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Avengers Assemble!

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Summary: YAHF - Someone sees where the Gang is headed in the future thanks to the plans of the PTB, they decide to mess with the program, what they get is something far more powerful. When all else fails heroes shall assemble to avenge us.

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DC Universe > Young Justice
Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-Centered
KaosreignFR18949,198109941,90931 Oct 1331 Dec 14No

Chapter five

Avengers Assemble!

Disclaimer: Don't own BTVS, Marvel or DC, simple as that.




*Sound effects*

Chapter 5: Clash part 2

With Steve and Natasha…

Natasha and Steve were still waiting for Toruun's return, during that time the female counterpart of his friend Tony had somehow convinced him to explain what was going on with him and what his world was like.

Needless to say she was speechless as his story was winding down.

"…and now I am currently the President of the United States and have just made sure the country is whole again despite the attempts from HYDRA to destabilize the union." Steve ends as he finishes explaining what he has done in his world and the events that took place before his unofficial rise to office.

"Holy shit! Steve that is some seriously messed up crap you got going for you…" Natasha replies as she shakes her head at some of the things she hear "…I can't believe it, Spidey is dead, mutants are practically being killed or enslaved…and I am a man in your world with a talking brain tumor?!"

"I can see that you are taking this well Ms. Stark." The Captain replies with a hint of a smirk.

"Actually…there's something I need to tell you about my version of you and me in my world Steve." She says albeit reluctantly as she doesn't know how he might take the news she is about to give him, of course he beats her to it.

"We are either dating or married I assume."

Natasha Stark could honestly say to herself that it didn't matter what dimension she was in or what version of the man she had married looked like, Steve Rogers always found someway or form to catch her off guard. Then again, that was the reason she fell in love with the guy in the first place.

*Reminds me of that time he proposed to me right in the middle of Avengers mansion with everyone watching in shock…good times.* she thinks fondly.

"Married, how did you…?"

"You look and talk to me in the same way Gale use to when she was worried about me." He replies quietly as he finds himself lost in his memories of better times with the woman he once thought of spending the rest of his life with before he was frozen in ice for who knew how long.

"Oh, were you and her married before…you know?"

"Frozen? No, no we were not but we planned to. No need to guess the outcome when I was thawed and we met again."

"I'm sorry Steve, I really am." Natasha replied with some shame lacing her voice as she knew she brought up something painful. They remained quiet after a while before the super soldier decided to ask something of his teammate for the evening.

"If you don't mind my asking, did you and your version of me have kids?" He asks her with some reluctance, a part of him wondering why he is even bothering yet another part of him desired to know if at least someone like him did manage to get one of the things he was denied ever since becoming a living ice sculpture..

Natasha for her part smiles warmly as she has her armor bring up an image of her husband and her holding their children.

The image is one they took after she had given birth to their second child. There she was in a hospital gown with a baby wrapped in a pink blanket while Steve was holding a two year old boy with black hair and blue eyes.

"The boy we named James after your partner Bucky who looks much like you and the girl we named Maria after my mother, she has your hair and eyes and my nose and mouth."

She spoke lovingly as she gazed at her family and hope they were all right while she dealt with this odd situation that she got herself roped into.

Steve was quiet though as he let the sight before him set in, his past experience with the Red Skull came to the forefront of his mind and made him wonder what could have been once more as he thought about all the things that could have changed had he done this or that. Most guys would have lost it, but he wasn't like most guys anyways.

"He is a lucky man." He replied calmly trying hard not to give anything away to the woman. Natasha looked like she caught on to the inner meaning to the statement but thankfully the arrival of Toruun came before could delve further.

"I have made sure the elders are safe Captain, what shall be our next move?" The young Goddess asks.

"We need to find the source of this chaos and shut it down now; the longer it goes on the more casualties will pile up." He said to the two with scowl at the thought of more innocent citizens getting caught in this madness. He had more than ENOUGH of innocents being the casualties of war in his reality, he'd be damned if it happened here on his watch, brief as it may be.

*Not to mention we still need to find out why WE were picked by the two… beings.*

"Can you do something with your armor Miss Stark?" Toruun asks the armored woman figuring she was just as smart as Tony she could come up with something.

"Well I might if I knew what to look for, my armor reads several strong signals but which is the cause is something that requires more time and we don't have that in abundance."

"That is very true, since we got company coming and from the looks of things it isn't of the good variety." The Captain replies as he prepares for combat.

Approaching them was none other than Spike with a large group of demons, both real and possessed, and from the looks of things they had bad intentions in mind for the heroes.

*So these must be the bloody wankers who are causing my Dru so much problems and lo and behold it's that damn Slayer and her lackeys! Oh I am so going to enjoy bleeding them dry before her eyes.*

He maliciously thought as he kept getting closer.

"Well looks like we have ourselves a treat here tonight, I get to kill the Slayer and her pair of lap dogs." The master vampire sneers as his face takes on a more "natural" appearance worthy of his kind.

"Great we got a Billy Idol reject with an axe to grind, and I thought I've seen it all in my life time." Natasha quips as she seals her helmet and powers up her repulsors.

"It doesn't matter none as you and Toruun will knock out the possessed and kill the rest…he's mine though, can't say why I want this guy badly, but considering what we're looking at I don't care at the moment."

Steve said to the two as he locks eyes with the vampire, for some reason he feels a surge of hatred for the creature.

"You got it Cap; make sure to give him one for me." The armored Avenger replies as she also feels a measure of anger and slight fear from seeing the vampire.

"Understood Captain." The Asgardian adds hoping the Captain will kill the foul beast as she readied her sword.

As if choreographed both groups charged at one another it what many would see as an epic clash or a bloody brawl.

Steve was focused on reaching his foe first as he ducked under a claw swipe from a hairy demon with 6 small horns on its head, he retaliated with kick to the knee that dropped it in pain before he bashed its face in at full force, the demon may have withstood blows a Slayer could deliver but four tons directed at its head was another matter as its face caved in and black blood exploded from the wound.

His shield blocked a punch from one of the minions who howled as its hand broke, its pain didn't last long as the Captain slammed the edge of his weapon into its throat followed by an uppercut. He then hurled it at blue skinned demon which then bounces of it to strike a vampire's arm hard enough to break it and then another demon head before returning to its owner who then slams it down on the downed vampire and decapitates it.

Rogers ignored the small dust cloud to keep moving forward to his real opponent who from the looks of things isn't so sure of his chances of winning anymore.

"Oh bollocks!" The Master vampire shouts as he prepares himself for a hard fight as the Sentinel of Liberty finally reaches his quarry.

With Clea Strange…

Clea has her hands full with the Mayor as they trade "shots" so to speak, fire, lighting and energy of mystical origin flies around the office as the two mages duel for survival.

"You shall not win foul mage! Your evil ends here tonight!" The woman shouted as she dropped a barrier and fired of blasts of energy at the hundred year old man.

Wilkins raised his own barrier before launching a set of ceremonial knives at the possessed woman, who in turn stopped the knives before shattering them.

*There goes the set of knives of Tartarus, and I never got a chance to break them in darn it.*

"I really don't see why you are so intent on stopping me, I mean all I want is to ascend and eat a few souls along the way…is that really so bad?" The warlock spoke almost as if there was nothing wrong with what he planned to do. Clea on the other hand did NOT take his statement very well and her reaction was very telling.

"You monster, I do not know or care whether you once called yourself a man, but your madness ends here." With those words she delves deep into her magical reserves to call upon an ancient power she knew could help her win the day, she did not know with certainty if she could pull it off but she had to try.

She searched for the link to that force she needed to call upon to achieve victory, it was difficult as she found complications in the form of both to the constraints in the body she currently dwelled and how the link seemed…unused for lack of a better world, almost blocked, still she soldiered on for fear of losing to the abomination known as Richard Wilkins and the horror he would unleash should he prove victorious.

In another dimension known as the Crimson Cosmos…

Everywhere there was red, the sky, the land…everywhere one looked was a bright crimson color and calmly sitting there stood and armored giant. For as long as he could remember this was his realm, his universe…here he reigned supreme.

His name was Cyttorak, an ancient and powerful being who had long since been sealed away from the world along with its brethren when they lost purchase on the world of man

*No part in thanks to those blasted treacherous brethren of ours and Balance Keepers…bah, balance? What a crock!* He thinks with venomous hatred, oh what he would do the traitors. Oh they would rue the day they believed him defeated, a sentiment shared by the other Octossence.

But like many, many times in the past the idea lost its hold as soon as it came as he was reminded that there were known left who could call upon him, all their followers were gone and their Exemplar dead…or so he thought.

Days before a visitor of unique origin came to him with an offer of freedom, all he and his brethren had to do was keep damages to a minimum when they chose their Exemplar and try not to cause a mess when they dealt with the Powers and other high ranked demons that had a hand in their banishment.

*Trusting the word of an Imp? Oh how the mighty have fallen, still if he can get us back in the game who cares…besides 'minimum' can be so easily misconstrued in its meaning.* He thinks the latter with much dark glee and what will be unleashed.

Then out of nowhere he feels it, a sensation he has felt in so long, his power is being called upon…and with that he smiles viciously. He had no clue on who had the power and knowledge to even tap into his power, but this was something he was not going to pass up.

"Time to remind the world of our existence once more and let destruction flood the land...HA HA HA!"

Back with Clea…

Clea searched for the link to the power of the Cyttorak, it was just there on the edge of her magical senses.

*I know it is there, I can sense it…where are…there! Time to end this evil once and for all.*

"It's over." Was all she said as a crimson light began to surround the Mayor's body.

"W-what is this?!" He cried out as the crimson bands began to form and constrict his body, he tried every spell he could recall to shatter his binds but nothing affected them.

"The crimson bands of Cyttorak warlock, unbreakable bonds no earthly or hellish magic can shatter. This is the end for you, I do not relish taking your life but for the hundreds of innocents you would so callously destroy in your mad ambitions it must be so."

She ignores his cries for mercy, as well as the sounds his body makes as his bones and muscle are crushed as the bonds constrict…in moments all that is left of Richard Wilkins the third is a bloody pulp of crushed bone and rended flesh.

She said nothing as she turned back towards the main hall where she could still hear the signs of struggle taking place. She gave a silent thanks to whoever was watching over her companions.

There they stood surrounded by bodies, both living and dead, of the Mayor's demonic servants. Some had learned from the others deaths and were cautious of dealing with the super powered women and moved with more intelligence than instinct.

She decided that enough blood had been shed and it would end whether they wanted it or not.

"Hear me vile creatures from the pits! Your master is dead and if you do not cease your futile attempts to defeat my fellow champions you shall join him in the fiery chasms of Hell! And I have EVERY intention to make your return there as PAINFUL as possible!"

He words had the effect of gaining everyone's attention, Clea could see at first there was shock among the demonic creatures that was slowly giving way to fear…for who would not fear one who could defeat a man of great power such as their former employer?

As one force they all fled the scene, leaving behind the wounded and dead…clearly there was no true honor amongst thieves, or demons as the case may be.

Clea ignores this though as she floats down to meet her allies.

"Are you right Clea?" Susan as she looks her over as she notices several singed areas around her clothes.

"I am fine Susan, a little tired but fine nonetheless, thank you for your concern." The white haired mage replied with a tired smile.

"Is that guy really dead Mrs. Strange?" Young Kitty asks, though no stranger to death she was not the one who could push down the discomfort that came with the taking of any life.

"Yes he is, his plans for this town were an affront to all life on this world and needed to be stopped, besides any man who would willingly sell his soul for power is not the kind of man that should be left unchecked and I imagine he has many innocent lives claimed under his bid for said power."

"Right, well we should move on and continue are search for whatever is out there holdings us here." The Invisible Woman comments as she feels they need to move on.

"Yeah, I don't know about you but I had enough of this place…it's so crazy and dangerous here it actually makes me wish I was facing Sentinels instead. At least I KNOW what they are doing all the time." Their young teammate adds as she held herself.

Both women gave the youngest a look of sympathy with Susan giving her a small hug they both oddly found very soothing.

"I hope the others are safe." Kitty spoke as she and the others began to move again.

"Let us hope for the best child." Was all Clea said, though she too worried for Stephen and the others.

With Doctor Strange and his allies…

Things with the man in question could have gone better as they weren't being attacked by the robbed figures.

"Hey Jen?" Spider-man calls out casually as he backflips from to incoming bringers who slam into each other before being grabbed by the web slinger and slammed again for emphasis.

"Yeah?" Jennifer on the other hand is simply bats them away as gently as possible…for her at least as the beings didn't really have much on her strength wise. Anyone getting whacked by her usually turned into a broken heap of moaning idiots in pain.

"You getting tired of wailing on these guys as I am?"

"Yep, compared to our usual clientele they don't really stack up…" she replies as she slaps away and axe wielding bringer and pushes him into a far wall "…you almost done doc?"

"I would be if it wasn't for the incessant prattling of this supposed "First Evil" distracting me..." The mage replied with a frustrated tone as he spied the being under the visage of his master the Ancient one "…really? That is what you are going for? Nightmare and Loki are far more ingenious than that."

The entity for its part did not understand why the mage was not being affected; in the untold millennia it has existed no one should this level of apathy or disdain as it broke their wills, no one!

"You cannot win you know? I will be free regardless of what you do and this world shall burn. I am the First Evil; I am eternal and will never be defeated."

"By the Vishanti…" Doctor Strange mutters as he has had enough as he stood from his work on the seal and faced the entity "…enough you incessant abomination! You think you face some novice! I have faced the wiles of Umar! The fury of Dormamu! And the horrors of Mephistopheles and his vile son Blackheart!"

Everyone's attention was now on them.

"Uh-oh, I think the doc has just been pissed off." She-Hulk comments as she rarely saw the man lose his cool.

"Yeah, I feel sorry for whoever did it, last time someone made him this made he went medieval on them."

*Voodoo never knew what hit him once the Doc dug deep and hit him with everything he had and then some.*

"You shall hinder us no longer vile worm! Back to foul pit from whence you spawned!" and with that cry he released a powerful spell through the Eye of Agamotto directly onto the entity.

"NOOOOO!" The First Evil cried out in defiance as it was bathed in ethereal energy and send back from this realm.

"…as for you misbegotten creatures I suggest you depart as well." The Sorcerer Supreme spoke as he sent a wave of energy that sent only the bringers away.

"Damn Doc…" Jen speaks as she surveys the area for any more threats "…and I thought my cousin had a mean ass temper."

"My apologies Jennifer, but I could only talk so much verbal abuse from a low level entity with a superiority complex for so long." Stephen replies before focusing his attention on the demonic seal.

"So what are you going to do about this thing, I mean from the resistance we got this thing looks like bad news all over for this town." Their arachnid themed companion adds.

"Destroying is sadly out of the question, it may release whatever it is holding back so I will have to reinforce it with some additional protection spells, this will hopefully not take too much time since we still need to search for the cause of us possessing this people and speak with those Imps." With said he began to work on new protection spells and seals.

While he did this She-Hulk and Spider-man stood aside and talked.

"So think will remember this afterwards? In our real bodies I mean?" She asks him casually. Though she does not realize it Peter is currently cringing in his mask when she says their bodies.

"I don't know but on the off chance we do I need really to talk to you, Stephen and Susan about something that needs to be done urgently about me back at home."

"What do you mean by that?" Jennifer now felt something was wrong here, the web slinger she knew was rarely prone to such comments and from his posture she could tell something was very wrong.

*Well I have been hearing lately about a change in attitude from him from Cap, I wonder if something is wrong with him.* She thinks, despite their sometimes rocky partnerships she did respect him, heck a lot of them did so the changes some noted were starting to worry some of his closest friends…Johnny before he and the others left and Carol also, her especially from what she had been hearing since the two were close friends with the web slinger.

Their attention was brought back to their other comrade as he finished with his work.

"It is done, the seal has been fortified and while it will need to be watched the threat it poses has been lessened for the time being."

"Anything else we need to worry about here?" Peter asks as he has had enough of the place to last him a while.

*There is the matter of the tear, but sadly time is not on our side…*

"No, we can depart now and continue to look for the source of the magic that is pulling us to this reality as well perhaps get some answers from our unusual benefactors." The Sorcerer simply replied as with a wave of his hand they were transported back in the library.

"Never get use to that, science or metahuman based porting? Yes. Magic based? Not so much" Spider speaks out loud as he waits for the effects of teleportation to fade.

"Ditto." His emerald skinned compatriot adds.

All three soon left with the Sorcerer Supreme casting an uneasy glance at the Hellmouth, he wished he had more time to deal with blasted thing but they were on a tight operational window so to speak.

*I pray to whatever kind deity watching over the guardians of this foul place is kind to them in their struggle.* He hopefully thought before leaving.

With Steve and the others…

The fight between the young goddess and armored avenger was dwindling as their opponent fell into either death or unconsciousness, but for the soldier it was another matter as his opponent seems intent on his demise.

Spike was long since tired of fighting the person he viewed as a joke and weak link of the Slayer's crew.

*Bloody damn git! Just die already!* He mentally snarls as he avoids another left hook and launches another punch to the soldiers face only to wince as it strikes the shield once more.

"What the hell is that thing made of?!" He yells as every time he has struck it the man on the other end did not so much as budge from the force applied.

*Not too sure myself actually.* Steve thinks as he knew that this was not his normal shield…yet it still feels right to him.

The Captain then goes in for another combo as he launches a left kick to the vampire's midsection which he blocks so the Captain uses the momentum to back hand the undead being with his shield…

"Guh!" and while the master vampire is disoriented the enhanced human grabs him by the scruff of his shirt and rams his forehead into Spike's nose viciously.


"Gah! My nose!" Said vampire shouted as he clutched the damaged area, before looking at his enemy with all the hatred he could muster "…I will rip out your fucking heart out and eat it!"

"You can try monster." The "man" replied as he readied himself for the next assault, which soon came as the creature snarled and charges at full speed with the very clear intent of ripping his foe apart.

What comes next is a brutal brawl between the two combatants.

Steve dodges under a vicious left hook and counter with an uppercut to the vampire jaw, Spike bats it away while grabbing his enemy's uniform and driving his knee into his abdomen hard and fast as many times as he could…

"Gah!" Captain America let's out as he feels the power behind the blows pressing his insides. On the next strike he blocks it with his forearms before rising quickly ramming his elbow into the master vampire's jaw.

Both fighters backed away from the each other, but they never broke eye contact before charging again. Once more the former Scourge started the bout as threw in many combinations of kicks and punches at the star-spangled clad man; Steve for his part parried and dodged the blows waiting for the right moment.

That moment soon came as Spike overshot a punch to the man's head, with lighting fast quickness the Captain quickly grabbed the appendage and executed a textbook judo throw on the undead being.

"Oof!" He let out despite not really needing to and more like a natural reaction, Spike tries to get up but a weight soon settles over his chest and restricting his arms to the street, looking up he sees the stern visage that he would admit look adequate on the young man who so hated his kind.

The next thing he sees is a red gloved fist as it begins to hammer at his face repeatedly.

As for the man possessing the teenager all he feels as he pummel the creature is anger and satisfaction. He doesn't know where it is coming from but frankly he doesn't care since his experience with vampires has him share the odd feelings as well.

He lost track of time but he looks down at the bloody and bruise mess that is the face of William the Bloody and decides it is time to end this, he grabbed shield and held it as high as he could from his position before using all his strength to drive its edge into the vampires neck.

*I'm sorry Dru…I should have listened… I should ha…* those were Williams lasts thought before his head came off and it and his body exploded in a cloud of dust and in some desolate warehouse the wails of a distraught woman pierced the night.

Steve panted as he felt the adrenaline drain from his system; he felt an armored hand on his shoulder and turned to look at the exposed face of Natasha Stark who looked on with some mixture of relief and worry.

"You ok?"

"Yeah…I don't know why but there was something in me telling me I had to kill that creature. Whatever the reason for it doesn't matter anymore he's dead now." He replies to her query.

"Right, well let's go then I think I got a reading on where the signal for whatever the hell is causing this crap to happen." She got a nod in return and as he stood she turned to face their younger ally, she could see in her eyes the unasked question of the man's status, and she in turn gave her a small nod and a reassuring smile that alleviated the young Goddess possessing the blonde Slayer.

Now all three teams would converge onto the place where the mage and disciple of Janus Ethan Rayne dwelled…and with it would come many revelations and choices would be made that would determine the future of a special group of people.

To be continued…
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