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The Deadly Rapture of Love

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Summary: "You wanted to know why your father turned to the dark side Luke, why he joined the Empire, and here it is, in its entirety, her."

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Chapter One

Standard disclaimer applies, I own nothing of BTVS or Star Wars, this is all for fun or angsty drama as the case may be.

The Deadly Rapture of Love

It started innocently enough. We thought he could help her. He was the only other padawan taken in by the Jedi Council beyond the normal age for training, and also from a planet very far from the capital. He was keenly aware of the difficulties of joining the order later than the rest of us. He was meant to help her, but had I known what would become of us, I might have taken him away as far from her as I could fly through space, though I’d never give up what she gave us now that I’ve known it.

When we found her, she was being held for murder and a sample of her blood was tested in the usual way when a stranger appears on a planet. After an anonymous tip, we took her from the prison and she was examined by Master Yoda himself, but ultimately the same conclusion was made as with Anakin. It would be dangerous not to train her. The force was as strong in her as it was in Anakin.

She was silent those first weeks and we all of us felt a great pain from her, but it couldn’t last forever, even with the language barrier. Her interest grew as she discovered new abilities. From the beginning she showed the kind of training we see on primitive warrior planets, but there was always more. We could feel it, she was something other something beautiful. Every day she surprised us, and one master could never be enough for her. She had skills, some of which we have never seen before or since, and some which were only legend. I took my turn attempting to help hone these new skills, and it was then that I believe they first bonded.

They were the same age, seventeen, and both possessed incredible talents. He taught her to speak, read and write Basic when others could not. At first we didn’t realize they had such a strong force bond, but they could communicate without speaking and very quickly learned to cloak their connection. First they spoke in pictures, feelings and emotions and when she began to understand she was finally able to tell her story to the rest of us. It was a tale we could hardly believe of demons and dimensions, death and love, warrior and watchers, but something in the force made me to trust her. All of us did. She had that effect on us, even then and I still don’t know how we didn’t realize how monstrous such a power could be.

When I began to suspect something was wrong, it was too late. Trying to keep them apart was futile. They could communicate over great distances, and shield their minds from the eldest most powerful among us. Rapidly she picked up our teachings, and no matter how ignorant she claimed to be, I could see intelligence in her eyes. Calculating, waiting, for what we didn’t know, but I know now what she waited for and I wonder when she gave up hope. Her quick learning ability began to influence Anakin. In her presence he could do anything, and it was then I witnessed the first sign of trouble. Perhaps it was then that she gave up waiting and began living in earnest.

I trained her, or watched her train with Anakin. Almost immediately she was beyond my ability and only he could keep up with her, but we masters supervised as if we could know how to teach such beings. Just as they finished a training exercise I saw it. Only for a second did he let it slip, but I witnessed the unmistakable flash in Anakin’s eyes. This was not simply love, or the adoration I knew he carried for Padmé. This was the ardent burning core of a brilliant sun in love. He denied it, of course, but I could see that he didn’t want to. It angered him to deny his feelings, and even with his new capabilities her presence created, he couldn’t hide that much intensity of emotion from me. Perhaps he let his guard down on purpose that day. Unable to contain his happiness in secret he wanted someone, or maybe specifically me to see what he was capable of. I was, after all, the closest thing he’d ever had for a father. Soon everyone would know how much they loved each other. The rapture of passion like that cannot be ignored.

Children of suns, they were heat and power as the prophecy spoke it, and we were all so enchanted by the outcome we forgot the rest of it. “And in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a saviour and he shall be known as the son of the suns.” We forgot the prophecy almost entirely when they were together. Despair was a word no one could understand in their presence. Together, the force radiated like warmth from them and in our minds the prophecy was rewritten. Together they were our saviour, but we should have known they were more. They were not the children of suns, they were the suns. Giant beings of creation and destruction.

When two suns merge the galaxy will feel the explosion for an eternity. I awoke, the whole of the Jedi Council awoke, and probably any force sensitive being in the universe felt it. The force itself changed that night. Their union, even if they thought they could hide it, was broadcast throughout the stars rippling like a wave of passion. The force sang a rhapsody of fire, communion and peace, and yet I felt dread underneath the harmony. A wave of power like that doesn’t go unnoticed, and a union like that doesn’t come to nothing.

Even if I didn’t know what happened, it was visible in her as soon as the next day. The force swirled around them and she held life in her womb, a spark, two sparks, as visible as the twin suns of Tatooine on a clear day, but even then a sandstorm was clouding the future. They both seemed to glow and I’ll admit to being blinded by it. The elders were at a loss as well, and though there was talk of removing them from the Jedi, none were capable of it. She radiated the force as if she were its creator. Being near her was forgetting all the pains that we so carefully work to overcome as younglings. She was the goddess of the force nurturing life and we were there to witness it.

Still, the fear of her began to overcome the reverence I felt. I do not claim to have known all along, but something within me was screaming that this could not end well. My mind raced with possibilities. I feared the children might die, or that her life might be sacrificed giving them life, but no such thing occurred. Blissfully the four of you lived at the temple for over a year. My fears festered, but nothing came of it until that ripple of love that created you was felt by the beings searching for your mother.

You must understand she was not only at the mercy of our prophecies, but also of her home world, in a dimension that would not give her up so easily. When she was taken from us, because it was us, her loss not solely your father’s loss, it felt as though the sun of our galaxy our universe went out. Just as we felt the euphoria of their union, so too did we feel the force screaming at their separation. Waves of agony crippled us as she disappeared in an explosion of white light, and we were left empty and in darkness, cold with the reality of our loss, and suddenly aware of how dim life was without her. Somehow in the three years she was ours, the force, and all those that were sensitive to it changed. What it meant to be a Jedi changed and then the reason for our change was gone.

You wanted to know why your father turned to the dark side Luke, why he joined the Empire, and here it is, in its entirety. Her. Your mother, and her absence from the force. Her absence from him. Few of us survived her loss. Your father died then, slowly as his search brought him no closer to her. He slaughtered us in his pain. Children, who were once a source of happiness, now became his target, and he destroyed the Jedi in his rage. You were saved only because you and your sister were the only part of her that remained to us. What is left of the boy I trained, of the great light of love your parents created is in you and Leia. Darth Vader cannot even breath without her, and he searches still like a soul for its body. I fear she will never return, or if she does, Anakin will pull at her light like a black hole. It is too late for them now. Only you can bring balance to the force, Luke. You are the Chosen one, the son of suns, of darkness and light, and this is the hour of our greatest despair.

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