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Shocking Halloween

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Summary: Xander dresses as a reluctant hero

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-Centered
DC Universe > Batman
demonichellfireFR1827440106,8485 Nov 1326 Nov 13No

Chapter One

I don’t own anything.

Shocker and Hydro-Man are own by Marvel.

Whedon owns Buffy.

The story Polarity and hopefully a relaunched Transistor are Chris Myers

Zombies. Fucking Zombies. I thought that I didn’t have to deal with them here. The good news is their still killed by headshots other than that these zombies are completely different. I mean they're focused on getting to one place, not killing as many people as possible.

“Why are dey here?” My Jamaican girlfriend wondered aloud. Looking at the horde of zombies walking past us not even noticing us despite the fact we were in plain view.

“Something must have summoned them.” I respond as calm as I can. “We find who or what created them and destroy it.”
“That wouldn’t stop them. A spell like dis will continue even if the power source is destroyed.” She said.

I shook my head “If you destroy a generator you stop the power flow, magic or not everything obeys the laws of science in some shape or form.” I stated confidently.

“You speak as though you’ve done dis before.” My girlfriend said. Just then, a torrent of water rushes down the street shredding the horde in the process. As the torrent reaches us, it stops and shifts into one my closest friends and allies.

“Just like New York, Herman.” Jonathan said, I shook my head, Jonathan and I both know how to fight zombies after Dormammu had used Eric Williams aka Grim Reaper to start the failed zombie apocalypse.

“No if it were like New York then we’d be dealing with The Hulk again.” I smirked seeing Jonathan’s shudder. He may have killed the Hulk, but not before the Hulk used me as a punching bag. I not sure what happened before Thor took me to where the battle was, but I’m sure that it wasn’t pretty.

“Good point one time destroying his diamond hard brain is enough for anyone.” Jonathan said.

“What are you two talking about?” My girlfriend asked.

“Near end of the world.” I replied.

“Does it have anything to do with the fact you’re wearing a quilt?” She inquired.

“It’s not a quilt it’s insulation against my blasts.” I snapped.

“It’s a quilt Xander, stop denying it.” Jonathan shook his head. I loved to be a telepath for just one minute to listen to what he is thinking.
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