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The Witch-breed Chronicles

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Summary: These are the adventures of Witch-breed heroes and villains: the X-Coven, Brotherhood of Watchers, the Wolfram & Hart Club and many others. See a unique mix of Marvel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer amalgam characters and explore this brand new world.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralAlectorFR1821,600128854 Nov 134 Nov 13No

000: Disclaimer & Amalgam Characters

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am simply a fan of both and wish to create a fanfiction which entertains readers. I do not do this for profit but for fun.

Useful Terminology

Witch-gene - A genetic quirk that allows magic to be used as superpowers.
(Amalgam of Mutant-gene & Magic)

Witch-born - Someone who has the witch-gene
(Amalgam of Mutant & Witch)

The Chosen Force - A mystical force that empowers turns a woman into the Slayer: A mystical champion to fight the N'Garai.
(Amalgam of Phoenix Force & Chosen One)

Witch-breed Chronicles Characters (Amalgam Marvel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Xavier School for the Gifted: Home of the X-Coven
(Amalgam of X-Men & Scooby Gang)

Rupert Xavier: Watcher-X
(Amalgam of Charles Xavier & Rupert Giles)
[Witch-gene: Telepathic]

Joyce Munroe: Thunderstorm
(Amalgam of Ororo Munroe & Joyce Summers)
[Witch-gene: Weather Control]

Jesse Summers: Chaos
(Amalgam of Alex Summers & Jesse McNally)
[Witch-gene: Cosmic Manipulation]

Willow Grey: Red Witch
(Amalgam of Jean Grey & Willow Rosenberg)
[Witch-gene: Telekinesis]

Liam Worthington: Angel
(Amalgam of Warren Worthington & Liam/Angel)
[Witch-gene: Genetic Mutation]

Alexander Howlett/Logan: Wolverine
(Amalgam of Logan & Xander Harris)
[Witch-gene: Regeneration & Bone Claws]

Buffy Braddock: Renegade
(Amalgam of Elizabeth Braddock & Buffy Summers)
[Witch-gene: Tactile Psionic's]

Tara Gwynn: Glinda
(Amalgam of Megan Gwynn & Tara Maclay)
[Witch-gene: Magic Control]

Dawn Dane: Polestar
(Amalgam of Lorna Dane & Dawn Summers)
[Witch-gene: Magnetism]

Brotherhood of Watchers
(Amalgam of Brotherhood & Watchers Council)

Erik Travers: Magnus
(Amalgam of Erik Lensherr & Quentin Travers)
[Witch-gene: Magnetism]

Ethan Rankin: Janus
(Amalgam of Mimic & Ethan Rayne)
[Witch-gene: Chaos Manipulation]

William Allerdyce: Matchstick
(Amalgam of Pyro & William Pratt/Spike)
[Witch-gene: Fire Control]

Edith Adler: Oracle
(Amalgam of Irene Adler & Edith/Drusilla)
[Witch-gene: Precognition]

Darla Darkholme: Prior
(Amalgam of Mystique & Darla)
[Witch-gene: Genetic Manipulation]

Harmony Kendall: No-Girl (Brain in Jar)
(Amalgam of No-Girl & Harmony Kendall)
[Witch-gene: Telepathic]

Jonathan Travers: Goldrush
(Amalgam of Quicksilver & Jonathan Levinson)
[Witch-gene: Super Speed]

Andrew Tonybee: Leapfrog
(Amalgam of Toad & Andrew Wells)
[Witch-gene: Limited Superhuman Abilities]

Warren Mears: Untouchable Man
(Amalgam of Unus the Untouchable & Warren Mears)
[Witch-gene: Force-field Generation]

Wolfram & Hart Club
(Amalgam of Hellfire Club & Wolfram and Hart)

Richard Shaw: Black King
(Amalgam of Richard Wilkins III & Sebastian Shaw)
[Witch-gene: Kinetic Metabolism]

Lilah Frost: White Queen.
(Amalgam of Emma Frost & Lilah Morgan)
[Witch-gene: Telepathic]

Lindsey Pierce: White Bishop.
(Amalgam of Donald Pierce & Lindsey McDonald)
[Witch-gene: Superhuman Abilities]

Harry Manners: Black Bishop.
(Amalgam of Harry Leland & Holland Manners)
[Witch-gene: Gravity Control]

Heinrich Wyngarde (Mastermind): Probational Member
(Amalgam of Jason Wyngarde & Heinrich Joseph Nest/The Master)
[Witch-gene: Telepathic Illusions]

Faith: Shaw's personal aide.
(Amalgam of Tessa & Faith Lehane)
[Witch-gene: Cyberpathic]

Other Heroes & Villains
(Amalgam of Marvel & Buffy/Angel Heroes and Villains)

Steven Wyndam-Pryce: Sorcerer Supremos
(Amalgam of Steven Strange & Wesley Wyndam-Pryce)
[Witch-gene: N/A - Supreme Magic]

Winifred "Fred" Stark: Iron Maiden
(Amalgam of Anthony Stark & Winifred "Fred" Burkle)
[Witch-gene: N/A]

Captain Charles Rhodes: Iron Avenger
(Amalgam of James Rhodes & Charles Gunn)
[Witch-gene: N/A]

Cordelia Frost
(Amalgam of Cordelia Frost & Cordelia Chase)
[Witch-gene: Telepathic]

Janna von Damme: Doctor Doom & Ruler of Latveria
(Amalgam of Victor Von Doom & Jenny Calendar)
[Witch-gene: Magic Control]

Kendra Ayala: White Tiger
(Amalgam of White Tiger & Kendra Young)
[Witch-gene: N/A - Feline Abilities from Magic Talisman]

Robin Wood: Blade
(Amalgam of Blade & Robin Wood)
[Witch-gene: N/A - Dhampir]

Detective Kate Cassidy
(Amalgam of Sean Cassidy & Kate Lockley)
[Witch-gene: Sonic Projection]

The N'Garai: Demons that sometimes come out of the Xavier ground Hellmouth.
(Amalgam of N'Garai & Buffy Demons)

Vampires: Soulless human corpses inflected from N'Garai venom, they are psychically limited to where they were buried.
(Amalgam of Marvel Vampires and Buffy's Vampires)
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