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Another Time, Perhaps

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Summary: Ch:7751 - Ethan has a bright idea... turn everyone (who buys whole or part costumes from him) into what they're dressed as for the night. Just one problem for the scoobs... it's not 1997.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredAlexanderMcphersonFR152886085,36913 Nov 1313 Nov 13Yes


With a pair of grins, Xander and Jesse compared how well their costume fit, ignoring that Willow as ever was wearing her ghost costume... ontop of a star wars uniform.

"Hey Wills."

"Why are you han?" She asked Jesse... "I thought you were going as Luke?"

Xander, dressed as Luke, calmly ignored the look she'd sent him for the switch, as Jesse answered that the Luke costume didn't fit his lankier frame, then rejoinder that she switched from her Leia costume too - and its not even the slave outfit, but the covers-everything white outfit from the first film.


The blue ghost of Leia was confused. around her there was chaos...


Luke frowned, even as he used non-lethal means to subdue the various little monsters, the force telling him not to harm them... too much.


Han just blasted everything, these monsters were attacking people, so as far as he was concerned, they deserved everything they got. Then a stray shot struck a shop, and the monsters - even the 'dead' ones, became children, and the blaster turned into a toy...


Cordelia frowned at the lightsaber hilt that had, moments before, been projecting a red blade. she vaguely recalled being a Sith... and a Jedi.

And being married to Luke Skywalker... looking up, she caught Xander's confused glance then his blush.

And her own blush came up as she put two and two together... If Harmony heard about this, she'd never let her live it down.


disclaimer: Star wars belongs to disney. And I w- Firmly would like it if I could say anything except that and mean it, but no, unfortunately they do. Then again considering when George did to the franchise since the mid-90s... Ugh.
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