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The Witch-breed Chronicles

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Summary: These are the adventures of Witch-breed heroes and villains: the X-Coven, Brotherhood of Watchers, the Wolfram & Hart Club and many others. See a unique mix of Marvel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer amalgam characters and explore this brand new world.

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001: Secrets

Disclaimer: See first chapter for details.

Xavier School for the Gifted, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York.
October 19th.
Weather: Cool and breezy

Lilah Frost had reached the limit of her patience when it came to her lover and former teacher. Doctor Rupert Xavier was a man of many secrets that he refused to share with her, it was like history was repeating itself again, but this time instead of Erik leaving it was her.


She turned to face Rupert, in each hand was a bag and it was clear to her former lover that she was leaving. The two of them lock eyes and Frost can feel him reaching out with his telepathy towards her, however her mental shields were to strong for him to break through.

“No. I’m sorry Rupert but you have brought this on yourself. Either trust me or not!” Lilah shouted. It was an ultimatum. He knew what it was all about, the amount of time they had fought about his secrets. “Otherwise I am gone! Do you understand!”

The pregnant pause hung in the air as she watched Rupert open and close him mouth a few times, it reminded Lilah of a dying fish, suffocating due to being plucked out of the water.

~Lilah. Please.~

“NO!” She screamed not caring that her former students and friends would hear her pent up anger release. ”Fuck! You! Rupert! Xavier!” How dare he try and use telepathy to keep her from making a scene.

She was not going to let me try and talk her out of leaving as she turned and stormed out of the main entrance, a cold breezy rushed over her as she walked out of the mansions warmth and into the autumn wind. A black limousine with Shaw Industries on the side of it awaited her. If Rupert was not going to give her the answers she needed then Lilah would have to look elsewhere.

The driver took her luggage and opened the door for to let her in. As Lilah sat down in the comfortable leather seating her eyes shifted to the other occupant. A young woman who could not be older than eighteen wearing black leather, watched her intently.

"I will have to thank Richard in person for sending you, Faith. A quick getaway in required."

Faith tapped the privacy glass that interacted to the driver to go. "I trust Frost you have the information Mr Shaw requires."

"From the mind of Xavier himself." Lilah replied coldly. "I trust Richard will explain why he needed this information in return, per our agreement."

"Of course."

***Scene Break***

Rupert watched from the window as his former lover and student drove off in one of Richard Shaw’s belongings. He took his glasses off and started to clean them. How could it have gone all wrong? He started to pace as his mind whirled around trying to figure out how it had happened to him twice!

“I suppose you heard Lilah’s departure.” Rupert said as he felt a familiar presence approach from behind him.

“Dear Rupert. Lilah wanted us all to hear it.” He turned to face Joyce Munroe, a Californian Witch-born who had the ability to control the weather, she too was a former student of his now turned teacher.

He signed deeply as he walked towards the kitchen with Joyce following behind him. It was time for the all-purpose cure for everything: Tea. Rupert could almost see the smile of Joyce face as she knew his habits very well.

“I have a reason for my secrets.” Joyce listened to him as she knew he needed a friend, Lilah wasn’t the easiest person to live with and Joyce knew relationship between telepaths were very intimate.

“Rupert, your relationship with Lilah while physical was also based on the level of emotion telepaths can share with each other. Now, we are all entitled to your secrets, I myself have a few which I do not intend to share.” A wryly smirk crossed Joyce face as she handed him a cup of tea she had already made for him. “You can only expect Lilah to respect that, as I do. To be honest I’m surprised the two of you became lovers and lasted for as long as you did.”

Rupert Xavier up at his friend from where he was sitting at the kitchen table, he loved Joyce as a sister and thanked God for every day she put up with him. He took a moment to sip the tea before he placed it on the table.

“I fear the secret this secret will be someday soon come to light. As my friend, you will need to understand why I choose not to speak of it for now, that is what Lilah doesn’t understand and I fear that I have turned her down a darker path.” Rupert looked at Joyce with a dark expression. “I fear the company she now seeks will be the one to set her on that path.”

Joyce lowered herself into the chair opposite him, she reached out and took his hand with hers, squeezing it gently and she smiled sadly. “Dear Rupert. That’s a mistake for Lilah to make, not you. Now, drink your tea, you have a particle physics lecture to give that the students as still waiting for.”

He smiled and nodded. It was time to let all secrets remain hidden. It was only a matter of time for the truth was revealed. That was a day Rupert Xavier dread.


DarthTenebrus: Thank you for your comments. It's very much a battle to find who the characters are at this point. For example: Rupert Xavier, how much of Giles and Charles should be used to make the character work. I am a massive believer of character and plot development. It is very much going to a Marvel based background with Buffy elements showing in the characters and certain apocalypse, apocalyptic, umm world ending type situations that you might see in Buffy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Witch-breed Chronicles" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Nov 13.

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