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Ships of the Line

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Summary: BtVS, ST, SW, SG-1 crossover. Sometimes decisions have far reaching consequences, and things are not always as they seem.

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Chapter One: Light Beginnings

Ship of the Line: Ships of the Line

Date (Part Two/Chapter 1): 2013-11-09
Modified: 2013-11-09

Summary: BtVS, ST, SW, SG-1 crossover. Based on the Halloween costume episode and answering the Ship of the Line challenge from Zaion. Very AU. It is remotely related to my Chaos Theory series on FanFiction dot Net.

Disclaimer: See first chapter. Needless to say, I don't own anything here except some concepts and ideas.

Chapter One: Light Beginnings

The illumination returned a few moments later – and despite the lights going out the interruption to the equipment in sickbay was non-existent, because of power backups and auxiliary batteries that used base chemical reactions. The ethereal pumping of the otherworldly drive that sat at the heart of the Enterprise thrummed through the deck-plating. As the lights came back, a young woman looked at her two patients in Sick Bay. The original host was a person that nobody in a past life would ever trust with a scalpel - but somehow she had managed to dress as Beverly Crusher, Captain of the Florence Nightingale. Every last iota of the cheerleader that was formerly known as Harmony Kendall was subsumed, suppressed by the intellect and determination of Beverly.

“I've completed the diagnostic on your heart, Jean-Luc... Fortunately the system interruption didn't extend to the medical systems. It seems everything is in working order. But I'm still detecting the structural defect that could lead to Irosines Syndrome and the genetics behind your… well, eventual pattern baldness, I'm afraid...”

Xander looked up, finally coming to terms with the mechanical breathing in the biobed next to him, “Its good to hear that nothing's changed, Beverly, but I'm not just Jean-Luc anymore. I'm Alexander Harris.” He looked deeply into her eyes. None of the vapid young girl he remembered was left in them. A part of his soul sighed sadly, realizing that even though her body wasn't dead, the essence that made Harmony who she was had simply faded away. How many others would have suffered a similar fate? Was he even remotely the same person he was before? Perhaps... perhaps not. Only time would tell.

“The original occupant?” Beverly asked, confused. She knew their bodies weren't their own, but she got almost nothing from her current host other than a wispy, vague feeling of familiarity – one that was almost certainly chalked up to the years Picard and she had worked together, lived together, and eventually loved together.

Xander nodded, “But at the moment that's neither here or there.” He took a deep breath before smoothly swinging his legs over the edge of the biobed. “Computer, identify my voice print pattern.”

The voice of Majel Roddenberry came forth from the speakers in the ceiling, “Picard, Jean-Luc, Admiral, Starship U.S.S Enterprise, Naval Construction Contract 1701-E.”

“Computer, Crew Status!” He commanded as he stood, instinctively straightening his tunic.

“Seven Crew members on board, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Beverly Crusher Picard, Captain William Thomas Riker, Captain Geordi LaForge, Captain Benjamin Sisko, General Worf, Commander Data.”

“I'm going to need to get back to my ship, I don't like the idea of leaving it vulnerable since there's no crew on board.” Beverly said gently. “Besides, dealing with Ms. Skywalker's injuries...”

Xander paused, as he was just about to give another order. “Of course, Beverly. The Nightingale's facilities are far better than even the Enterprise's, considering they're from 30 years in the future relative to the Enterprise E. But make sure to keep the EHC active. Its not perfect, but it will do until we can recruit some competent crew members or we can free personnel from the less advanced ships in the fleet. And her name is Dawn Summers, not Anika Skywalker.”

Beverly nodded, “Computer, two to transport directly to the Nightingale's main sickbay.” She spared a longing glance at Xander before the computer chirped in acknowledgement.

A flicker of light from the annular confinement beam and the blue-white motes of matter-energy conversion combined with the whine of the transport system and the Doctor and her patient were gone.

A moment later, due to the computer's detection of the last Starfleet medical officer leaving, the EMH came to life. The medical doctor based on Voyager's EMH didn't ask for the nature of the medical emergency, the computer had been monitoring the situation. “Do you need anything else, Admiral?”

Xander shook himself out of his fugue, “Not at present, Doctor.”

“Very well.” The hologram noted, and disappeared.

“Computer, establish a comm-link with Captain Rosenberg of the Andromeda...” He then turned and left the sickbay.


Turbolift four opened upon the bridge module. Captain 'Riker' stood crisply, “Admiral on the Bridge!” he said with a smirk, causing Xander to quirk his eyebrow slightly. The four other people on the bridge all turned to him.

“At ease, Gentlebeings.” Xander said, barely suppressing the glee he felt at entering the bridge of his star ship. “Mr. Data, Status?”

“The USS Nightingale reports that Captain Crusher-Picard has returned with the patient beamed up from the surface. The USS Titan, USS Excalibur, USS Andromeda and IKV Victorious are running on Emergency Holographic Crew control and report that other than the ships present and 20th century orbital debris, space within 1.5 light-years are free and clear of traffic. All ships in the fleet report as being fully stocked and equipped with all systems nominal – Per your orders, all ships capable of it are running ECHS in combat standby mode, with command authorization slaved to your personal codes. Our sensors show that four of the five larger craft in our general orbit identified as 'Imperial' are un-crewed, but fully powered with their systems locked down using the codes provided by Ms. Skywalker. However, eight minutes ago, according to the passive sensor logs, a shuttlecraft containing 43 crew docked with the vessel identified by its beacon as Gorgon.”

Xander frowned, “Gorgon...Gorgon...” Then his eyes narrowed, “Mr. Data, confirm remote lock down on those vessels, especially the Executor, use the procedure Ms. Skywalker programmed into our systems.”

Mr. Data's hands flew over the control panel, as a frown crossed his face. “I've been able to confirm lock down on the Executor, Basilisk, Hydra, and Manticore, but the Gorgon has had manual overrides put into place by someone with command authority.”

Andrew Wells, who had gone as Riker, turned to Xander, “Thirty-five crew is the bare minimum you need to control an Imperial I class star destroyer with sufficient droids to handle automation.”

Xander's eyes narrowed, “Mr. Data...”

“Too late, Sir, their shields are up and the ship is powering her main ion drives.”

Matt Jackson, who had gone as Captain Sisko looked on, “Without star maps...”

“I don't think that's going to stop Daala... or whoever had dressed as her” Andrew lamented. Moments later, the ship jumped to Hyperspace.

“The Gorgon uses a drive system our sensors cannot track in our current configuration.” Data announced.

“Hyperspace travel isn't instantaneous, but she can be beyond our sensor range in a matter of hours.” Andrew stated with a meaningful glance.

“Captain Sisko?” Xander asked as Matt looked in his direction.

“Call me Matt.” He said shortly, glancing quizzically at Xander – the man-boy who had just a half-hour earlier projected himself as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, “Sir.”

“Matt... I know its a lot to ask, but the Defiant is the fastest and most stealthy vessel we have available and operational, even considering the more advanced vessels we have at our disposal. If you could follow the Gorgon's initial vector... we'll analyze the sensor logs here and hopefully you'll be able to pick up a trace of the Gorgon when she drops out of hyperspace for a realignment.”

“Jake and Brenna are still on the Defiant, we should be able to manage. Jake went as O'Brian, and Brenna went as Jadzia. And the ship has had quite the upgrade since the last time I commanded her.”

Xander glanced darkly at the main viewer, “Make it so, Captain.”

Matt's eyes widened, and he laughed, “Really, a kid like you going as Picard? Well as long as you have the memories, for now I'll accept that you can give the orders.”

Xander simply raised the other eyebrow – he certainly didn't want to get into an argument with Ben or Matt... enough good will was wasted with the lingering anger from Sisko in the Trek universe.

Matt tapped his comm-badge, “Sisko to Defiant, One to beam up...”

Just as Matt disappeared in a shower of light, the computer signaled that they were being hailed. Mr. Data's hands flew over the control panel before him, easily performing the ops and navigation duties – but he had to reconfigure to handle communications. However, Worf's position at tactical gave him first access to the communications systems, and many years at that station made his reactions even quicker than Data's – especially since his console was already configured for communications during standard operations.

Worf spoke, his Klingon physiology inherited from his possessor – his voice and intonation inherited as a result, “We're being hailed by the other Enterprise.

“On Screen”, Xander intoned. As the image came up, “Admiral?”

A tired Jim McNeil looked at him from the bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise NCC 1701-A. “We've stabilized the Enterprise and the Reliant. So... Alex...” Obviously McNeil remembered that Xander attended Sunnydale high with him unlike 'Beverly', “how do you want to play this?”

“We'll need to get the Enterprise A and Reliant updated to the latest computer equipment. We can fabricate the components on board my vessel, but odds are – thanks to Mr. Data's report, we'll have stocks immediately ready for use. That will free up your crew and the Reliant's for operations on the other vessels in the fleet. I'd prefer it to occur without having to dry-dock your ships, leaving them in service until we know exactly what we have available to us in terms of resources. We're still severely undermanned, and its not going to take long for even 20th century Earth to notice the presence of the Executor and three Imperator Star Destroyers in orbit.”

Jim nodded, “We've stealth-ed our emissions, we're radar invisible and are running a low level warp field through our shields to distort our visual signature – its not a cloak, but the most anyone will see beyond a dozen kilometers with the Mark 1 EB or telescope is a fuzzy patch of space. I know your Enterprise has that level of stealth integrated into your systems... can you project a distortion field over the other vessels?”

“Negative, Jim.” Xander frowned over his own console for a second. He remembered Picard discussing this with Skywalker's persona – Data's short briefing was most illuminating. “We could cover one of the ISD's, but the Executor makes a star-base look tiny. Besides, their repulsor fields disrupt low level EM shielding, creating Cherenkov interaction bursts and some intense pulses of gravimetric induced light. A cloak or even our modified shields would just trap the gravitic radiation until it exploded outwards channeled as visible light and broad EM radiation – so that's out of the question as well. It would be like a 20 kilometer Fourth of July display in orbit that randomly created ionizing radiation storms in the upper atmosphere. I don't want to be responsible for creating an EMP that will knock out the western hemisphere.” Xander watched as Jim's eyebrows furrowed slightly, as the captain thought of possibilities.

The Picard in him, however, was gently reminding him that they really didn't have to do anything much – the Prime Directive was somewhat out the window, and there was nothing available for them to immediately affect the situation. However, there was something of grave concern to everyone from the Trek universe: “What's the status of the Augments?” Xander asked.

At this Jim's face frowned slightly, “We were lucky – If your computers weren't so advanced, it would have taken an extra half-hour for us to remote access the Enterprise A. Khan would have been beamed up by then, and we'd have lost him – or worse. But you got us and everyone dressed in a Starfleet uniform with a communicator up and onto the Enterprise A and E. We used the override codes and beamed a crew over to the Reliant before Khan could use his primitive hardware to beam himself back up. I had the four of the five Augments we could find with sensors beamed into the brig and anesthetized.” Jim's eyes seemed to harden – And Xander knew what was coming next wouldn't be pleasant: “As for Kahn... I had his pattern beamed with wide dispersion into deep space.”

Xander frowned, “Jim he was...”

“A monster, Alex. I did the person who wore his costume a favor.” Was Jim's cold reply. James Tiberius Kirk was, as he loathed to admit, a dirty soul. Oh, he played nicely in civilized society, when the game could be played cleanly. But Kahn Noonien Singh was not a test he wished to endure a third time. And Jim had no problem ensuring that it would never happen again. Jim Kirk was every inch the monster his mirror universe counterpart was. He just had reason to be civilized. His alternate, did not.

Xander nodded, “Understood. I didn't know him like Kirk did, of course. But the stories are enough to give most people in the fleet the creeping horrors.”

McNeil's eyes grew distant, “Kahn was... charismatic, and insatiable. At once extremely intelligent and almost barbarically violent – willing to do anything to achieve power. The ultimate expression of superior ability breeding superior ambition and the prime example of the corruptive capacity of unfettered power.” While Jim Kirk was not normally the eloquent composer of dialogue that McCoy and Spock were, he was, on occasion, possessed of a small capacity for rousing speeches and inspiring words. One had to be in order to effectively command a Starship. His description of Kahn sent shivers down the spines of everyone who heard it.

“At least he isn't a worry... But we may have a problem with the escaped Imperial vessel.” Xander noted, causing several individuals around both commanders to raise eyebrows.

“And the winner for understatement of the millennium goes to Harris.” Laura McNeil said from a distance, her grouchy expression almost revealing her costume choice.

“Not now, Bones.” Jim snapped off, before cringing slightly. The expression on his face said, 'I guess I got more of Jim Kirk than I thought'.

“Don't you 'Not now, Bones' me you little whipper-snapper! In my day...” The woman stopped in mid rant, a dumbstruck expression quickly mutating into full on disgust. “Oh sweet Jesus, I've got a crotchety old southern man in my head!”

Andrew smirked a bit, projecting his voice so the computer system would transmit his words: “If you like, I could send Deanna's host over? She's still on the Titan.

“We're all going to need a session with the good councilor, Mr. Wells. But not before we set things into motion.” Xander responded calmly.

“Quite right.” Jim agreed, gesturing, “How about we meet to discuss in say, twenty minutes?”

“Agreed, The Enterprise E's Conference Room. Picard Out.” Xander said without thinking.

Jim's eyes had a twinkle in them, “Kirk out.”

Xander shook his head, realizing what he just said, “Sacre Merde” he whispered. “Mr. Data, with me in my ready room. The bridge is yours Andrew...”


AN: Please don't get used to this quick posting. I don't plan on posting the next chapter until I finish the chapter I have in progress. Of course, as always, reviews are welcome.
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