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Move The Stars

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Summary: Xander thought her problems were bad? Thank to the Powers That Be who tossed her out of her Reality and with the help of a reluctant Q Xander will meet a trouble magnet bigger than she is...Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise.

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009 > Xander-CenteredLLNFR18914,77525415,46317 Nov 132 May 14Yes

Doctor Knows Best...

Xander groaned, waking to a pair of concerned pretty brown eyes.

"Awake I see. Why are you awake?" Muttered the low southern accented voice that belonged to the eyes. That voice reminded Xander of the best sipping whiskey in her mother's liquor cabinet. "You should be out for another six hours!" Xander frowned drugs had weird affects on her sometimes they worked like they should and other times they didn't.

"I'm Dr. Leonard McCoy. You're in Sickbay." He said introducing himself to Xander.

"Xander Harris." She told the doctor.

Xander started to ask but McCoy said, "Your ribs did quite a mess. They caused some damage to your right lung. It was touchy...until your natural healing factor kicked in." he raised a eyebrow at her, "Don't normally see that type of thing in a *normal * human." He held up what looked like a saltshaker and ran it over Xander, "Which is what *this * tells me you are."

Xander shrugged trying to sit up but again the doctor said, "Hey, now," He gentle pushed her back down on the bed. "Don't be ruining what little work I did do on you."

Xander frowned realized she was in hospital scrubs. She reached out and grabbed McCoy by the front of his blue uniform shirt yanking him down to her, "Where are my clothes? If anything happed to my leather jacket or my weapons? Someone will pay." Xander's growled threat trailed off at the grumpy expression on the doctor's face.

"Your stuff is fine." McCoy paused, "Though Security wants to play with some of weapons. I didn't think a person would hide some many on them!"

Xander snorted, "Nice to know some things don't change no matter the reality your in."

McCoy got a confused look as he stepped away from her bed when she let him go. To reveal Kirk slumped in a nearby chair...snoring. "What's with him?" Xander asked.

"He," and Xander could hear 'the idiot' he the doctor's voice, "as been up for the last three days straight. For a while I thought he was delusional going on about a threat to the ship," McCoy paused, " then the Vampirans attacked." McCoy ran the saltshaker over Kirk and made a pleased sound at whatever it told him. "I had to hypo his ass out. Just to get him to rest." He turned, "So Xander what is your story?"

Xander grimaced, "Can you wake the Captain? It's a story I only want to tell once."

McCoy nodded, getting a thing that looked like a socket wrench but had a square head. He pressed it to Kirk's neck. Kirk came awake with a wild-eyed look and a "Damn it! Bones, I hate it when you do that!" He then noticed Xander, "Hey..."Kirk drawled, ignoring McCoy rolling his eyes at him, "You look better...less with the spiting up of blood."

"Really?" Xander asked, "And here I thought that was such a good look for me."

"It's not a good look for anyone," McCoy said to her then snarled at Kirk, "Stop flirting with my patients, Jim!"

Kirk turned a wicked grin on McCoy, "Does this mean, I can flirt with you?"

"You do like being knocked out by hypo-spray, don't you Jimmy." McCoy asked with a dark smile.

Kirk's expression turned to one of annoyed fear, "No." he told McCoy flatly. " I do not."

When Xander tried to sit up this time, Kirk rushed out of his seat to help her ignoring McCoy's glares and mutters. Xander could see the other doctors and nurses help other injured people. Xander noticed a bed with a sheet-covered body next to her own.

"Poor Lt. Avery, " McCoy sighed, "I don't have the personal to move him to the morgue at the moment..." McCoy trailed off, "They're helping the living."

Xander shrugged, "Not first time I've slept this close to a corpse." That earned her a look from both men.

Kirk changed the subject when he asked, "Tell me what you know about Vampirans. You were fighting them like it was second nature to you."

Xander nodded and began with SunnyDale and the Hellmouth. She told them how to kill vampires and about some of the villains she and her friends had gone against. She paused every so often to answer question and to glance at the sheet covered corpse. Xander told them about the end of the world and the 'do-over' she got. About being the host to a Primal Goddess and the mystical sex change.

From McCoy, Xander got, "that can't have been good for your body or mind," running the saltshaker over her again. "This says you're a seventeen year old girl with high blood pressure and weird hormonal levels, which the mystical sex change could account for. And completely healed ribs..."

"Well Southern Comfort, I'm at my peak health. I always will be physically seventeen-eighteen. Because that's how old I was when the bond I with Shakarri settled."

"What about mentally?" McCoy asked.

Xander shrugged, "If you count the 'do-over'... I'm about thirty-one."

Kirk's reaction once he got over the age thing, which wasn't that big of a deal many alien races aged slower or faster than humans. "So, does that mean you only like women?" It was said almost mournfully. Because it would be a really shame if he couldn't...

McCoy hissed, "Not your business!" hitting the blond man on the back of the head. Knocking the current thoughts about now soon Kirk could tempt Xander into his bed out of his head for the moment.

Xander smirked, "Actually I like both women and men. If their smart and interesting."

"I'm smart, a genius even," Kirk muttered, "and I can be interesting...I am the youngest Captain in the Fleet at twenty-six."

Xander wasn't sure. But she thought you had to be older than that to hold a rank that high in the military...and this was a military ship if the uniforms were anything to go by so it was understandable when she asked, "Did half the fleet die or something?"

McCoy nodded sadly.

"Pretty much." Was all Kirk said.

Xander explained meeting Q and the reasons why she was cast out of her reality or at least what she *thought * they were. Looking over at the doctor she told McCoy, "You do know you are going to have to cremate all those who died from blood loss, right?"

"Why?" Asked McCoy.

"Vampires make more of their own kind through blood exchange. Depending on how much blood the victim gets will depend on how long it takes until they rise again. Vampires only make others when they need a skill that person had or they need cannon fodder or and this is very rare, when they like something about the person."

McCoy got a disbelieving expression, "The dead don't walk again, sweetheart."

"Do people turn to dust in sunlight or when you stab them with a wooden stake to the heart? But vampires do," Xander snarled glaring at the sheet covered corpse, "And would you do something about him! That growling is getting on my nerves!"

About the time Kirk asked, "who," the corpse of Avery popped up snarling in vampire-face. Avery made a grab for McCoy who was the closest to him. Xander rolled off the bed and slammed her fist into the vampire's face causing him to fall over the bed he was on and away from McCoy. The doctor bolted over to a medical stand looking through it.

"A weapon would be nice!" Xander bit out as the vamp shoved her, Xander kicked him in the stomach. He hit the wall and bounced off it, throwing out his fist he caught Xander in the ribs...pain shot through Xander's side and she hit the floor.

Avery lunged for Kirk, but a sharp pain in his neck caused him some distraction, he looked over at the doctor who wore a bland expression as he whirled the hypo-spray between his fingers. Before Avery could even move he dropped to the floor out like a light.

"Bones! I've said it before but man, you are a Hypo-Ninja!" Kirk crowed. McCoy rolled his eyes at Kirk and helped Xander to her feet. He ran the tri-corder over Xander, "Huh, your blood pressure went down and...your ribs are bruised.

Xander nodded absently looking at the passed out vampire on the floor, "What did you give him?"

"Enough sedatives to down two full grown elephants."

Xander got a thoughtful look as she nodded, "That would do it."

Kirk walked over to the vampire pulling out a stake from behind his back, where he had hidden it, he knelt down and staked it before anyone could say anything. "We will start cremating the dead." He told Xander. Knowing his crew would not survive a second wave of attack from they're own dead.

"Hey how about some real clothes and some food?" Xander asked.

Kirk shook his head, "Sorry I have to follow regs. Which means I got to put you in the brig. Now that Bones healed you all up, until I can figure out if you are a threat to my ship."

"Are you kidding?" Xander asked in disbelief.

Kirk shook his head.

Xander growled but before she could do anything she felt a sharp stinging pain at her neck, everything started to get warm and fuzzy around the edges. The last thing she thought she heard was Kirk saying, "...Ninja, Bones I swear!"
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