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Another Time, Perhaps

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Summary: Ch:7751 - Ethan has a bright idea... turn everyone (who buys whole or part costumes from him) into what they're dressed as for the night. Just one problem for the scoobs... it's not 1997.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredAlexanderMcphersonFR152886085,45213 Nov 1313 Nov 13Yes


Faith looked up at the sign, then at Xander who had convinced her to join them for the halloween party Joyce was throwing.

"I'm not dressing up as some spandex clad bimbo."

"Of course not!" he replied.


Oz gazed cooly over the gathered couples.

He had convinced them to go to a theme. and worse, he'd recruited cordelia for it.

Cordelia was grinning, even as she twirled in time to the music in the odd dress she wore. As per her Character, she hadn't spoken except to Xander.

Xander himself, wore relatively normal looking clothes, except for the fact that his jacket reached the floor and seemed to have been put on over a backpack.

Buffy was in a corner, talking to Angel who seemed to actually come alive every so often. Apparently he loves the holiday for the exact reason demons don't. With the theme, the couple were also dressed with clothes that hinted at hiding something substantial on their backs.

Willow, though, she was the 'black sheep' of the group. Still in the theme, but dressed on the 'other' side. Modestly, of course. even with cordy, buffy, faith, and himself, none of them had yet to succeed in getting her up to a 13 year old's standard of fashion. nevermind your regular 16 year old.

Faith walked in, and nodded to him. His werewolf self really liked faith, although not in a want-to-mate nor a feed-on kind of way. more like a companion, his werewolf - as could he - could sense just how strongly the slayer alpha-female aspect played a part in her personality, in her actions. Buffy had it, but resisted it having been the alpha female of her school, and seeing it has having the same impulse, despite it being somewhat different

He and xander had come up with her costume. And of course, the name need no introduction. She loved it, and since the two of them were in relationships, neither accepted the form of gratitude she offered.

Nor the alternate, individual ones for that matter. And not because Willow and cordy would kill them. well, that was secondary. they're not cheaters.

He grinned as Jenny came in, and started to dance with Giles. She'd gotten him his costume, and insisted on him going with it. She loved the film, and it was infact from her costume idea Oz had gotten his, and so on.

Of course, with whom they were all dressed as, as soon as the wave of magic struck, and they were all turned into their costumes, they knew the who, what, how and why.

And the woman wearing Cordy's face sighed, and the man wearing's xanders muttered about mortals not knowing with they were dealing with... and disappeared.

Serendipity turned to him, and grinned. "Glad both of our hosts took the hint."


"So.. Angel." Xander looked at the man, his gaze entirely devoid of his previous thoughts and feelings. "Angel, huh?"

Angel grinned, even as he kept his eyes closed and soaked in the rays of the sun, laid beside Buffy who had followed suit and, in her case, stripped down to a bikini. both were using white wings instead of a towel to protect them from the hot sand of Sunnydale's beach.

Xander looked up, "sorry guys, cordy's calling."

Buffy snorted, still finding a certain detail hilarious.


Disclaimer: Dogma is the creation of Kevin Smith. Jay and Silent Bob aren't in here, as I can't figure out how to get them in. And yes, the gang are all in the theme of angels (and one former angel, Willow).

The End

You have reached the end of "Another Time, Perhaps". This story is complete.

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