' Groats?” Charlotte asked with a mischievous grin.

“If I knew where or who that was I'd take you there,” Xander replied gallantly.

“No need,” Charlotte relented, “but could you drop me off at the bus station in town?”

“Not a problem,” Xander picked up the keys for his truck, “if you don't mind going in my truck.”

“That Toyota outside?” Charlotte asked, Xander nodded, “I don't mind.”


The drive to the bus station was too short as far as Xander was concerned, however, he did find out that Charlotte worked for a local temping agency. At present she was working as a receptionist for a company that'd set up business on one of the new industrial estates. All too soon and before he could find out very much more about her, they arrived at the bus station.

“Are you sure I can't drive you home or to work?” Xander almost pleaded, it seemed that the more he got to know about Charlotte the more he wanted to know.

“No, honest I'm fine,” Charlotte smiled, “now you get on or you'll be late.”

“Yeah...” Xander hesitated before he took his life in his hands, “Can I have your phone number coz I'd really like to see you again and I don't mean just for sex but that was good and if you ever want to have sex with me again I won't say no, but I really, really want to see you again...” Xander gasped for breath.

“Wow!” Charlotte laughed, “such breath control, do you practice?”

“Not so much as I used to,” he admitted, “please can I have your number...I mean if you don't want to see me again you could always give me a wrong number.”

“Here,” Charlotte took a note book and pencil from her bag and scribbled down a number, “that's my mobile number, if you want to, call me this evening.”

“Gee thanks,” Xander clutched the piece of paper in his hand; even now he was twenty-six he still found it amazing that pretty girls could find him desirable.

“Call me,” Charlotte leant towards Xander and kissed him on the cheek.

When he came back from the happy place he'd drifted off to he found himself alone in his truck, the passenger door was closed and if it hadn't been for the slight trace of Charlotte's perfume in the air he'd have thought it'd all been a dream. Signing wistfully and pulling himself together, he started the engine of his truck and pulled away from the curb. If he didn't hurry he really would be late.


Hiding behind a bus shelter, Charlotte watched Xander's truck pull away and head off in the general direction of the river Tees. Normally she wasn't in the habit of picking up guys in pubs; but last night she'd needed a little love and affection. She'd just had a particularly hard kill and she'd really needed that affirmation of life thing that people went on about. Going into the pub she'd seen Xander standing there looking all manly with his eye-patch and she'd thought she might take a chance. After all she had nothing to fear from random men if they didn't turn out to be nice. If they turned out to be utter bastards she could always break a few bones. But Xander had been a gentleman (even though he'd forgotten her name and she'd had to leave her bag behind so he could look at her driving license) and he was good in bed and she really hoped he'd call her tonight.

Once Charlotte was sure Xander and his truck was out of site, she turned away from the bus station and walked off into the town proper towards the Cleveland Centre where she'd left her car. It was time to go home and have another shower, change and generally recover for all the excitement of the previous night.


Pulling up in Bob the Builder's yard, Xander switched off the truck's engine and climbed out before heading off towards the office. He didn't exactly work for Bob, but he did do a lot of work for the local builder and Xander put a lot of slayer based work Bob's way. Like fitting Buffy's new executive bathroom or doing the yearly repair work at Slayer Central. Bob and his guys could be trusted not to blab about what they saw up at the old holiday camp; so they got the lion's share of any work going on up at 'Central'.

“Hi Sonya,” Xander called cheerfully as he walked into the office, “anything for me today?”

Sonya was Bob's girlfriend, she also did the accounts and generally ran the office side of Bob's business.

“Morning Xander,” Sonya called back, she was an attractive, blonde woman in her late twenties, “you look pleased with yourself, did you get lucky last night?” Sonya also had an uncanny ability to be able to tell if Xander had had sex the night before. “You really need to find a steady girlfriend...hey what about my cousin Jo?”

She also seemed determined to off load this cousin Jo onto him.

“Yes I did meet someone,” Xander admitted (it was pointless trying to fool Sonya), “and no I don't want a steady girlfriend (well he did but only if her name was Charlotte), but, I could do with some work so what-cha-got?”

“Your loss,” Sonya replied as she started to look through the pile of work sheets in her 'in' tray, “I mean Jo's a nice girl...” Sonya flicked through the printed sheets of paper as she spoke, “...she can cook and sow and keep house, just the sort of...ah, here we are!”

Sonya handed the work sheet to Xander.

“Mrs Martin, thirty-eight Cook Avenue,” Sonya repeated the address from memory, “Bob wanted you to look at this one as you're so good at doing estimates.”

Shrugging, Xander looked at the work sheet. It was true he was pretty good at doing competitive estimates for jobs, he didn't know how, he'd never really shone at anything like it at school. It seemed Mrs Martin wanted to remodel her up stairs bathroom and have a patio built in the back garden.

“Okay,” Xander nodded, “I can do that,” he glanced at his watch, it was still a little early to be knocking on people's doors, “Time for a cuppa?” he smiled expectantly at Sonya.

“I don't know why your looking at me,” Sonya said as she tidied away the worksheets, “if you want tea you make it yourself especially after you've turned down my Cousin Jo...”

“Whatever,” Xander sighed as he turned towards the kitchenette in the corner of the office.

“Two sugars for me,” Sonya hinted as Xander filled the kettle.

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