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Avengers Assemble!

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Summary: YAHF - Someone sees where the Gang is headed in the future thanks to the plans of the PTB, they decide to mess with the program, what they get is something far more powerful. When all else fails heroes shall assemble to avenge us.

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Chapter six

Avengers Assemble!

Disclaimer: Don’t own BTVS, Marvel or DC, simple as that.

Well here we are again, turnout was quite interesting for the starting chapters, funnily enough a lot of folks got on my case because I made Xander “underpowered” while in my other stories I get flak because he is overpowered I got a good chuckle out of that before going about my business.

BTW I am not going to alter who he went as, I went back to my Superman story and took out the GREEN Kr but that is as far as I will go for the readers, harsh? Probably, but you try getting hit with that much crap over a choice I felt was logical at the time and don’t get snippy!

Anyway before we get underway I should warn the thrill seekers that this and some of the following chapters are not so action packed but I do need them for what is to come. I’ll try to be quick with each and make them two chapters at most if possible.

Also on the subject of Angel, I do have an explanation prepared for why he did not show up as well as something I plan to do to nip another loose end before the Scooby’s make their debut to the hero scene.

On the subjects of pairings, those are undecided at this time I may or may not do cannon or crossover pairings but I will say the following will not be done and it is non-negotiable:

Batman x Wonder Woman (There is too damn many out there, honestly folks let’s see some variety); Superman x Wonder Woman (See previous, and no I do not care it was finally done in comics, Lois Lane 4ever!) Xander x Buffy (She had her shot at him and blew so I say let her stew.); Xander x Willow (they are practically brother and sister so no way) Xander x Dawn (Not a fan and never understood how they ended up in the comic) Xander x Faith (I see them more as best friends if not more of a familiar bond); Buffy x Angel (I am wholeheartedly against pedophilia and necrophilia); Angel x Cordelia (See previous without the pedophilia or with it if that is preference).




*Sound effects*

Chapter 6:

In the higher realms…

Janus and his companions watched as the patriotic garbed man finished off the master vampire once known as William the Bloody with some satisfaction as another piece of the Powers was taken out.

“Another pawn has fallen and with it another thread in the Power’s web has been severed.” Janus comments neutrally, frankly Spike’s death was inconsequential as far as the deity cared so to the fate of the vampire seer who would surely seek revenge.

“Eh the guy was going to take too long to redeem himself, oh well ce la vie.” The purple suited Imp replies casually before taking another puff of his cigar.

*And that whole nearly raping the blonde midget deal was too much even for me, seriously how does that factor into fighting evil?* The sometimes tormentor of the Man of Steel thinks grimly, showing there were some lines he wouldn’t cross no matter what, say what you will but whenever he messes with his nemesis he tried to keep his fun from doing something the others higher up in the food chain would hold against him, not to mention what his wife would do to him.

“Well, looks like they are getting ready to end this, we should get ready to meet with them my good chums.” Batmite comments to his two companions.

“Indeed we should let us hope they do as you believe them they will Imps.” Janus replies in agreement, all three waiting for the right moment to appear.

Back in Sunnydale, with the group of Clea, Susan and Kitty…

The all female team was currently heading towards the source of the magic that enabled the Imps to move unimpeded from the PTB interference and to bring them to the town and their current bodies.

“So what do you think will happen once we get sent back? Will we remember all this?” Kitty asks.

*Part of me hopes not, I have enough bad dreams with what’s going back in my world!*

“Who knows, perhaps we will and perhaps not…” Susan rends before giving the young woman a warm motherly smile “…but on the off chance we do, I want you to know that I think you are very brave and strong woman despite your youth and the terrible circumstances you and yours find themselves in.”

Kitty couldn’t help but smile back at the Invisible Woman, it made her feel much better and make her want to at least remember her and the others. She felt relieved to have met the two strong women, it gave her feelings of hope and warmth that she hadn’t felt since Peter died.

“And do me a favor; tell that other version of me to leave the science for a bit and focus on Johnny some more. After all he is still her brother and they need each other, lord only knows how much my brother and I lean on each other through the years when things get rough.”

“I will Mrs. Richards, I promise you that.” Kitty replies, slightly uncertain she will be able to remember but hoping she will if only so she can do as asked of her.

“I only hope someone takes the mantle of the Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme soon in your world. I still can’t quite believe that Stephen and I had a child, much less that he fell to likes Dormmamu in such a terrible way.” Clea adds grimly, it was quite disturbing to hear if she were honest with herself.

*…though it does make me wonder what would a child between us look like.* She couldn’t help but wonder, she may not have been by Stephen’s side in a while but the love was still there and who wouldn’t wonder what could have been.

Any further conversation was cut off as they saw the Captain’s group approach, though judging from his bruised form told them they were not entirely free from danger.

“What happened?” Sue says with some worry, though strangely of the motherly kind as she goes to check on him, having some training in healing after years of onsite treatments after grueling battles with hostile alien forces and megalomaniacal despots.

“We ran afoul with a particularly nasty group of demons led by a Billy Idol reject in a bad coat.” Natasha replies as she too was worried for the good Captain though he just wave it off as he was healing slightly faster than her husband did, which could not help her but wonder just how much stronger he was compared to her Steve.

“Yes, he was most unpleasant and seemed to have a grudge against the person I am possessing.” Toruun adds as she felt anger and satisfaction towards the fallen vampire, more than likely from her temporary host.

“What matters is he is dead and no longer a threat.” Steve coldly says as the anger he felt earlier fades yet making him wonder just how strong is this connection they share with the bodies they find themselves inhabiting.

Susan and Natasha were a bit unnerved by the response but given the fact that he was a different version of the man they knew it was to be expected. Kitty and Clea ignored it though since they had been through worse situations than that so his attitude was understandable.

“So what is the status of our search, have you had any luck locating the source of the disruption yet?” He asks the women as Clea moves to heal him with her magic’s.

“Yes, we have, in fact we were heading there at this moment before you caught up with us.” Sue replies.

“Have the Doctor and his group reported in?” The armor clad avenger asks.

“No, but I shall call him, hopefully he isn’t being detained like I was.”

“What?” Toruun can’t help but ask “…what held you? Nothing dangerous I hope?”

“It unfortunately was as we had run afoul with a powerful warlock with delusions of grandeur and an utter disregard for life.” Clea spat with disdain for the late Mayor.

“Turns out the Mayor of this town had plans and none of the good for the people living here.” Susan adds as she had been told by the Sorceress what he wanted to do and was disgusted by the idea.

“Yeah well Clea kicked his ass to the curb, so good riddance I say.” Kitty says while scowling, she had dealt with enough genocide to not feel any remorse for her words.

“If your tone is anything to go by young lady then it is good she was victorious against this foe you speak of.” The unmistakable voice of Stephen Strange rang as he and his two companions made their way towards the group.

“What happened to you Cap?” Peter asks as he sees him being healed.

“Vampire with a grudge against the person Toruun possesses. He’s dead now so no need to worry about him anymore.” Steve replies neutrally to the older version of the young man who gave his life for his family and friends.

“Did you guys run into some trouble too?” Natasha asks.

“Yeah, we found out that High School is literally hell in this town.” Jennifer quips.

“Yes, apparently there is a dimensional tear underneath the school that reeks of demonic energy of the highest order. While I could not seal it I have placed barriers and wards to keep it contained, I do hope the guardians of this place can shut it down for I fear many lives will be lost given what was guarding it.” The Sorcerer Supreme comments with worry lacing his tone.

“Yeah, those freaky monks creeped me the heck out and then there was that thing that was trying to mess with you Doc.” Peter adds.

“Hmm, it was a minor annoyance at best with no real power besides mentally trying to weaken me. Threats like Nightmare are of more importance than that creature.”

“Well I am just glad you are safe Stephen.” Clea speaks up as she finishes healing the Captain before looking at him with a smile he can’t help but return.

*Oh how have I missed seeing that smile so much these recent years.* He can’t help but think fondly, though there is another feeling of warmth that comes from what he assumes is his host and feeling he might for Clea’s.

“Well we’re together now so let’s find out what brought us here, be done with it and find out why those two midgets chose us so we can go back to our realities.” Iron Woman says firmly, she is glad they did some good and all but she wants to go home to her husband and children.

“Amen to that.” Jennifer mutters while the other nod in agreement and begin to move out

Later in front of Ethan’s…

The group of dimensionally displaced heroes stood before the costume shop where the spell was bought forth.

“This is where the emanations are strongest…” Stephen says as he feels the power rolling of the shop, delving deeper he feels its nature “…I sense the hand of the divine in this, no mere mage could possibly have this much power to cause this not unless he wields powers akin to my own or Clea’s.”

“I concur; it is more than likely using a focal point to draw in the energy, I also sense something drawing in the ambient demonic energy or at least before Stephen reduced the emanations.”

“All right, I say we allow the mages to go in first since this is more their field, we follow in case things go pear shaped.” Steve offers as he has had enough surprises to last him a lifetime.

“Good plan Cap but I should go just in case since I have my stealth suit with me.” Spider-man adds as he feels he can contribute in this assault, contrary to popular belief he can be stealthy when it is required without the suit, problem was his enemies were more of make a lot of things go boom variety.

“Yes, I agree since it would good to have an ace in the hole.” Stephen says as he nods in agreement to this.

“All right, let’s go and finish this, I have a country and people who depend on me and I can’t let this keep me away any further.” The Captain orders as he moves slightly ahead while Peter and Jennifer wonder what he meant by that.

“Long story short, he is the president of the United States in his reality.” Natasha supplies while holding back a laugh at their surprised looks.

“That…makes an odd kind of sense.” Peter lets out before shaking off his surprise and engaging his suits stealth function.

“I wish I had time to ask how he made that, my sensors can’t get a blip on him at all.” Natasha can’t help but be impressed.

“Well Spider-man is quite resourceful and ingenious when the situation calls for it.” Sue adds.

“Yeah, I guess that is a trait he and my Spidey shared.” Kitty states sadly while Steve frowns but keeps his peace.

Sue and Natasha share a look of concern before the latter approaches the young woman with her helmet opened.

“Hey, I know about what happened to your spidey and I can tell there is a story there so I apologize if I dragged up bad memories.”

“It’s not your fault, it’s just sometimes I can’t help but think about him, I know that things didn’t work out between us but I felt like he was the one you know?” The young woman replies with a hint of regret and sadness.

“I know how you feel Kitty; before I met my husband there some who I thought were the one and some of them left a lasting impression on me but the best thing you can do is focus on the good times you two had and honor him and his sacrifice and live your life to the fullest.”

“Because that is what he would have wanted?” She asks the red and golden armored woman quietly.

“Yes, yes he would have, if he was anything like our or Sue’s Spidey he would like that for you.” She replies as she gently pulls the younger girl into her arms.

Sue can’t help but smile at this while Steve remains quiet while his mind thinks back on a brave young man who fought to his last breath for his family.

Inside Ethan’s…

Both mages and cloaked hero made their way inside to source of the disturbance the two mages felt. They ignored the various costumes and ambient magic they feel radiating from them and focus on the more focal point of the magic that brought them here.

And soon they reach the back where lo and behold they find the source…

“Hmm Janus, the Roman god of endings and beginnings, of change and doorways...” Strange speaks before he is interrupted.

“…Peanut butter and Jelly, oh wait forget that last one I may have skipped dinner do to the night’s formalities.” That voice stirred a flurry emotions in the carrier of the Eye predominantly anger; he pushed does feelings aside to face the man while being ready for anything. In both his and Clea’s experience one could never underestimate their foes, to many times they had been caught unaware and they or people close to them paid for it.

*Such as Victoria Hand.* He thinks bitterly as he recalls one of the casualties in the quest for vengeance of Jericho Drumm’s brother Daniel.

“Who are you?” He hears Clea ask.

“Oh where are my manners…” Ethan says in mock disappointment as he give her a more than lasting look “…Ethan Rayne at your service my lovely lady.”

Now Stephen was the one feeling anger at the way he looked at his estranged wife, coupled with his host anger at the man’s presence and actions towards his wife’s host ad you had a very angry Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea was a bit surprise when her lover threw a bolt of mystical energy at the man…and somewhat flattered to be honest as she to saw how he looked at her.

Though sadly it never struck as a shield sprung to surround the now smirking man.

“Nice try but I did read up on you a bit before selling your quite garish outfit and on the off chance you did come after me I had this prepared.” He says as he holds up an ornate medallion with a red gem in its center, sadly this was where Ethan suffered his downfall…


…as a strand of white appeared from thin air and snatched the item from the man’s startled hands. Wordlessly Dr. Strange struck him with a quick bolt that sent him into a nearby cabinet that broke under the force and left him groaning in pain.

“Don’t you just love it when the bad guys get overconfident?” Peter asks rhetorically to which both mages smirked in amusement before Clea turns towards Stephen.

“Hmm, I take it you did not find his comment on your attire all that amusing?”

“Why my dear whatever do you mean?” He replies with mirth lacing his tone before sobering up and looking to his spider powered colleague.

“If you would be so kind to fetch the others, I believe we are all owed answers from at least this gentleman as he may be in cahoots with those two Imps we met.”

“Got it Doc, let me just web this joker up.”


After securing their prisoner both physically and magically the group of dimensionally displaced heroes stood around the bust of Janus.

“So you believe this is cause for all this chaos?” Captain America asks the only experts on hand for this type of phenomenon.

“For the affliction that befell the townspeople yes, for us only partially given our mysterious benefactors admission to bringing us here in these bodies.” Clea replied as she studies the bust.

Steve nodded in thanks before he strode over to where Ethan was still webbed up and with little effort hoisted him onto his feet.

“Why have you done this? What do you hope to accomplish? Talk now before I get really nasty.”

“Now, now my good chap there is no need to get rough with…oomph!” He was cut off as he felt the air leaving his lung as he was punched by the possessed teen.

“I am neither in the mood nor have the patience for you jokes so talk.”

“You stupid yank, you think…” once more he was cut off by the soldier.

“Last. Chance.”

“Fine, fine…I just wanted to mess with Ripper a bit, the fellow that fop is possessing.” Ethan nods to Stephen whose disdain grows for the man.

“Do you even care how many people got hurt or worse killed because of your actions?” Sue asks as she scowls at the mage.

“It was just a bit of fun luv, nothing wrong with that eh?” Ethan retorts with a smirk.

“You son of a bitch!” Steve cries out as he prepares to bash the man’s skull in.

“Stay your hand from my follower mortal.” A voice suddenly rang about the room causing all there to tense, their eyes turned towards the bust where a portal sprang forth and from it came the two fifth dimensional imps as well as the deity used to empower the spell, there stood Janus.

“Janus I presume?” Dr. Strange ventured as he felt the power radiating from the being before them.

“Indeed Sorcerer, I need not introduce my…companions as you have previously met them at the start of this evening.” The deity says as the bowler hated imp stood there smoking his cigar while his poorly dressed counterpart waved.

“So our presence here is not some random whim of two powerful beings?” Strange asks.

“All will be explained but first…” with a casual wave of its hand the dual faced deity released Ethan who stood transfixed at the sight of his patron god “…Ethan Rayne, you may not realize this but you have possibly had a hand in saving the life of your former friend should he accept what is about to be offered to him, your actions will bring about great change which pleases me so to reward you.”

The deity laid its hand on the arm the bared the mark of Eghyon with an ethereal glow around it and slowly made it disappear spreading a soothing warmth in the man, what Ethan did not see was Strange also feeling the same though he was curious why that was. Across the seas a man and woman were running for their lives from a literal demon from their past, though they stopped as they felt the same warmth their two former friends in the states were experiencing around their marked arms while their pursuer screamed in rage and agony before dissolving much to their shock and relief.

So it came the Eghyon was banished back to his realm and spared the group of survivors from a night of supernatural fun gone wrong a terrible fate.

“Now we have much to discuss and little time to do it, so let us move this discussion to a more appropriate area.” Janus spoke before a wave of energy grabbed the heroes leaving only a very confused albeit thankful mage and a glowing bust.

Summers residence…

In a flash the group found themselves either sitting of standing in the living room area.

“Ok what the hell?!” Jennifer cried out as she found herself sitting on the lap of Steve who was in the one of the single person recliners while Peter was in the same position on Natasha’s lap. Toruun, Sue and Kitty were on the sofa while Stephen and Clea stood behind it.

Their benefactors stood before the group.

“No we can talk.” Mr. Mxyzptlk comments as he starts to float cross legged so he is at the height Janus head.

“Wait a minute, what about the magical nutcase? And the people who he messed with?” Peter quickly says as there was still a mess to fix.

“Don’t worry Mr. Spider-man sir; we made sure no one got killed though some are hurt…but not the kids.” Batmite quickly says to calm their charges for the night.

“And what of this Ethan?” Sue says in curiosity and worry.

“He is of no concern as he has played his part in this.” The dual faced deity replies.

“And what exactly is all this? Why were WE specifically brought here for?” The daughter of Thor asks the Imps and fellow deity.

“To alter the course of nine lives and possibly save them from a life under the yoke of powers that could care less for them as they fight to maintain their supposed balance.” Janus calmly says to the woman.

“What mister drama here means is that this group of chumps you are giving test drive are going to get the short end of the stick and I frankly don’t give quite like that little scenario.” The purple suited imp adds while ignoring the glares from the god.

“Something bad is going to happen to them and we don’t want that to happen.” Batmite meekly says. Janus looked away and Mxyzptlk harrumphed but the 5th dimensional batman fan knew they too had felt the need to help though they covered it in their desires to stick it to the PTB or a chance to create change.

“Bad? Bad how?” Jennifer asks with some worry and curiosity.

*Just how bad does it have to be to call this motley band of capes here?* She wonders.

“I will give you a glimpse of their futures, be prepared for not all will be pleasant.” The Roman god warns as its eyes flashed and the heroes were treated to events to come for the group of defenders of the Hellmouth.

Although they in real life it was at most less than 5 minutes since the visions started, to them it was much more that by the time it ends they are left panting with a look of shock.

By the Vishanti…” Doctor Stranger whispers.

“Took the words right out of my mouth Doc, I mean what the hell?!” Peter lets out as he feels sick at what he has seen this kids go through to protect their world.

“Oh my God, how could this have been allowed? They are just children!” Sue’s motherly instinct shines as she feels repulsed that the teens sacrifice so much without any back up from these so called higher powers.

“Now you see why we have summoned you here, to alter their fate we require your aid in making them something powerful, strong. Something that only one other group champions on this world can match and I hope they can surpass in time.”

“You mean there are super powered beings here too? Why can’t they help them?” Natasha naturally asks as she is still a bit winded by the seeing here hosts actions during here most traumatic time.

*Christ…I thought my drinking was a bad addiction but what happened to her takes the whole goddamn cake!*

“Yeah, a bunch of Mary Sue’s called the Justice League, I’m banking on the lot of these chumps to stir up a hornet’s with the paranoid bat nut and that blue muscle bound boy scout.” The more mischievous imp remarks with no sign of remorse for his comments, though ignores the upset look of his counterpart for badmouthing his hero.

“And what must we do?”

“Convince them to accept the power and knowledge to use it.” Janus replies calmly.

“Uh can’t you just give it to them and leave it at that?” Jennifer can’t help but ask given her experiences with deities such as Thor and Hercules.

“No, I am believer of free will as the major cause of change, and this change requires them to accept the gifts they are to receive.”

“Will they know everything about us?” Peter felt the need to ask.

“They must for the knowledge on how to use your gifts must come from your experiences.”

“Ok…cool, but will we remember them once we leave.” Kitty asks as she was wondering if she and the others would remember.

“Do you want to?” Batmite asks curiously.

“Yes, yes I do because this may be my only chance to stop a mad man from destroying everything I love.”

“Spider-man?” Sue asks with some worry.

“Guys, I know you have more than heard how I am acting with criminals these days, well that’s not me…at least not me in my body.”

“What? What are you talking about?” It is She-Hulk who asks with growing worry, she had to admit she had found it very strange this new attitude from her colleague.

*I got a bad feeling about this, I knew I should have asked Steve about this but then Scott had to get into that fracas with Doom.*

“Doctor Octopus has taken over my body and is posing around as me.” The arachnid powered hero let out with a haunted look in his eyes with Sue, Stephen and Jennifer all reacting with shock and horror while Steve, Toruun, Clea and Kitty were shocked.

“My God!”

“No, no, no this can’t be.”

“By the Host Hoggoth!”

“It’s true, he found out a way to switch our minds, I died in his body but a part of me survived. I’ve tried to get my body back but all I can do take control of my hand without him noticing.”

“How long has this been going on?! Why have the Avengers not done something?!” Susan made her displeasure very vocal in this, she cursed the fact that they were currently not on Earth but Reed’s sickness had caught them off guard once it came off and now they were trying to make their way back.

But this…this was horrible, Peter was family to them, he was there for them in so many of their struggles. The children, her own and those of the Future Foundation, loved his teaching ways and the way he cared for their wellbeing. Johnny and Ben cared for him as much as they did for herself and Reed and in the former’s case it was brotherly in nature.

“If you do remember, I need you guys to stop him by any means, look for Carlie Cooper she has a device I left with her that is part of all this that could be of use, but if it doesn’t work I need you to do the right thing and take him down no matter what.” Peter grim tone caught them off guard.

“As soon as we get back I am getting the team together and we WILL stop him and get you back to normal…then I am going to give Steve a piece of my mind for letting this go on for so long.” She-Hulk retorts heatedly.

“Heh you pull this off Jen and I’ll take you out anywhere you want, hell we succeed I’ll French kiss you.” He quips, though deep down he may do that if this nightmare ends for him.

*And then I am going scream, yell and hit those morons I call teammates for this crap!*

“I shall assist as well, I have several spells and rituals in mind already that may serve to help you or stop this mad man.” Stephen adds.

“We aren’t on earth right now but I will get the Reed to get us back as soon as possible…” Susan then walks up and hugs her friends tightly which he reciprocates “…you will get your life back Peter, I swear by all that is holy you will be saved.

“…thank you.” He quietly replies.

The others not from that reality hope they succeed, especially Steve and Katherine.

Natasha looks at the man who is her husband’s counterpart and decides to do something as well.

“Steve, I need to tell you something to, and you listen as well Ms. Pryde.”

“What is it Natasha?” The super soldier asks as he wonders what she has to say.

“You need to seriously find a way to help mutantkind.” She says bluntly as there is no sugarcoating this. Steve and Kitty are surprised

“Listen, no matter their origins in my or your world they are there and they need your help, you have within your grasp to help them than anywhere else in the world.”

“Natasha…” he says after a lengthy sigh as this was a topic that weighed heavily on him “…it’s not that simple or easy.”

“Pfft, of course it isn’t, if it were then I wouldn’t need to bring it up but Steve I know that you are not the same as my husband but deep down I know you like him would not let this persecution or abuse of human rights stand.” She said firmly as he looked deep into his eyes when she spoke while Shadowcat listens intently.

“You have been granted a power that few men see, and more importantly you are worthy of this power.”

“I don’t believe that to be honest.” He refutes.

“Then you are a stubborn ass just like my Steve because anyone can take power, can try to wield it, search for it but…” and at this she gently places her hands on his shoulder as she speaks to him “…those who are truly worthy, who deserve it are those who have never sought it out and you are that man because as a great hero once said that with great power comes great responsibility.”

Those words struck deep within them, for Steve because of the powerful truth in them and for Kitty because of the young man she had cared who lived his life by that piece of guidance a good and loving man had taught him. She ventured a look at the older Spider-man and saw him nodding in satisfaction at Iron woman’s use of his uncle’s words.

“If you are all done with your kumbaya moment can we get this show on road?” Mr. Mxyzptlk cut in disregarding the looks he was getting.

“Fine, since the impatient one here wants this done let’s get this show on the road, what do we have to do.” Kitty speaks for the group while looking at Janus.

“You shall all be placed in a trance like state, there you shall meet your hosts in their mindscapes and speak with them, for it is there were you must convince them to take the offer given to them.”

Steve stood up and look at the men and women around him, each nodding in turn to his silent question.

“All right let’s do this.”

“Very well, I wish you luck heroes, may your fortune see you through in this endeavor and those yet to come.” With that said Janus power flared and each hero was left standing or seated with their eyes closed. Batmite snapped his fingers and each was placed in a more comfortable spot for when they woke up.

Toruun, Kitty and Joyce in Buffy’s bed with both younger women next to their elder, Stephen and Clea in Joyce’s room with their arms around one another, Peter and Natasha in Dawn’s and the Captain and She-Hulk were laid side by side on the sofa.

“Well it’s on them now McGurk, let’s hope we backed the right horses here.” Mxyzptlk says as he conjures another cigar “…meantime I got some other preparation to make for this yahoos if they decide to take the offers, so later.” He ends before blinking out sight.

“I better go to, thank you for your help Mr. Janus sir!” Batmite says jovially before he too leaves to his realm.

Janus just looks at the heroes one last time before ending the spell and sends all the children, both those affected and not by the spell, to their parent’s with more pleasant memories while the older members think that everything went smoothly. Any damages caused would be left to the actions of gang members or some such, either way he would be a spectator for what is to come.

Still the god could not help but take a glimpse into the future to see what was to come...and what he saw made both faces break out a smile.

*Truly the future shall be very interesting…heh heh heh.*

The deity thinks before departing and getting ready for what is to come.

To be continued…

Longest chapter yet but hope I got my point across, the last two parts where Peter tells them about Otto and Steve being told to use his political power to help mutants was a last minute addition I couldn’t help but add. I may do a short interlude that shows the aftermaths of them but I haven’t decided yet.

BTW, here were the other costume candidates for the guys and gals:

Well for Buffy I had the options of Thor Girl (a powerful alien who based her appearance on the Asgardians), Ultragirl (A pink Kree with a lot of power) and Namorita. If you notice there is a pattern here that all the women here are powerful and non human, the idea was that she loses her slayer powers but becomes something stronger and more dangerous. In the end though I went with Thor's daughter from that animated movie because I figured why not?

For Willow, I had Armory (the girl with the alien arm weapon), Pepper Potts in her rescue armor or Karima Shapandar. Theme here is confident women who are techno savvy. In the end I went with Iron Woman because I remembered an issue of F4 during the Dark Reign where the thing that prevented the CW in that universe was the marriage of her and Captain America.

For Xander I had Nova (Richard Rider at full power with the Worldmind) Spider-man 2099 and Havok, men who bared the weight of leadership and/or responsibility on their shoulders. I went Ultimate Cap because no one has ever used him and he was also the stronger of the two Captains though I did give him the better shield.

The three are the Marvel trinity to DC's SM, BM and WW.

For Cordelia I needed something both funny due to it being Xander's choice yet beneficial in the end, so aside from She-Hulk there was Ms. Marvel (in the black swimsuit have no idea how difficult it was not to go there T_T), Tigra and Storm.

For the others there were no theme just characters I felt they brought something to the table or felt right.

I saw Giles and Jenny as a couple so aside from the Sorcerers I had my pick of Reed and Sue, Scott Summers (pre-revolutionary…yeah right, he is about as revolutionary as I’m multi millionaire) and Jean (no Phoenix, that would have been too much) and Bucky and Natasha.

For OZ I needed a talker so aside from Pete we had Johnny Storm, Iceman and Pete Wisdom.

For Joyce I could only find that as a heroic mother aside from Sue there was Julia Carpenter (before becoming Madame Web, do not understand Marvel’s choice there), Lionheart and Jessica Jones (the swearing and attitude would have been a riot with the League!)

For Dawn well I had my pick of Cassie Lang (never forgave Marvel for killing her and Teen Vision…those bastards!!!), Molly Hayes and Lyra (the daughter of Hulk and Thundra from another reality.)

To all those on FF.NET and TtH who reviewed I thank you, you few who support my work and try to understand the reasons behind what I do or try to help me get better make this all worth wile.

To everyone else who doesn’t, I have many choice words for them but refrain from saying them because I don’t want to get booted off the sites, though that may change if I am pushed too far because, and allow me to coin the phrase, “I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!”.
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